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Dental Financing:   Making Sensible Care Affordable

Find more help regarding public and private supported financial assistance for qualifying families and individuals here.

It is generally accepted that as dental patients, we all "know" that we are supposed to do all the things our dentists want us to do.

And of course, we all insist we do the best we can with maintaining our dental health habits. Chances are though, we tend to let certain things slide from time to time.

Flossing on a regular basis, managing or limiting our sugar intake, brushing our teeth on a daily basis (in the morning AND at night, of course) and visiting our dental care providers on a routine basis.

But, for many people, obstacles or interruptions seem to emerge that interfere with the maintenance of these good, sensible, oral health habits.

Routine dental care has a tendency to become very expensive when we let things go. An itsy bitsy cavity can become cavernous and result in a major root canal, crown job or extraction.... sometimes all three on the same tooth.

This is when dental care can become unmanageable. Root canals, porcelain crown dentistry, dental implants and other tooth replacement dentistry procedures are not inexpensive. If complications arise, the costs can become astronomical.

Getting sensible dental care... the kind your dentist has warned you or is currently warning you about can be made more easily affordable when personal financial resources are tight. Forestalling sensible dentistry can develop into crisis oriented dentistry which, without fail, causes more financial strain and can be disastrous for your dental health.

Well known financial institutions now offer financing plans (some even interest free) that enable us to get the dental care when it is needed ... and MOST affordable.

  • CitiBank offers the Citi Health Card
  • Unicorn Financial offers financing plans for assorted dental, orthodontic and cosmetic surgery needs
  • CareCredit, a popular provider promoted by many dental practices
  • CapitalOne Credit offers financing plans for assorted dental, orthodontic and cosmetic surgery needs
  • EZPay Solutions offers financing plans dedicated to helping people with all credit histories attain financing for dental services (not to be confused with EZ Pay Dental)
  • Some practices offer In-House Financing for established patients
More information about these resources is available on the internet. Most firms now provide on-line application forms to simplify the loan application process.

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