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FAQ:  Braces and Veneers

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Braces and Veneers: My front 4 teeth have veneers bonded to the real teeth that were made smaller.

Can I put braces on them without any problems? ... Visitor from TX

I am curious as to why your veneers were placed before braces. Usually, a dentist will refer a person who needs both veneers and orthodontics to the orthodontist prior to veneer placement.

Irrespective of the order, the answer to your question is that you may have damage done to your veneers via bonded braces. Brace removal puts some force on the underlying structure, whether that be real enamel, or a veneer. Veneers are not as strong as enamel (though they are pretty strong) and COULD be fractured in the process of brace removal.

My suggestion: Speak to your orthodontist about having ceramic braces placed so that the braces can be "ground away" with a diamond bur, rather than "popped off" using a debonding plier. If your orthodontist doesn't feel good about that....find another orthodontist.

Grinding away the braces on your front teeth will be safer for your veneers than "popping" them off. Minor damage is still a possibility.

Generally, first comes love...then comes marriage. Likewise, first comes braces....then comes veneers. Some marriages do quite well using the opposite order. Some veneers also do quite well.

Editorial Staff

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