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FAQ:  Braces and Veneers

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Braces and Veneers  Ask The Dentist  Richard Winter Question:
Braces - Porcelain Veneers: I wanted to get porcelain veneers but the dentist that I asked said it was not a good option for me as I have an overbite and my two front teeth are overlapped.

He said that I would still have bulkiness with porcelain veneers. So he said I should have braces. I haven't eaten anything solid since I have had them. I feel worse now than I did before. I just don't think I will last 2 years.

Is there any way that he could be wrong and that I could have veneers and get these ugly braces off. Also they are clear braces and to me look bigger and bulker then regular ones.. ... Visitor from Summerside Prince Edward Island Canada

Congratulations on getting braces. I am sure the dentist and orthodontist studied all of your options and came up with the best plan for you.

If you have discomfort and can't eat-see your orthodontist who can adjust your braces and make sure the forces on your teeth are reasonable.

Secondly, overlapped teeth can be contraindications for porcelain veneers and you may injure the nerve with the need to cut away too much tooth structure. See your dentist and discuss your concerns.

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