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FAQ:  Braces and Veneers

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Braces and Veneers  Ask The Dentist  Richard Winter Question:
Braces after Veneers? I want to put veneers on all my front teeth and also braces to align my jaw. Which one should I do first?

What happened if you put veneer first and braces on top of that? Would it damage the veneers?

I understand that there are lingual braces or Invisalign. Would they damage the veneer? ... Visitor from CA

Ortho first. You can damage veneers no matter which orthodontic modality is used.

First you put the teeth where they belong with respect to the face, lips, smile line, etc.

Then you can change color, contour, shape and length via veneers. Also sometimes ortho plus bleaching or whitening can eliminate the need for veneers altogether!

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