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FAQ:  Crossbite

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Crossbite and TMJ I have had a TMJ problem since biting into apple about 4 months ago. For treating my crossbite my Orthodontist used a molded device to push back my teeth (worn on top front teeth).

I am still having problems and the pain is increasing. I am now beginning to bite my tongue on the right side ... where the problem started. My mouth is always dry. I have always had crossbite but never any real problems until the "apple incident."

What can I do just to return my mouth to the position it was in before biting into apple? I did not have problems. Would previous panaramic xrays provide this "position?" ...Visitor from SC

The description of your problem is rather classic. Opening big for an apple....recently I had a BLT Deluxe do that to one of my patients. It should be obvious to you that I cannot diagnose your problem over email. But some things can be addressed.

You likely had a problem developing over your life-time, what with the crossbite that you describe. The exact impact of your crossbite is indeterminable at this point. The appliance you describe and wearing of your appliance/teeth is also difficult to understand. A panoramic film can't "tell" very much about the TMJ, certainly not where your bite once was.

What should you do? Make sure your orthodontist is comfortable with your current progress, and trust him/her to get you through. You'll probably be fine.

Editorial Staff

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