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FAQ:  Crossbite

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Crossbite Crown: I have a classic crossbite with my upper right side biting inside on my lower teeth.

I recently had a crown placed on my first premolar which is impacting my speech somewhat due to my tongue getting caught on the inside or dragging along the bottom area of the crown. We have tried to make it smaller, shorter, and flatter on the inside but to no avail.

Somehow I think it is the cusp that is not in the right spot to work with my tongue when I talk. Are there specialists who might know more about this area? Thank you very much, I have been trial and error with this for 7 months now and am desperate as I do a lot of public speaking. ...Visitor from NY

Oftentimes as Dentist's and Dental Lab Technicians, we want to make ideal what may not be and restore the teeth to what the text book has taught us.

Most of the time this works however what the person with the deviation to normal finds is that after working with the bite the way it was, the change is difficult to function with. The best thing to do is see if you have any models of the teeth the way they were before the crown was placed.

There may have been a rotation along with the cross bite. The opposite may help with the tooth shape. Then the trial and error can be done with a temporary crown which is easier to adjust until the correct shape and function is obtained.

A model of this temporary in the proper shape will be used as a guide for making the permanent. With the proper shape, health and function the beauty will come along for the ride.

Most general dentists could perform this task for you ,however a Prosthodontist will have more experience with the deviated normal situations.

Editorial Staff

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