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FAQ:  Crossbite

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Correct procedure for correcting crossbite: My daughter has had two orthodontic evaluations and the treatment recommended for her crossbite (caused by only 1 upper tooth) is different.

One orthodontist wants to put both upper and lower braces on at the same time to correct the crossbite.

The other orthodontist says to start with the upper braces and place a bite block applicance in the lower arch to open the bite and correct the crossbite then add lower braces after the crossbite is corrected.

I don't know which procedure is the best for correcting the crossbite. Both orthodontists gave the same treatment time of 12-15 months. ..Visitor from TX

This can be easily treated by putting braces in the upper arch only, however neither orthodontist's treatment recommendation is wrong.

Please go to the one which you feel the most comfortable with.

Editorial Staff

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