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FAQ:  Crossbite

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Fixing Crossbite requires surgery with braces afterwards? I have had issues with my teeth since I was young.

Growing up I had 3 different expanders, head gear, and countless braces to try to fix my underbite. My jaw ended up growing uneven and I now have a cross bite that is very noticable in my facial features.

I went to see a surgeon to see what we could do. I was only 14 at the time and they said I would need to wait till I'm done growing around 17 or 18 to have the surgery done.

I am now trying to look into the surgery and have my lower jaw reconstructed to fit back and line up with my top. My teeth are perfectly straight due to the orthodontic work I have had in the past.

Do you think I would have to end up with braces after surgery? ..Visitor from MN

You will need braces prior to surgery.

If your teeth are relatively straight this presurgical phase of orthodontics could last about 4-6 months.

The oral surgeon will utilize your braces during surgery to properly align the segments. We use rigid fixation today, utilizing titanium screw, to secure the repositioned segments of your jaw bones together.

There will always be a post surgical phase of orthodontics which will last for about 6-8 months after your surgery. The teeth never fit together perfectly post surgically and will require some rubber band wear to settle your bite in properly. I hope this answers your questions.

Editorial Staff

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