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Reverse crown lengthening procedure to fill gaps of lost gum tissue? Two (2) weeks ago I had crown lengthening on 2 teeth. One is in the front. I also has 2 implants placed in the back.

My gums have receded drastically over the years. I'm very upset because when the dentist did the crown lengthening she left large gaps in between my teeth.

My gums are now gone, also making it difficult to speak correctly due to spaces. Is there a procedure such as gum grafting that can possibly reverse this prior to having my crowns placed, and if so, does tissue grow on its own?

I went to see another dentist and they said it was not even necessary. It also raised the gums around my implant which worries me alot. ... Visitor from VA

Raising the gums after a crown lengthening procedure is very difficult.

The reason for the crown lengthening is to allow for more natural tooth structure to be exposed so that the crown will have the required 1.5 millimeter circumference needed for the success of the restoration.

After the crown is placed the gums do not stick to the restorative material and only stick to the underneath bone. However there is hope in that the area between the teeth called the embrasure space can control the level of the gum tissue.

The end of the contact, if placed close enough to the top of the bone, will cause the gums to grow and fill in the void that you speak of. The grafts on the implants should be looked at for they may be a sign of loss of bone and failing implant integration.

Editorial Staff

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