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Redoing tooth bonding: I recently had my bonding redone for the third time. The first two times, they lasted beautifully for 12 years.

The latest bonding done by a different dentist than the first two used a 3M product. It chipped within the first few days. He patched it, but within a couple of months, it seems to be dissolving around the patch and also visibly at the tooth edges.

Is there some other procedure that should be done to resurface the tooth to better accept the bonded material? Veneers are not an option unless I want to have complete orthodontic work redone which I do not. ...Visitor from MA

3M makes a quality product. You should be able to get the bonding done successfully. Here are some possibilities.

Grinding - a patient could grind their teeth and over 12 years......... permanent teeth shortening could have occurred. Then the bonding gets re-done and the bite will not allow the teeth to be longer. The approach needs to be changed. Perhaps the bite could be altered to allow the bonding to be longer or lengthened and not break off.

Imcomplete bonding - it is possible the bonding was not successfully completed or a low visosity material was used. Low viscosity materials are weaker. If you combine a weak material with a incomplete bond, the results could be very short term.

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