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FAQ:  Bonding

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Bonding to Fix a Chip and balance Tooth Length: I am 38, I have a chipped front tooth that really bothers me. One tooth is also longer than the other.

Is composite bonding a good solution? I want both teeth to be the same length.

Also I have a history of root canals from cavities. I was told that as an overweight mouth breather, I get cavities more often than others. Can I have my teeth sealed to protect them from this? ...Visitor from CA

If you are considering cosmetic work it is best to whiten you teeth with the most long lasting whitening technique possible. Get them as white as you can because over time they will darken.

If they darken after a year or two, you can usually touch them up easily and inexpensively.

Yes you can use bonding to lengthen your tooth but, a lot depends on your bite. Your bite may be the reason the tooth is shorter. Your bite can break the bonding off.

You can also have "no grinding" porcelain veneers. A new strong porcelain layer is added to your teeth. They will be less sensitive, whiter, stronger and the edges will be even. The strength of the porcelain lasts longer than bonding and can withstand the forces of your bite.

If you have a lot of rootcanals then perhaps all porcelain crowns would be a better alternative.

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