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Composite Tooth Bonding FAQ Ira Koeppel Question:
Keeping dental bonding clean: I have an incisal #8 break (front and center, lower area) that was repaired with bonding.

Despite regular brushing, the bonded area becomes dirty and unsightly because it has crevices where dirt and soot get caught. Frequent brushing is insufficient to keep this area clean.

I found that I was able to clean it off using a plaque remover such as are sold in the dental hygiene departments in pharmacies. However, the pressure of doing that frequently apparently weakens the bond, causing the filling to fall out and require frequent replacement.

What method can I use at home to clean that area thoroughly that will not cause the filling to fall out? ...Visitor from NY

That is a great question.

It sounds like the tooth is not bonded well or just not a great job. It should be smooth and you should be able to keep it clean at home in between dental appointments.

Consult with your dentist to determine the need for a bonding retreatment... or obtain a second opinion with a different dentist.

Ira D. Koeppel, D.D.S.
New York Reconstructive Dentistry
126 Gnarled Hollow Road
East Setauket Long Island, NY 11733
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