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Composite Tooth Bonding FAQ Corinne Scalzitti Question:
Discolored Composite Fillings: About 30 years ago I had an accident that damaged aproximately 11 teeth. Molars were porcelain crowned.

My front 2 chipped teeth and next tooth over (small cavity) were all repaired with Composite fillings - so called man-made porcelain? Well the fillings didn't take long to discolor.

A few years later a new dentist said we have better - new improved composite material. I had them redone, again it didn't take long to discolor. Again few years later new dentist again made same claim.

Well after 30 years and 5 redos only to have larger fillings and majority of time ugly discolor! I can't afford crowns, getting old, but would love to see a whiter smile. Would veneers work over the ugly aged composits? ...Visitor from TX

Yes, veneers should be the way to go. All composites will eventually discolor.

Whether or not the old bonding material should be removed depends on the amount of bonding used and the overall health of the underlying tooth structure.

In some instances there may be a risk in covering up an old bonding treatment while in others it may be better to remove the old bonding material to overcome the effects of potential decay.

You may want to veneer more than just the teeth with fillings to make your smile look beautiful. Also, the natural teeth will discolor and the porcelain will stay the same shade.

Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

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