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FAQ:  Dentures or Implants?

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I had all my teeth removed and immediate dentures done 4 years ago. Since that time they have never fit in my mouth. I have gone back alot of times to see the dentist but he says I just have "to get used to it and learn to live with the pain".

I had bone shards coming through the gums for almost a year afterwards and I am not able to get the dentures to stop swelling up my gums. When I get them out it takes days if not a week for the swelling to subside to get them back in.

The dentist has relined them and says there is not enough material left to try another reline. What do I do from here, I paid for dentures that never fit??

I am sorry you are having problems and I can give some very general advice but of course I can not see the exact situation that you are facing. Here are some guidelines that you can follow and hopefully they will lead you to a successful conclusion. I am assuming that you have lower teeth of your own and just an upper denture.

An immediate denture is a denture that is placed, immediately following the extraction of the remaining teeth. It is not possible to get a great fit of this denture because of the tissues are swollen after the tooth extractions and therefore a “reline” is always necessary and usually an additional reline is necessary even after additional healing and shrinkage of the tissues have taken place.

I use a soft material to do these transitional relines and when using a soft material there is usually no pain associated with the subsequent healing. You do not have get used to this nor should you be living with pain.

The bone fragments coming through the gum can certainly happen but for a year is a little usual. If the denture is causing your gums to swell then it is not fitting correctly and needs to be reevaluated.

When I do my immediate denture cases, another denture is always fabricated because I view the immediate denture as a temporary denture that will be discarded later. I do not start my final denture until all the healing has taken place and the temporary denture is comfortable.

The dentist should be the one removing the bone fragments and adjusting the denture for you so you can wear them immediately.

I can not understand why you can not have another reline because the old reline material would be removed and an impression taken. Then the new reline would be put in your mouth.

Your bite can also contribute to your problem. If when you bite your denture gets “knocked” around; it can cause your gums to be very sore. Sometimes patients can not wear a denture and some implants are required to stabilize or hold the denture in place.

Warning……you can not have implants until you have the best denture that can be made for you and that is comfortable for you to wear with no pain. It may be time for you to have your denture evaluated by another dentist who does lots of dentures and is familiar with your type of problem.

The action steps for you are as follows:

1. You need to go back to your dentist and calmly explain that you can not wear your denture and why.

2. He should be able to make you comfortable by doing a temporary soft lining and then a final hard lining.

3. Your bite needs to be evaluated to make sure it is not causing the problem

4. Your denture should be comfortable and you do not have to live with the pain

5. You made need the denture evaluated by another dentist and you may require a whole new denture

6. Implants may be required for you to have a stable upper denture but you can not have implants until, the upper denture is comfortable.

I hope this helps you and best of luck

Editorial Staff

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