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FAQ:  Ear Pain Symptom - Noise

Jaw / ear pain: A few months ago, I had root canals in two lower molars (one each on left and right side of my mouth) and they both resulted in increased pain. An endodontist re-treated each of them a few weeks ago.

A full month later, both teeth continue to be ultra-sensitive to biting pressure, and even a toothbrush. If I sleep on my side, my entire jaw and ear will be painful the next day. Sometimes jaw and ear pain happen with no discernible triggers.

I cannot chew anything harder than mashed potatoes, applesauce or occassionally over-cooked pasta. What are possible causes? ...Visitor from NJ

It sounds as though the original root canal treatments were done poorly if it was necessary for an endodontist to re-treat both teeth. Sometimes a root canal infection can take a long time to heal although it would be unusual for both sides to have such difficulty.

I would suspect a possibility of a TMJ/MPD problem. I'm referring to mostly a muscular problem related to the jaw joint; perhaps even caused by or exacerbated by the lengthy and numerous dental visits you've experienced recently.

I would suggest that your dentist rule out or treat the TMJ and verify the continued healing of your root canal treated molars.

Editorial Staff

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