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  • Bone graft post op: I had a bone graft done last week, on Wednesday and refused pain meds. I am on antibiotics and mouth rinse. Everything was ok except I seemed to have an issue coming out of anesthesia when at home. My problem is I woke up this morning (Saturday) an emotional wreck. I can't stop crying and I'm filled with immense sadness. I've never felt this way before. Could it possible be from the surgery that happened 3 days ago? Is this normal? Or is this something else unrelated? ...Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • Receding gums after a bone graft: I had a bone graft performed on my lower left molar after an infection. It's been two and a half weeks and I'm concerned because I am finding that small pieces of material in my mouth every few days, and my gums seem to be receding where I had the most work was done. Also I have been recently experiencing sensitivity to cold and heat on that one tooth. Is this normal or could the bone graft be failing? ...Visitor from Riverside     (answer)

  • Bone grafting material - Best product to use? No time. I am having two extractions done on lower right side and have to make decision for synthetic, bovine, or cadaver grafting products. What is the best solution? Thinking deep on my health and I was wondering about the bovine. ...Visitor from Arizona     (answer)

  • Bone placements and bad taste: I had number 19 extracted due to a crack and infection. Cadaver bone placed after curettage of infection. It is now day 13 and I still have a terrible taste. There is still some material left in socket that has not yet dissolved. Is bad taste normal? I have already finished antibiotic amoxicillin. ...Visitor from Portsmouth     (answer)

  • When I go get a extraction done would I need to get a bone graft done at the same time or can I get it done later? Yes, I am planning on getting a dental implant replacement in about 6 months. ...Visitor from Clearwater     (answer)

  • My 16 year old daughter is missing both permanent lateral incisors and will need implants. She is not a candidate till she is around 18 -20 years old. They are going to put in Maryland Bridges. The retainer with the fake teeth are not very conducive. She will also need bone grafts prior to implants and currently her gums are somewhat sunk in where these teeth should have been. Should she get the bone grafts done before the Maryland Bridges as opposed to waiting for the implants? She also had braces so her teeth are straight, but they feel the maryland bridges will be more effective in preventing shifting. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I had vertical and horizontal bone augmentation in my mandible two months ago. Within a few days the perio flap and suturing became loose, so it was removed and replaced with palatal soft tissue. Now that has failed too. For the time being, Coe Pack paste is being used to protect the area. What is next? ...Visitor from India     (answer)

  • My teeth are not loose but I do have sore gums sometimes. I just had a scaling and was told I should have bone grafts on both sides and top and bottom. This makes me very nervous. Is it necessary since my teeth are not even loose? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Healing time after graft: Extraction of large upper right molar six weeks ago. Tooth had small crack and had an abcess. Oral surgeon performed graft at time of extraction in anticipation of implants down the road. Extraction site is still raw, tender and painful, and appearance looks just the same as it did one week after extraction. Bone above extraction site is often painful during the day as well. Pain is not excrutiating, may 4 or 5 out of 10. During follow-ups, surgeon says everything looks fine, it was a very large hole, and that I must be a slow healer. Is it normal to still be in this much pain six weeks after surgery? Is this healing time an indication of the healing time expected after implant? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Failed Bone Graft - Twice: I've had two failed bone grafts - one using my own bone and one from cow bone. I did everything possible to ensure good oral hygiene both times and I am considered very healthy at age 54. Should I be concerned about the oral surgeon who performed these grafts? Is it highly unlikely that both would fail? I now have to get a bridge vs. an implant and have nothing to show for my money except alot of pain and suffering. Shall I ask for a portion of the cost back? My oral surgeon was rated highly, but always seemed rushed and did not answer my questions fully. Each time, when the infections set in, he was not in the office and I had to be seen by one of the other dentists, which was frustrating. ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • About 1 year ago I had a tooth removed because it had cracked and was causing bone loss around the tooth. The Periodontist performed the treatment and did a bone graft so I could get an implant. I let the graft take for 1 year and now my dentist said he is unable to place an implant because the graft area is too soft. He said he can't do anything more. Is this possible to not be able to get the bone graft to take? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Regenerative bone graft: I had a bone graft done on my bottom two front teeth due to bone loss from a localized infection. It has been four weeks and the teeth are still pretty loose. How long will it be before they tighten up? Also, it is almost impossible not to touch the teeth and move them when I talk or eat or even brush and floss. Is the movement keeping it from tightening up and if it hasn't tightened after four weeks, will it ever? ...Visitor from Houston TX     (answer)

  • Bone improvement: I recently had implant surgery. My dentist said I had the worst bone loss he ever saw. He said the bone just crumbled. He did bone grafts but is there anything I can do to make sure the bone grafts take or to help my bone become stronger? I have had bone tests done on a regular basis and always came back normal. Is there something I can take to help the bone? I am 66 years old. I did teeth in a day but they were only able to put a partial plate in the front until the implants heal. ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Bone Graft Failure: Three months ago my dentist extracted two upper molars and did two sinus lifts and bone grafting. She called me in early this month for a check-up and said both sinus lifts and bone grafting would have to be repeated because bone growth was insufficient. Is 14 weeks time enough to ascertain whether bone growth is proceeding satisfactorily? I expected to wait four to six months before evaluating bone growth. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Cadaver Bone Graft: I had a cadaver bone graft in preparation for an implant on my lower right molar due to an infection. How can you tell if you are rejecting the cadaver bone as it still throbs and hurts in my jaw. I have TMJ ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Bone graft failure? I had two teeth extracted (30 & 31) along with bone grafts perfomed 8 days ago. The pain was bearable the first few days, but then the graft material seemed to swell and mold above and around the sutures creating what appeared to be four separate "humps" of grafts. On day 5 the tips of the sutures were cutting my tongue and inner cheeks so the oral surgeon snipped the tips which caused them to come out completely. Now there is what looks like a hole behind one of the 4 "humps" and two round bumps behind where the 2nd molar was. I have also had extreme pain and swelling of the jawbone where the grafts were placed. Given antibiotics yesterday. Graft failure? Bone infection? Thanks ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Bone grafts and Braces: Can you get braces after a bone graft procedure or gum graft procedure? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I had a front tooth knocked out 6 years ago playing softball. The tooth was re-inserted into my mouth and was fine up till 3 months ago. The tooth cracked and had to be extracted. Due to lack of bone, I have been told that an implant will be difficult. They state there is a low chance that a bone graft will work. They suggested braces to move my other front tooth into the position of the missing tooth then doing an implant were the other tooth came from. They said by moving the tooth the missing bone would be re-grown as the tooth moved over 12-18 months. Have you ever heard of this before? What are the risks? What type of success rate does this procedure have? ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • How many months do we have to wait after bone grafting (using a synthetic type of bone) before doing dental implants? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Both my upper and lower left and right teeth are implants. I have paid a crown dentist $70,000 up front for any and all work. I have no p;ain or problems on the left side of my jaw but on the right side my upper implant restorations (crowns) are shaped differently, causing severe gum pain, irritation and inflammation. The area of crowns that meet the gum are very different from the right. The crowns are just flat.... no shape or contour. I also had a lower right bone graft that is always in pain, is constantly swollen. My swollen lymph nodes in my neck are so large that it prevents me from swallowing anything from food to water. I am scheduled to get 3 more implants into these painful bone grafts. ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • I currently have a bridge which is attached to my eyetooth, my dentist suggested that I have a scraping to clean the area and then stated that I have a large pocket, which he suggests that may cause me to loose the eyetooth and then of course the bridge. He suggested that he graft bone to the area, but the cost seemed quite high. I consulted another dentist and he suggested that perhaps my bite could be adjusted due to the fact that the bridge on my uppers and the cap on my lowers seem to be too high and affect that area each time I chew. He stated that by keeping the area clean and making this adjustment I might not need to have the bone grafting at least for a while. He also suggested that I wear a brace at night time since I seem to be grinding my teeth. Upon discussing this with my current dentist, he did not concur with any of the suggestions. The dentist I consulted with regarding this problem was my dentist in Chicago for the many years I lived there. My Chicago dentist said that he did not disagree with the current dentists idea and said that it would be the ideal situation but felt that I could avoid the surgery and try correcting the bite prior to having this surgery which he felt I may or may not need. My current dentist was quite angry when I suggested that he could call my Chicago dentist and discuss this with him. I did have him clean and scrape the area but doubt that I will be his patient any longer. When looking in your files I couldn't find any suggestion of bone grafting being done, unless you had already lost the tooth, is this some type of new procedure? Who else should I consult, is their anyone in my area who might give me another opinion. ...Visitor from AR     (answer)

  • Are there no NON animal tissues my wife could use for her bone graft in her jaw? She does not believe in using animal products for anything (yes, she is a Vegan, not me, but she is) and is in much pain from her jaw being in need of some fixing, but won't do the surgery if an animal was harmed to help her (this includes the human animal). ANY suggestions would be absolutely appreciated. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • One year ago my front right tooth loosened. After surgery to scrape and clean under the gums I continue to experience problems. I am getting a conflicting opinion between 2 specialists and my family dentist. One recommends bone regeneration and implant, one recommends bone grafting and implant and one recommends a partial. All recommend pulling the tooth. I have bone loss down 70% on the root surface. One stated that the supporting soft tissue has failed. The tooth is currently anchored to the other front tooth, which unfortunately has caused some loosening in that tooth also. I have asked why (if my tooth itself is ok) a bone grafting procedure cannot be performed around the existing tooth to stabilize it. I understand that I would need a tissue graft because of recession after this procedure. I have read that a protective membrane can be placed around the graft to protect against infection. Why is this not a viable solution? It seems that I would have more area to be filled if the tooth was pulled. I am VERY concerned about esthetics after this procedure. My teeth look great now and I know that implants while better than most still do not always look normal. In addition, I bleach my teeth every 6mos to a year. I do not want one tooth to always be a different shade. Are there any implants available that react to bleaching? Any information you can provide about why the tooth must be pulled would be appreciated. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Cleft palate bone grafts: My son who has a cleft lip and cleft palate had his first bone graft when he was 7 years old. His doctors want to do a second bone graft for orthodontic purposes now that he is 13 years old. However, they told us that this second bone graft may not be enough since 5-7 years from now by the time he needs the implant his face and bone will continue to grow. Should I hold the bone graft procedure until he is 20 years old? What is the best thing for us to do? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Bone Restoration: I was wondering how you can put implants in if the bone of your jaw is not straight. Would you need a bone from another part of your body in order to have implants put in at that spot. ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Demineralized Bone Graft: My husband has moderate periodontitis and has had two scaling and planing sessions in the past few years. It has been under control pretty well and he gets professional cleanings every 3-4 months. On his last dental visit, they found a pocket of 8 mm (now 10mm) by his molar. His wisdom tooth is apparently causing the pocket's exacerbation. His oral surgeon is going to do a demineralized bone graft after the extraction. My question is, is there a risk for his body to have a rejection of the bone material? Or is that not a risk because of the type of graft that it is (demineralized--not living tissue)? Also, will the pocket lessen after the tooth is extracted or will it always be at 10mm? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Failed Bone Graft: My husband had a xenograft performed last year in preparation for a dental implant. On his most recent dental appointment, for which he was to have the peg inserted, the dentist found that bone graft was no more than a simple membrane and would not support a dental implant. He refuses to attempt another bone graft and feels my husband is no longer a candidate for an implant. Any suggestions? ...Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • Adding Bone after Orthodontics: When I was eight years old I had four pre molar teeth removed. When I was around 22 yrs old I had braces which closed the gaps up. Is there any way to add bone grafting to expand my jaw and add four implants? ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Over 10 years ago I had a bone graft done to rebuild the bone in my left mandible that was a success and I was able to grow my own replacement bone. I was told that in the future, If I chose, I could have implants and I want to know would you recommend this type of of implant to someone who like me who wants to have implants done. Also, is there any follow up treatment that needs to be performed and how soon afterwards? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Failed Bone Graft to Upper Gum: Due to severe infection, I have lost a considerable amount of bone to my upper gum (two front teeth). I have had a bone graft operation, which I have just been informed has failed. Do I have any other options to restore the area in preparation for implants? I do not want my mouth/lips to drop. ...Visitor from Liverpool England     (answer)

  • My daughter had a BB injury to 2 of her upper front teeth. She has now had a bone graft and 2 implants but the implants need to come out because one of the implants was up too high due to too much bone loss. The bone graft only partially took, graft was from her mandible I believe. Our next option is to do another bone graft with cadaver bone? Is this better than a bridge? ...Visitor from SD     (answer)

  • Cadaver Bone or Endopore better for grafting prior to implants? I was told that I would need a sinus lift to facilitate implants 5 back from left incisor and 4 back from right incisor (2 implants). Is adding cadaver bone a good way to go or is Endopore better? Would it be safer to just not doing it? I am 64 and diabetic but in good control. ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • I have had two bone grafting procedures. The graft material was from a cow. Both times following the procedure I get into extreme pain. Which is not the usual follow up. Can I be allergic to the grafting material? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Securing Bone Grafts: I would like to know what exactly holds a bovine xenograft in position while it blends with my regular bone tissue after extraction and the removal of infection. Is it simply the placement of the sutures? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Which bone graft material is best? I had my bottom 2 front teeth pulled do to bone loss. I had a bone graft with cadaver bone 7 months ago. My doctor now thinks I need a tissue graft with the implants. I went to another oral surgeon who thinks I need to have the grafting done again with my own bone because he thinks cadaver bone is not a good choice. He does not think I need tissue grafting. Do you see good success with cadaver bone? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Implants without grafts? I had a bridge at one time but it came loose not long after it was put in. I was told it came loose from the bone. I have always had issues with the upper part of my mouth. I have had upper dentures for years now and a lower partial. I would love to do away with them but not sure i am a good candidate. I also have sinus problems. I also have dental phobia...all I have to do is smell the office. I've have had some pretty bad experiences. ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • How much required bone? I am 54 years old, I have both upper and lower dentures. I have had the uppers for over 25 years, the lowers for 6 years. I was just wondering how much bone you need to get implants. I don't know enough about implants. Do they adhere to your actual jaw bone, gums? After 25 years, will there be enough bone to have this done? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Dentures - graft for every tooth extracted? I need dentures. NO implants, just a full upper and partial lower. Besides normal charges for extractions, impressions and immediate dentures, they say I need bone grafts to fill in/level out EVERY socket where teeth are extracted, in order for the dentures to fit properly. This makes the whole thing incredibly expensive. Neither my wife's parents nor my parents had any such bone grafts when they got their dentures many years ago. Is this really necessary? The same dentist office is suggesting dentures AND bone grafts to my wife too, who had no gum disease or bone loss. Must one have bone grafts for dentures? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Hole in Gum: I recently had a bone graft done where the upper #7 implant will be. They extracted a 1cm x 1cm piece from my ramus and screwed it to the implant site. Everything looked great for a week, then infection struck. After the infection was treated (4 days or so) I was left with missing gum tissue over the now exposed bone graft. The surgeon didn't seem too alarmed, but for as much as I have invested in this process, I don't want to be lackadaisical. Could I get a second opinion - is this normal? Is there anything I can do to help regrow the gum tissue? There is no discomfort, other than the fear that I'm going to lose the graft. ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Reversal of Implants: About 3 months ago I had a left sinus lift, bovine bone grafting and 2 titanium implants on my upper left side. I was fine for one week. Then I got an infection and had two rounds of antibiotics. I've been in pain ever since. It feels like terrible pressure in the left sinus area or nerve pain, plus right and left tight burning aching pain. I've been to an ENT, CT-Scan, Neuro, GP and nothing shows. I'm living in pain everday. I have scheduled a reversal with the oral surgeon because I am desperate. He will take out the implants, bovine bone and then bring the sinus back down. I am scared out of my mind. What are my options? It's making me sick. Am I having a foreign substance reaction? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Save Teeth? I have been advised by my new dentist that I need many implants due to bone loss. I will also need bone transplant. Is there nothing that can be done before I agree to have teeth out as your 'Bioplant' makes me believe that if I can hold on to my teeth, maybe the bone, with help, could regenerate and I could keep my teeth? Am I just clutching at straws? I have no pain, just bad pockets and some loose teeth. I can go to a hygenist regularily and will do anything possible not to have them out! ...Visitor from Israel     (answer)

  • When to start graft? My mom recently had 1 tooth extracted and a bridge removed. She would like to have implants done for the 2 missing teeth. She will need bone graft due to loss of bone. The oral surgeon that did the extraction told her to wait 2 months for the wound to heal before doing bone graft, then wait again before the implants could be done. The 2nd implant specialist we saw said that bone graft should have been placed right after the extraction. Since it was not done right away, my mom needs to wait 4 weeks after the extraction and he could do bone graft with the implant. Who is right? Can the graft and implant be done at the same time without knowing if the graft worked? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I had a tooth extracted two days ago and the membrane that was put in over the graft slowly oozed out of the hole where my tooth was. It just came completely out so now there is just a hole and some stitches. Do I need to be concerned or call my dentist? When I called yesterday to ask they said that the soft tissue would absorb into my gums to stimulate bone growth. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • It has been a month now since my surgery. I had bone grafting done on my upper and lower teeth on one side of my mouth. The pain is still so bad that I cannot function unless I have at least 600-800 mgs every 4 hrs of ibuprofen. When will this pain stop? I have been on antibiotics for 3 weeks also. This pain is in the teeth that had the bone grafts and the pain shoots up the side of my face. Do I need to see another dentist about this or will it go away soon? ...Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • Is it too risky for a person with diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis to go through the process of the bone graft surgery after the dentist has taken out the molar? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I had bone grafting for 3 implants done on the upper right jaw about 10 years ago. After the implants were placed (over a year later) within 6 to 8 months all 3 implants failed. The dentist who did this was considered an expert in implants. Does this mean I am not a candidate for implants? I do have other bone loss and my general dentist suggests this may be genetic? How much have things changed in 10 years? ... Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Is bone graft necessary for bridge? Do I need bone graft to get a bridge? My dentist charged me for a bone graft but my insurance does not cover it. I would like to know whether it is normal for patient ... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

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