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  • Cannot replace bridge-need implants: I had a permanent bridge on the back three upper molars 21 years ago. This was done because the middle molar had to be extracted. They apparently filed down the other two teeth to fit the bridge on it. It has given me no trouble until it fell out yesterday morning. I had a cavity in the back tooth which they tried to address through the bridge earlier this year. I think this is what weakened it. Now they are saying that I can't get the bridge replaced because there is not enough natural tooth left on both teeth. My only option is 2 implants and a bridge or 3 implants or a removable bridge. The problem is that insurance doesn't want to pay for two implants - so this will run me almost $9000 that I don't have. Is there no way this bridge can't be replaced? I trust my endodonist as he did another implant on me that worked out great - but I just don't think I can afford this - but I don't want to go to a removable bridge like an old person. I would like a second opinion but am unsure of who to go to as my regular dentist is very aggressive and would recommend the implant as well. ... Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • Bridge instead of a denture: I have had upper bridges for roughly 55 years. But because of decaying underbrige teeth, I was treated with 4 dental implants and a denture. Can I have a bridge installed instead on these implants? These dentures impact my speech. ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Repeated bridge failures: My dentist put in two bridges on both of my upper gums on both sides; each containing 3 teeth. Shortly after getting the permanent ones, they began to fall out, almost every other week. It was embarrassing and a nusisance, especially after paying around $2500 for them! I would have to go to the office where they would just glue them back in. I noticed that they were not even anchored with a post, as I had seen on my crowns. One day one fell out as I was eating. My dentist was just like "wow,too bad." Can't he be held liable for such shoddy work? They shouldn't have been falling out on a regular basis! ... Visitor from AR     (answer)

  • Broken permanent tooth in 3 tooth bridge: One of my end teeth on my bridge (supporting teeth) broke 3-5 years ago. I know I need to get it removed. I have started to run a fever daily and cough up colored, smelly mucous. There has never been any pain invovled though. Has my blood been poisoned? ... Visitor from Forsyth     (answer)

  • Bridge Work, Gum Grafts, and Grinding: When I was 7 years old I lost my upper #7 and #10 teeth in an accident (root and all) while #9 was sticking out forwards and #8 backwards. Over the years I've been able to keep 9 and 10 from falling out and had a metal partial in for a while. Recently, my dentist had crowned down 6, 8, 9, and 11 in order to put in a 6 tooth bridge. That material wasn't great. The bridge broke a few times. Last week, I had gum and bone grafting done, as well as metal screws put in the areas of 7 and 10. Then the lab made a provisional bridge put in. I'm a hard-core right side grinder and was given heavy duty night guards to prevent grinding. After a week, the new bridge is already loose. What do I do? ... Visitor from Akron     (answer)

  • Bridge secured on implants: I have a bridge composed of 3 teeth secured on 2 implants on upper left of my jaw in far back. It falls out continually. I think I've had it re-cemented about 15 times! Why can't my dentist solve this problem? I've been keeping it secured as best I can with denture creme between dental visits! Just paid $2500 for new bridge as he thought this new one would stay put. Well, it doesn't and I am out all that money. Any suggestions? I really appreciate your help. ... Visitor from Abington     (answer)

  • Can bridge work be redone if there are numerous issues?: I had 2 bridges done on front 6 teeth one month ago. I went back a week later to let dentist know they are too big. One of the pontics is catching my lip. Looked as if it was cracked at top when bridge was put on. Also no color match was done prior so they are very white. I asked why it wasn't done prior to bridges being made, really no response. I was pretty much told I'll get use to it all. This all costing over $4,000 I would think something should be done. They look and feel awful. Also my bite is already damaging one of the front teeth underneath, hence the bridge being too big. Is there anything I can do? I was hoping my dentist could replace the bridges with proper fitting ones. ... Visitor from Gadsden     (answer)

  • Dental bridge breakage: The first porcelain bridge I got (lower back molars with 1 middle missing tooth) did not fit my mouth at all. It was too high. The dentist ground down an upper rear molar attempting to make it fit. It didn't. Next she tried another porcelain bridge which broke after 2 weeks while eating soft food. Then, she made another porcelain bridge that broke in the same place as the previous one after another 2 weeks of wear. Now, the dentist wants to try a noble metal/porcelain combination. She said she has never had bridges break like this before. My right jaw is a little higher than the right. The bridge is on the right side. Is this common? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • What can be done when my wife's cemented bridge, not quite 2 years old. broke. The actual metal underneath split through right in the middle of the 2 front teeth of a 7 tooth bridge. ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Tooth repair that is attached to bridge: I have a bridge and the tooth that the bridge is attached to has a small hole because the dentist stuck his metal pick in it while he was checking my teeth and he pushed too hard and it created the hole. Now he wants to fill it with resin to repair it. He said if I don't repair it I could loose my whole bridge (7 teeth) and will need a new bridge. Is the repair with resin standard practice? It is now metal. ... Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Loose bridge: I have a bridge with 4 teeth on it and is very loose. I also have 4 crowns that have come off. I do not have any mouth pain, I think they were not mounted properly and just need to be glued - mounted back on. I think the dentist that installed them was not very knowledgable, however, every dentist I have consulted wants to do the bridge over. It just needs to be mounted back on. ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Decay involving bridge: I've had a permanent bridge involving both eye teeth and the four front upper teeth in between for 25+ years without any problems til now. This bridge was never permanently cemented, but has always been very solid and has allowed me to bite on anything I want. It also looks great. Last week my dentist informed me there is a small decay where the bridge and my gumline meet (on one eye tooth). She says she can repair it without having to get that bridge off. Is this possible? If not, will I have to redo the bridge, which would be extremely expensive? I am 70 years old. ... Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • I had a rather large upper bridge put in. I have had nothing but trouble for 7 months now. Right off I don't think the front crown is fitting correctly on my tooth. I still can not eat on that side. If I put pressure on that crown I feel the ache, like a loose tooth ache. My bite was off so we have been working on that. Is it all together possible that the front crown did not fit properly on the tooth? Or is the bridge just to heavy (2 crowns with 2 teeth in between). The front crown is on my first frontal molar. Can this be refitted? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Bucked teeth bridge: I got a bridge done in the front of my mouth and my dentist to me seems like she didn't properly place in an upward position so it looks like I have bucked teeth. My teeth look bigger than my regular teeth. My question is can they be removed or even shaved down? ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Removable bridge with implant: I am going to a Dental School for a new removable bridge to replace 2 year-old badly made bridge. School says they must grind adjacent teeth for good fit, where removable bridge needs to be anchored. I have been advised this could result in losing one tooth (which is already slightly loose) and replacing a crown on the other. Must I have those teeth compromised by this grinding process? Can't they fit the new bridge with the impressions they'll make? I have just gone through an implant that will be used to anchor the removable bridge. The next step is impressions. I dread their warnings of another implant and crown. ... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

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