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FAQ:  Bridge Pain

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  • Bridge Pain: I have recently had a temporary bridge attached to two back teeth. Now I have constant jaw pain. Can I refuse the permanent bridge and just get a partial, even though the two adjacent teeth now have been drilled down and crowns in place? I don't want a permanent bridge and live with this pain! ... Visitor from Baltimore     (answer)

  • Ongoing Problems with Bridgework: I had an abscessed molar removed several months ago, followed by infections, antibiotics, two teeth abutted together, a root canal and finally a long span bridge that covers four teeth. I do not think the bite is correct and I have a pulsating in the temples. Secondly after nearly four months, I observed a white mass below the gum line today. What should I do? I have lost confidence in my dentist as I do not think he is capable of remedying the problem. It has become costly not to mention I am afraid of taking more large does of antibiotics and what may lie ahead. ... Visitor from Grass Valley     (answer)

  • I had a dental bridge placed about a month ago and it hurts. My dentist taps it but it doesn't hurt. He also blew air into it... but I felt nothing. He said I needed deep cleaning, so I had it done along with 8 injections of antibiotic... but it still hurts. When I bite, the pain does not increase or become more noticable. The dentist suggested I may have gum problems. To me, the bridge feels thick and bulky. We even discussed root canal treatments. My dentist is nice and appears to care about my problems but it seems he doesn't know what to do. ... Visitor from Northridge     (answer)

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