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FAQ:  Carious Teeth - Cavities

Synthetic Tooth Enamel?
Video: Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection
Video: Dye based Caries Detection + Laser treatment

  • Untreated cavity: I have a deep cavity and I have a hole in it. I was told that if I keep smoking marijuana the smoke can go in and cause an infection, possibly even cancer. Is this true? ...Visitor from New Mexico     (answer)

  • I'm not sure what's wrong with my teeth: I'm 17 and I've had so many problems with my teeth already. Ever since I was little this has been happening. The thing is I have always taken excellent care of my teeth, I brush 2-3 times a day and floss at least once or twice. I don't understand how I can keep having pains which end up in having to be a filling or root canal. Do I have some kind of tooth disease? ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Cavity below gum line: Can cavities below gum line be filled so that the tooth does not have to be pulled? ... Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Cavity Diagnosis with different dentists: After visiting 3 dentists, and receiving xrays each time, I was diagnosed 3 completely different ways. The first dentist used a machine and told me I have three cavities on the top surfaces of my teeth. The second dentist told me that I only have one cavity on the top surface of my teeth from xrays and looking. The third told me that I have 4 cavities on the left side of my mouth in between my teeth. In general, I take care of my teeth, see a dentist every six months. This is annoying. Who is telling the truth, when each dentist told me different teeth have cavities? If they are all cavities, I have like 8 cavities in a matter of 6 months, when I only have two small ones filled now. ... Visitor from UT     (answer)

  • Orthodontist says No Cavities while Dentist says Cavities? I am fourteen years old and have had braces for over a year. I have never had a cavity in my life and this even without caps. I recently have went to the dentist to remove my last babytooth and while I was there they took X-rays of my teeth. They informed me that I now have NINE cavities. This doesn't make any sense at all to me because just last month my orthodontist took X-rays of my teeth and found nothing. Is there a chance that my dentist is mistaken? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Fill Cavities in a 3 Year old? If my 3 year old has cavities in her back molars should they be filled? Is it a good idea for a child this age to have any fillings or use of anesthesia? ... Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Never Ending Cavities: I have always brushed my teeth regularly and yet still I always seem to have cavities...sometimes bad ones. Is it possible to just have bad teeth or for something like this to run in the family? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Gum line cavities: My bottom teeth keep going inwards from my upper teeth pressing down on them. I continually have problems with getting weak or cavities on the lower part of my teeth. I brush continually with no positive results. I went to an orthodonist and spoke repeatively with denists, no one will put a retainer in there to prevent any more movement and the dentists will not put any protective sealants on the lower part of the problem area. I don't know what to do. I feel like I will not have teeth by the time I'm 50. The dentists usually determine that I don't brush enought, WHICH IS NOT THE CASE, and say " You have beautiful teeth " And of course it hasn't helped. ... Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Are lasers being used to seal teeth against caries? Which lasers would be best for this use. ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I am 51 and have had excellent oral health. Due to my insurance plan, I'm bouncing around to different dentists every year. My newest dentist informed me at my last cleaning that my teeth looked very good and required very little cleaning since my last visit 8 months ago. He did see two pitts, very small, on either side of my molars that will require filling or they will eventually become cavities. I was under the impression and often told by earlier dentists that the older you get, and if you maintain good oral care, your teeth will actually get harder and random popping up of cavities is less likely. Even the last dentist I visited a year ago saw no problems with my teeth and make the comment that my teeth were like rocks. Was my last dentist pulling my leg or is my current dentist a little too aggressive. Or, should I get a second opinion. ... Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • The majority of my teeth are broken, decayed or have cavities. Partially due to improper oral hygene, but have always had a weakness for sweets. Since 2 weeks before Christmas have had tootache off and on, is it possible to find an oral surgeon to just remove all of these bad teeth? This is an ongoing struggle and the pain is not getting any easier to bear. I am 48 years old in relatively good health other than my teeth. I am told by many the poisons draining from my bad teeth into my system can make me ill or cause death. Since I really am not prepared for that at this time I need to seek professional guidance. ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • I was advised about 2.5 years ago that my upper right tooth (about 4/5 in) needed a filling. I didn't return to get this, and now I have tooth ache in that area. I'm worried that I may have to lose the tooth, so could you put my mind at rest and let me know the likelyhood of having to have this procedure (removal) - how severe does it have to be, and how likely is my severity, and if I do have to have it removed, what the available options are to improve the cosmetic appearance? ...Visitor from Leeds, England     (answer)

  • Two years ago I went to a dentist and got a cleaning and x-rays. I wasn't thrilled with that dentist so I decided to get a copy of my x-rays and try a new one. This new dentist looked at my x-rays and asked if I got the 2 cavities filled that were on the x-rays. I said no because the dentist said I didn't have any serious enough to be filled. Anyway, this new dentist said I have 4 cavities that need to be filled and it will cost $800.00!!! And my insurance won't cover fillings for another 6 months (new insurance). Do you think I can risk waiting out the six months? Or will it develop into a root canal? Help.     (answer)

  • Can you please tell me the cause of multiple early caries not related to poor dental care. Even with scrupulous hygiene I had multiple caries by the age of 7. I am still very prone to decay. Most dentists I've seen want to relate it to sugary drinks etc but that is not the case with me. Incidentially my son suffers with the same problem. In fact one of his central teeth simply crumbled. There must be some pathology here. I am very tired of dentists who immediately assume poor hygiene before even assessing the problem. Any ideas?     (answer)

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