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  • Pus filled cyst on roof of mouth behind front teeth: My son has been suffering from a cyst that comes and goes about once a year. He can feel it coming on...fills with pus and maybe some blood looking material. Reaches a point where it bursts and he feels better. He just had this happen again and this time had a severe headache with it. He went to the doctor and they didn't know what to do with him so gave him a wide spectrum antibiotc and sent him home. Any suggestions? ... Visitor from ND    (answer)

  • Why do I have a cyst on my gums?: I have been having pain on my upper lip with occasional swelling on right side of face and right jaw pain. My dentist seen no decay but finally realized on X-ray there was a cyst on the X-ray right below the root of a tooth on the upper right. He said I was brushing fine and no decay? Painful and can't eat on that side sometimes. Why is this and what is it? Visitor from LA    (answer)

  • Last night I was running my hand over the lower right side of my face, there I found a tenderness right along the outer side of my face right in the jawbone line. I pressed in on it there is quite a lump there, painful to the touch. I had never noticed this before. Could this be a starting of an abcess? My gums are not sore on the inside. Visitor from MI    (answer)

  • I have been having headaches for some time now and they have increased overtime. I have also had the occasional numbness in my left hand side and sometimes shakey hands (which have stopped for sometime now). I have seen three neurologists and done MRI all have proved that I do not have anything. They then suspect Complicated Migraine but I have not responded well to medication. I recently noticed that my wisdom toth on my right hand side is bent and may be touching the nerve area. I visited a Dentist who does not do general dentistry but rather diagnosed that I had Myofascial referral patterns of pain and gave me a gadget to put in my mouth to wear as he discoverd that I clench teeth and my mouth was all sore. He advised that I could if I wanted to, remove my wisdom tooth if that is what I wanted but that he did not think that's the cause of my problem. I see another Dentist next week. What do you think? Could the wisdom tooth have something to do with it as the device does not explain away some of the numbness I sometimes feel in my hands and some of the spasms I sometimes have. ...Ifueko in CA    (answer)

  • Black between gums and crown: I have several porcelain crowns on my front teeth. Several years ago I got a cyst in my gums. My dentist said all of the root was not removed in my root canal. The cyst caused my teeth to shift and they are now uneven. Some pushed forward leaving a black line between the crown and my gums. My dentist now says that he wants to remove my front teeth and give me a plate or flapper. Can anything else be done other that pulling teeth? Why can't I just have the crowns removed and put back in closer to the gum so the black doesn't show? ...Visitor from FL


  • Wisdom Tooth - Sinus Cavity: When I was 29 I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed (they were all impacted). The 4th one which is the upper left the dentist did not remove because it is sitting on top of a molar, impacted with a cyst. The dentist said it's too close to the sinus cavity. I am now 42 and have chronic sinusitis. Can this tooth be removed by an oral surgeon assisted by an ENT? Could this tooth be aggravating the sinuses? ....Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Woke with pain in upper (12?) tooth. Saw my dentist at 3:00 that day. He sent me to endodontist who stated I had massive infection. When giving injection the pain was such that I screamed, something I have never done before. Also tears fell! Doctor said as soon as he had made a small hole the puss came pouring out. He thought about leaving the toot open but after a while decided everything had drained and that he could complete the root canal proceedure. He gave me a prescription for "Z-Pack" and percodan. He told me to return if there was swelling. The next morning my face was quite swollen to just beneath my left eye. Went back to doctor, where the gum was opened above the tooth with a hemostat and again infection poured out. He left this opened and gave me prescription for penicillin to be take along with other antibiotic.

    Question: Friends suggested the doctor should not have filled the root, should have left it open considering the amount of infection. Were they correct? Can the infection spread to other parts of my body or head? ...Visitor from GA    (answer)

  • I recently had fillings done on teeth 7-10. After my general dentist finished the fillings, she noticed a black area above these teeth in the x-rays she had taken. At first she thought something was wrong with her film, but then realized that I had what looked like a abcess above these teeth. She claims it is the biggest she has ever seen. Almost two years ago, another dentist noticed a abcess above tooth number 10 but wanted to take care of all of my other dental needs and handle that last. Well, we switched insurance and that was when I began to see my current dentist. I have never had any symptoms of a abcess. I immediately went to an Endo Dr., he looked at my x-ray and also claimed it was the biggest abcess he had ever seen. He put something very cold to my teeth and it bothered most of the areas he touched. He did a root canal for #10 and has referred me to an oral surgeon. On the referral he wrote, "Please evaluate her anterior area - Radiolucency on x-ray not of endo origin, may need bioposy." My general dentist wants to rule out cancer. She states that it could be a cyst and that can be cancerous. I am a healthy 28 year old woman who was adopted and have no family history to look over. Can you help me understand the chances of this being cancer and what I should expect? I am so scared - I have three children and one on the way. Visitor from MO    (answer)

  • Approximately 2 months ago, I went to the dentist to see about a broken tooth. The dentist told me I needed a root canal. So, he wanted to do a temporary and then got set up to do root canal later with an oral surgeon. While he was numbing the area, the needle hit a nerve (I guess). I have never felt anything like that before. He continued to clean out the inside of the tooth then put the temporary filling on. The next day I could barely open my mouth, and my jaw was aching. I went back in to the dentist office and he gave me pain killers, told me to give it a couple of days for the pain to go away. It did not go away, I dealt with it for about a week. I did notice a small lump under the on lower right jaw after this whole episode... it was not there before. It is sensitive to press on and has a numbing sensation on my bottom lip on that side. I had the tooth extracted instead of having the root canal. Ever since then I have had a bony feeling protruding from the area and still have the lump under my gum. What are both of these?    (answer)

  • I'm 21 from Iran and I have a cyst on the outer left part of my gum (up) where a filling had been done before. About 2 months ago, for the first time, it swelled and my dentist gave me antibiotics and told me I should have surgery to pull out the cyst! Now it's swelled a little again.. is it neccessary to have surgery? I'm really afraid of losing my tooth! Please help me ... Visitor from Iran     (answer)

  • My Xray shows a darder area at the bottom root of #14 I think I have had this for 12 yrars and it has never been a problem and no pain, is this possible? ...Trguson in SD     (answer)

  • Many years ago, I had a root canal done on a back left molar. The dentist filled my tooth with some funky blue medicated? substance. I was supposed to return to have a post and crown put in, but never did. Since then, the blue filling has fallen out and there is a shell of a tooth left. My problem is.... now I have tenderness and slight numbness in my gum/jawline, near that tooth. I also feel a mass/swelling in that area. Could it be an abcess? I'm starting to worry, as it feels like a cyst or tumor (I'm 43 and an ovarian cancer survivor). ...Lauri in NJ     (answer)

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