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  • Denture with flat palate: I would like to have a full denture in the upper mouth. But my dentist says it won't work, because I have a flat palate. Is that true? Can I have a denture with flat palate? And use adhesive? Please help me. Thanks. Visitor from Santa Clara     (answer)

  • Dentures: I wanted to know why I have no upper lip? I had my temporary dentures approximately 30 days ago. They don't really hurt, they just look awful. It's like when I smile you see my teeth all the way to the back molars, like they're flared out. I no longer have my slight over bite. I don't have any swelling on uppers like I do on the lowers that's probably why my lowers jut out like an under bite. Also when I smile all you see is my lower teeth and a lot of gums. It's terrible help. I know now I was rushed through the whole process. I wasn't offered a chance to decide what I wanted the teeth to look like. As I'm on Medicaid that is probably why. I guess what I really need to know is does the dentist have to make them look right? I don't even know what my options are supposed to be. HELP - Thank you. Visitor from Las Vegas     (answer)

  • Lips overclose Bottom teeth disappear: I Have upper and lower plates. Bottom teeth don't show and lips over close. Can bottom teeth be made longer so they show? Visitor from Australia     (answer)

  • Flexible Denture Hi! I have lost of my 4 teeth back upper in the right and 3 in the left same as the lower teeth 3 in the left 4 in the right. Well I really have a bad teeth. I'm planning to have a flexible denture because its not obvious that I am wearing a denture but my dentist insists it's not a good choice because of the long span of teeth missing. She said whenever I chew it might move. But I don't like her idea for metal denture. Isn't it possible to have a flexible denture? Thank you so much. Visitor from Phillipines     (answer)

  • Dentures: I've had top and bottom dentures put in a year ago. On my top gum I've developed a black hole and it hurts. What has caused this? I'm still not used to them at all. ...Visitor from North Carolina     (answer)

  • Upper Denture Question: I have a complete temporary upper denture that is missing the TWO back teeth. Could two teeth be added later on in this space if these two teeth decay? ...Visitor from North Carolina     (answer)

  • Denture is too loose: I just had my top teeth extracted today and had the dentures immediately. The teeth are so loose they fell out and I can't keep them in. I will see the dentist tomorrow. What harm, if any, will this do? ...Visitor from Delaware     (answer)

  • Denture causes upper lip to stick out: I've had alot of issues with keeping my dentures in. But my main concern is my upper lip sticks out as if I put something in between the gums and my lip. I kind of look like a duck. I hate it and I'm very insecure over it. I had a small overbite and the dentist made it just the same except it doesn't look right. Sometimes I push my lower jaw out just so I don't look like a duck. I can't really eat with them in either. My bottom denture pops out when I chew and I have adhesive in. I had no bottom molars as they broke over time so there's no bumps as if you had your teeth pulled. Is there anything that can be done? ...Visitor from Utah     (answer)

  • Lower denture: I have very small mouth. The lower denture they made is too big and bulky. It won't even sit on my gums at all. Even with fixident they immediately pop up. My bottom denture is thicker than the top denture. They keep telling me I'm just not use to them. They just can't get it straight. I'm very frustrated. ...Visitor from Florida     (answer)

  • Cleaning Non-Removable Fixed Upper Denture: It seems that all of the cleaning products for dentures are intended to be used outside the mouth. I can't remove mine (upper all on 4). What do you recommend? ...Visitor from Mesa     (answer)

  • I have had my second set of dentures for about 5 years now and they need to be relined. The bottoms seem to be really off and I am now having problems with my right jaw area. My plates are crooked. Will having them relined help with the jaw problem? ...Visitor from Hobart     (answer)

  • Painful new lower dentures: After 10 years of wearing a full set of dentures, I recently got a new set of dentures. It was very painful when the dentist placed the new lower plate. I told her that it felt as if plate was cutting into my gums (felt like a knife was cutting gum). The dentist then relined plate but it is still painful. I got an extreme headache in the 30 minutes it took to drive home. I tried to put them in this morning and was in tears from the pain. What can I do for the pain. I was told by dentist "just get use to it!" ...Visitor from Big Sandy     (answer)

  • I have false teeth on my uppers with two posts. Is there any way to sharpen dentures? These new dentures are useless when it comes to eating. I have to eat everything soft as these teeth will not cut anything. ...Visitor from Trenton     (answer)

  • I have a top immediate denture and a lower partial. I am due to get the permanent dentures next month. I had a second immediate denture made and they are fairly easy to wear but the top teeth come down below my bottom lip and cause sores inside my bottom lip and irritation to my entire lip. Is this normal for the the top teeth to come below the bottom lip or are the teeth too long? My natural teeth did not do this. ...Visitor from Tulsa     (answer)

  • Smoothing the bone: I had all of my upper teeth removed a week ago and my insurance didn't cover the bone smoothing. I have to wait three more weeks to take the impressions and I am scared that I won't be able to have dentures made because I didnt get the smoothing of the bone done. Can I still? ...Visitor from Bakersfield     (answer)

  • Food gets stuck on my upper denture: I have a great fitting upper denture. The only issue I have is the food I eat tends to stick on the upper and then suddenly comes down, which almost chokes me sometimes. Is the new plastic material of the denture causing this? ...Visitor from Roscoe NY     (answer)

  • Upper Denture problem: How long does it take for the denture to stay put without falling out so easy? The dentist removed the last ten front teeth about 6 weeks ago. The top back teeth were removed two months before that. I want to be able to eat again and feel good. ...Visitor from New Smyrna Beach     (answer)

  • Upper and lower denture problems: I had the last of my teeth (11) removed a week ago and immediate dentures placed. I slept with both of them in for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day I took them out to clean which I found very traumatic... so painful. And then trying to get them back in. I have been back to the dentist a couple of times, plus today, and she has trimmed the top one which feels a little better. The bottom is awful... it just constantly moves. I have also filed a couple of points on the top one where it was rubbing. Will this ever become comfy to wear? I live in the UK and think we are far behind the United States in dentistry. I have spent 2067 pounds on these dentures. Any advice would be great...Visitor from UK     (answer)

  • Lower denture hurts and falls out: I had my teeth extracted and implants placed. I had a temporary denture made and it does not fit at all. It is extremely painful and rocks and floats in my mouth. The woman who adjusts the denture used soft filler and says there is nothing more she can do. Her exact words were "people wear lower dentures in their pocket not their mouth" and told me just not to wear them!! I paid over $800 for these and have never been able to wear them. What should I do. I can't go in public without teeth!!! ...Visitor from Erie     (answer)

  • How soon can you get dentures after having your teeth pulled? ...Visitor from Baltimore     (answer)

  • Top lip sunken in: Someone already asked the question about why my top lip looks this way: sunken and like there's no lip. Due to an accident, my current top plate was made without my teeth in place or by using a prior mold. I like the denture, just want a lip line. Can these dentures be built up or do I need an entirely new upper plate? I can afford either, just didn't know which option is the best. Thanks for any advice you can give me. ...Visitor from Indianapolis     (answer)

  • Prosthetic mistakenly glued in: I accidentally super glued my prosthetic in place. I have a bar which is all across the front which is where the glue was put. The glue was thick and the denture would not go in until I scrapped and removed dust and particles out with air. I was late and on the last fitting I guess I used force. Anyways I can't get it out. Any ideas on how to get this out? ... Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • I'm 35 years old, and I've had upper denture work done about 2 years ago, but I'm seriously interested in a permanent fix. My dentures constantly break and crack because I clench my teeth often. I really want implants, but I don't know if I can afford it. ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I have only a few teeth left and am young and am in the process of getting my first pair of Dentures. One of my Dentists suggests making the first pair of dentures from a bottom impression only and never take an upper impresstion. He wants to use the bottom impression to make the upper because he feels the dentures will meet better. The other Dentists I saw never mentioned this. Can you give me your advice on what the correct way to make Dentures might be? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Denture teeth surfaces seem too smooth: My mother who is 92 just received full dentures 2 months ago. We (she) is going through the transition period with weekly dental visits to fix sore spots, bite issues, etc. We are concerned as the back teeth of the dentures (top surface) are completely smooth and the teeth are not very large in terms of height. Is it normal to have the back teeth (top of tooth) smooth? She is finding it difficult to chew but the dentist said the back teeth are only for chewing so they should be smooth? Is this correct or are we being misled? ... Visitor from Canada     (answer)

  • Upper partial and lower plate: I just had a lower plate done 6 weeks after having teeth removed after wearing an upper partial for about 18 months. My lower plate will not stay in place while eating or drinking. I do not want to use cream or powders adhesives. What other options do I have to make the denture stay still. ... Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • I purchased dentures 3 months ago. They are to large and don't fit. The uppers have multiple cracks. The rear teeth are already worn down. The bite is wrong. I was told I needed needed a relining at a cost of $350. What recourse do I have to get this corrected? ... Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Disappearing upper lip: I have had my dentures going on 2 years (this is my 3rd set since 2001). My gums are barely there. On top of this I am losing weight. I used to have a pretty smile. Now I always look like I am mad . It looks like my top lip disappears into my mouth. Is there anything that can be done? I am 66 years old. ... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • My mom, age 83, has worn dentures for about 30 years, just got new dentures. She gave up wearing the lower after it was relined and still wouldn't stay in (relined just 4 weeks after originally made). A very reputable dentist had previously told us she could not wear a lower denture, no jawbone left to support it, so I question why the new dentist made one at all. She tried wearing the upper, it falls out while eating and has caused her choking spells. Her old upper still fits so snugly it's tricky to get out, but the new one has no suction at all. Dentist says use adhesive paste. Do these dentures meet professional standard of care? I feel they should be remade at no cost. Is this reasonable? ... Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • No bone: I just went to a dentist to get full dentures. The xrays were taken, revealing that I had no bone in upper and lower gums. The dentist said nothing can be done. Help! I can't or want even leave my home now. I have top dentures that are old but with glue they stay in. Please help, what about mini implants? ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Gum Problems: Can't get top Dentures in: I had 12 teeth removed about 2 weeks ago. I have been having some pressure which I am thinking is the normal process of healing, but my concern is this: I can't get my top dentures in. I have 3 bumps at the top of my mouth where the cheek skin attaches to the mouth that prevent me from getting my denture in. What are those bumps and where do they come from? I took my dentures out due to so much rubbing in the back causing pain. Then I decided to keep them out and let the gums heal. Well now there are bumps on my upper gum line. It hurts really bad when I try to put dentures in. They just won't fit. ... Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • My husband had a cyst in his sinus removed and they told him he had gum and bone deterioration. An upper denture could not be made because of no natural suction. Is this correct? Is there any way he can have a custom denture? He is 66 years old. ... Visitor from Jamaica     (answer)

  • I went to a dentist about a week ago. Before I went I explained to them my teeth were breaking off and in a lot of pain. Not only do they want to remove all of my upper teeth and give me partials on the bottom but they said to get the work done I must wait about 6 weeks.. and then I can't get my dentures for three months. I do have an infection in my teeth but I cannot believe they want me to wait that long to get the ones that are hurting me removed. Do you really think that I should wait 3 months before I can get dentures? I do not want to wait that long. I am thinking about going to another dentist. Please tell me I am not being unreasonable. ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • I had upper dentures made at the end of last year and the teeth are huge! They make me look like a buck tooth horse not to mention I can't eat or even drink if I have them in. The dentist I used is no longer around (naturally). Can the length of the teeth be made shorter without my having to incur the expense of a new denture? I am disabled so my income is also an issue since I live on disability. ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • My dentures looked etched. I can't get them smooth. Can they be polished to remove the plaque like uneven surface? ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Flexible Dentures: Is it possible to have FLEXIBLE DENTURES made if you have had all of your natural teeth removed? How are they attached, and are they expensive? ... Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Mouth is too small for dentures: I had a full mouth extraction about two months and have been waiting patiently to get my dentures. I went a few days ago for one of my fittings and the dentist put the dentures in only to find out that I looked absolutely ridiculous because my mouth is "too small". He said I have a large ridge and very thin top lip so no matter how they adjust the denture I may not be able to wear them. I am only 25 years old and can not walk around with out teeth. My insurance will only cover dentures so I am not really sure what my other options are, please help! ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Quality of Dentures: My mom, who is 79, has been wearing dentures for about 30 years. She recently (past 4 months) had to get a new set, her second. She has had 3 teeth fall out of the dentures. Why would this happen? Poor quality? ... Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Just had upper teeth removed - awaiting dentures: I can not remember for sure, but I believe my dentist is making impressions as well. Anyways, I am 26 and have genetically bad teeth. The dentist office I go to is completely insensitive and didn't inform me they were actually removing all my upper teeth. I have been without upper teeth now for 3 weeks! When I go back they said they will remove the lowers. I can't go on this way without ANY teeth for another few weeks after that. My question is are they going to give me some sort of at least upper false teeth when they remove my bottom teeth in 3 weeks? And if I demand or politely ask for sumthing of that nature on that day ahead of time will I get it? I work in customer service and need teeth. ... Visitor from KS     (answer)

  • I have had full dentures on top and partial on bottom for 3 years. Hard as I try I cannot get used to them. Wish I never got it done but had gum disease and my dentist said I did not have any other options. My question is do they have implants that have no palate so there is not so much plastic in your mouth? I want so much to have a normal as possible feeling in my mouth and people to understand me when I talk. ... Visitor from LA    (answer)

  • Teeth hitting each other: I'm 55 and have had dentures for over 30 years. I had a new set (upper and lowers) made about two months ago. The bottom teeth rub against the back side of the top teeth. I've gone back for adjustments three times and they said there is nothing wrong with them and to get used to it. I was thinking about grinding the inside of the lowers (the part that touches the gum)so they would not be so tight at the inside of the lower jaw. The bottom plate would move back and the teeth would not rub the top teeth. Any thoughts? I will not return to this company but will pursue other actions against them for their poor service ... Visitor from GA    (answer)

  • Solution for no bone for Dentures: My Mom is a denture wearer. At age 84 the bottom bone is gone. Her mouth is so sore she cannot chew anything. She also has osteoporosis. Is there a lower denture solution that will work for her? People that make dentures surely have found something that will work so she can eat. ... Visitor from TX    (answer)

  • Dentures - Sore Gums: I've worn dentures since 2006 and had a new set made about 9 months ago that have always hurt and fit wrong to me. But the dentist says it's my mouth. I have not lost weight. How could this be? They have always hurt and it is just getting worse. The dentist will only say I have tender gums or maybe I have a medication issue. I have been on the same meds for over 3 years. It's like he doesn't hear a word I say. ... Visitor from TX    (answer)

  • If you have a mold taken of your teeth and dentures are made, does the dentist keep the mold until after the dentures are fitted in case another the fit isn't good and another one needs to be made?     (answer)

  • Snap In Dentures without Roof Plate: I am looking for snap in dentures that don't have the plastic that covers the roof of my mouth. Does this exist? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I like the idea of not having to use dental cream for my lower denture. How easy does the denture come out for cleaning if I go with the "snap in method"? This or any other suggestions would be appreciated. ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Do I need to have my natural teeth in for getting a correct fit on first time dentures? ....Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Making impressions for partial dentures: I just had both upper and lower impressions made in preparation for partial dentures. After the appropriate wait time the dentist COULD NOT REMOVE the impression. The lower had to be cut in 3 places to remove and upper took a nighmarish 20 minutes of pulling (leaving my mouth bruised and swollen) and both of us exhausted. His explanation was space between my existing teeth caused too much suction but since I have normal space I do not accept this. What could have caused this? Should I dump this dentist and move on? ... Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Too small of a mouth? I got 4 front teeth extracted and went to get a partial and they told me my mouth is too small for dentures! Is this possible? What can I do? I don't want to go without teeth for the rest of my life! ...Visitor from DE     (answer)

  • Strong Denture Adhesive?: I have used many different denture adhesives such as Fixodent gel, powder, and Cushion Grip, and those cushion pads. Unfortunately, because I have an oral fixation, I generally move them around from time to time with my tongue loosening them after 2-3 hours sometimes less. Once they are loose, I mess with them almost constantly, which irritates my gums. If I keep adhesive on tight my gums do not get irritated at all, but I must do it aggravatingly often. The dentures have been fixed and fit perfectly. I am low income and have no medical insurance, so getting something like implants isn't an option. Is there a denture adhesive that holds much better? I wish they could be glued permanently. ... Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Denture affects upper lip: I had to have all my teeth pulled back in March. I am adjusting but I want to know why when I talk my upper lip doesn't move correctly and the bottom denture looks like it comes out too far. I have no over bite anymore and everyone knows these are FAKE teeth. I go next month to a specialist dentist that will make me a new set and will be perfect but will this help me and my upper lip movements? It is like I have no top teeth - they never show unless I force my upper lip to move. It is like my upper lip is numb?? ... Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Upper denture teeth don't show: Why is it that only my natural lower teeth show when I talk or smile? Also I am unable to chew any food, soft or hard that requires any chewing. It feels like the the teeth in the upper denture are hitting sideways when I chew. ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Bone shaved after teeth pulled: The dentist required he shave my bones when he pulled my teeth. There is a ledge that protrudes toward my cheeks on both sides of the lower. Is this the normal gum/bone status of people with full dentures? The ledge hurts like heck to force the lowers over, but keeps them down... not very tightly, but they've never risen above the ledge. Is this the common bottom after bone shaving or should the ledges have been shaved too? I would have preferred to not get bone shaved but he wouldn't pull without agreement of shaving. ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Dentures cause too much saliva: I have had dentures for a year now and I am still producing a lot of saliva. What can I do to stop this it gets so bad that my teeth move. Since I have both top and bottom dentures my mouth looks like it has dropped. I look sad all the time. Now I am having trouble with my jaws popping and hurting which I did not before. What could be causing this problem? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I would like to know at what point a dentist should advise a patient that it is time to consider dentures? I am 37 yrs old. My cavities are getting cavities. Every time I go to the dentist he finds another. I am wondering if it is worth it to keep my back teeth, upper and lower, or if it would not be better to have them pulled and get partials. ...Claire in IN     (answer)

  • In December 1999 I had 15 teeth pulled and had immeadiate upper and lower temporary dentures installed. The dentist indicated that I needed temporary's because so many teeth were pulled that the gums needed time to heal before the permanent dentures were made/installed. Almost one year later November 2000 (after Gums healed) a new permanent set of Upper/Lowers were made and installed. Then in February 2002 (15 Months) the new set of upper dentures cracked down the middle while I was eating Italian Bread. They were repaired and they cracked again two months later in April 2000. I have never dropped these dentures. My dentist says the denture cracked because I lost weight or my gums changed shape. I thought the reason I got temporaries was to stop this problem from happening. Now my dentist wants to reline the upper denture and he claims this will solve the problem. My dentist claims he is not at fault and I must bear the cost of the repairs. Does this sound reasonable? ... William in NY     (answer)

  • I would like to know the procedure for tooth removal and dentures. I am 51 years old and have very bad teeth and am tired of the pain. ...Becky in ID     (answer)

  • I am looking to replace my dentures however I have a severe gag reflex when they try to make the impressions. Has there been anything developed which makes it easier to take the impressions? ...D.G. in IL     (answer)

  • I have been diagnosed with peridontal disease and it seems every year a tooth gets infected and I have to have it pulled. Would it be better to get the remaining teeth pulled and get dentures? Would I be able to wear dentures since peridontal disease is a deterioration of the bone? ...Linda in PA     (answer)

  • A few days ago I had 6 teeth removed (upper) and a received a new denture. My regular dentist is not licensed to give anesthesia, so I went to another dentist to be put to sleep. I went immediately to my regular dentist for an adjustment. The next day, I experienced more discomfort and visited my regular dentist. As we were trying to remove the denture, I experienced pain. He left the denture in and recommended that I remove it later and rinse with salt water. Now, the denture is out and I cannot get it back in. My regular dentist will not be in the office for several days. What what should I do? ...Carol in MD     (answer)

  • I guess you could say I am at my wits end. All my life I've had problems with my teeth.I've been going to a dentist twice a month since I was a young child. Anytime i would eat anything harder than jello they would break off. The dentist would fix them and a year later they would break off. I brushed and brushed and it didn't seem to matter. I am now 29 and recieved immediate dentures 1 week ago. The bottom is a overdenture. The top is just a full plate denture. The thing is I have been miserable since. They had told me months ago that I have an extremely small mouth. Its almost like I have too much teeth (dentures) for the size of my mouth now. I can't even close my lips together if you know what I mean. The dentures don't even stay in. The top one falls down and the bottom ones pop out anytime I move my mouth. So I have to use Fixodent just to keep them in and they are only one week old. Its also frustrating because no one understands me when I speak.Before I got dentures you couldn't even see my bottom teeth when I talked. Now you can see all of my bottom teeth from the gum line up.. when I talk. The dentist told me I am being paranoid, but all my friends and family say the appearance of my face has changed. Like I am long in the mouth. I look in the mirror and I don't know who I am looking at. The dentist also told me once the swelling goes down you won't be able to see so much teeth on the bottom. The thing is..what swelling? My bottom teeth is an overdenture and those were done 3 months ago. Its not like I had any teeth pulled recently for them to be swelled up. I knew this would be hard but I never imagined it would be this hard in my wildest dreams. Do you have any advice that would help me?     (answer)

  • Do you have to store dentures in water? If you don't will they dry out and break?     (answer)

  • I need an upper denture made but the problem is I have some broken pieces of teeth still in my gums which have been there for years and now one tooth. I do not want to go through surgery to get those pieces out. I want a denture made just to make me look like I have teeth up top because I work at a college and have to communicate with lots of students and staff. I have a fear of dentists you would not believe. Can something like this be made for me?     (answer)

  • I am considering dentures, I have a number of problems due to a chrushed jaw when I was a child. I loose tooth after tooth. First root canal, then pull them. Most have never had a cavity. Now, I am 45 and have had cavities and in the last 9 months I have lost 3 teeth and about to loose my fourth. And have one starting to hurt now. I am so depressed about this. My dentist says that I have good bone and should not get dentures. I am so tired of the pain. I have lost a lot of weight, that I didn't have to lose anyway. I have nine teeth left on top and nine left on the bottom. I have a flipper on the top. It doesn't even allow me to eat. And this is what my dentist made for me. I want to get dentures and I want the Genevea kind, they are like swiss dentures. I wanted to know if there are any swiss denture people in Calfornia, (central)? And what do you think about someone in my shape? ...Mary in CA     (answer)

  • I have Dental Phobis and Tourettes Syndrome and Panic Disorder. I just got an upper denture because with all those disorders. I have trouble sitting still for any dental work and panic etc so consequently I have had many teeth pulled due to caries. I just got the upper denture and the plastic on the roof of the mouth is really horrible! I have no problem with the teeth part but the plastic over the roof of the mouth is a horrible denture design and gags me and makes me feel full of panic that I can't swallow or need to spit the thing out! Do they make snap on denture teeth that only cover the ridge of the gums rather than this horrible plastic all over the roof of the mouth? Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I have had a fixed 8-tooth upper front bridge due to a car accident in 1975. It took 4 years to get to that point, trying in vain to save the front teeth. The bone loss has continued over the years and I now have only 7 natural upper teeth remaining, 4 of which are holding the bridge. The bridge no longer meets the gum line, either. My oral hygene is excellent and I have professional cleanings every 4 months. Still, bone loss and pockets around the teeth continue to plague me. The Perio and the Dentist want to do a gingivectomy and disagree on how to then replace the teeth, but both agree it would be quite a construction. I have only a 50% chance of any of this working at all, though the odds may go up a little if I heal very well after the gum surgery. This sounds expensive, painful and chancey...I have no insurance. Would an upper denture be a better, simpler solution? I am 52 and look 15 years younger. Will this age me? My Dr.s are appalled that I would do this. Please help...I am so confused. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Is there a way to whiten false teeth? ...Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • I have been wearing dentures 36 years. I am on my second set, and these need replacing. My problem is I have a sore or cut place in the soft tissue between my lower lip and gum and I don't know what kind doctor to see for the problem. I know that I need to see someone who fits dentures, but how about treatment of the sore and cut places? Should I see a peridontist, dentist, or my regular physician. I am diabetic and taking plavix. ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I'd just like to know what a denture reline is. What is involved, how long will I be without my denture and is a relaign as good as a new denture? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • What is the best thing I can put on my lower denture to keep it in. I have tried just about everything that is sold at the store. I can chew 5 times and the denture is loose again. Don't dentists have something stronger to use? ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • My father is 87 and has Alzheimer's. He lost his lower dentures and I fear it could happen with his uppers. Can new upper dentures be made from a mold of his current uppers's? He cannot sit thru a visit and I am afraid he may lose the only dentures he has left so I want to be prepared for that possibility? ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • I have recently had 2 teeth pulled and I feel alot better but my boyfriend teases me and calls me gate mouth because my teeth are all messed up. I plan to get dentures sometime this month but I need to know if they can pull all of my teeth out at the same time and do dentures in the same day because I refuse to walk around bare mouthed? ...Visitor from Mississippi     (answer)

  • I had all teeth extracted 2 weeks ago and had immediate dentures placed at that time.. I have been unable to wear the bottom plate due to the fact that the front bottom teeth seem to line up with the top teeth.. (not really an overbite). With the teeth this way I am unable to talk correctly etc. and it also appears the the bottom plate is too large for my mouth. With it in. it looks as though I have pouches in my mouth on each side. I don't believe the top denture is correct. It seems as though there is too much of an arch (where front teeth are located) and is crowding my gums. The oral surgeon that did the extractions (not the same person who made the denture) also mentioned that he had trouble getting the top plate in. He didn't think it was correct. I visited the denturist that made the denture and he said he couldn't do anything until 6 months has passed, then he would do a relign.. but I asked him to do one sooner..and I didnt mind paying for it. I don't mind the dentures being floppy. I can use adhesive but I at least need them to fit. What would you recommend? Visitor from Maine     (answer)

  • I just had dentures put in about 9 months ago. They were immediate dentures I don't think they have ever fit proper. When I smile both sides of my dentures want to push downwards I have to use Polygrip and then you can still hear and feel them trying to push down. There is no suction whatsoever without the Polygrip. They would not even stay in my mouth. When I smile they feel tight on my upper lip, not a natural smile. There seems to be an about 1/8 of inch between my gums and where my dentures are sticking out in front. ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I just got dentures. The front part of the top plate is terrible. The teeth are not centered, and where the front six teeth are the plastic is built up real thick, my smile looks very unnatural, the bite is off and can these be reworked or do I have to get another plate made? I would like to know if this present plate can be cut down to fit better? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • I am 47 years old and unfortunatly I have had dentures since I was 24. I am experiencing what I believe to be TMJ. Ringing in my ears, head and neck pain, headaches. Sometimes it becomes so unbearable. My gums have worn down and I need new dentures. Is there a surgery to replace the cartlidge in my gums, surgery to relieve the pressure and ringing in my ears, and get new dentures to fit properly? ... Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • My dentist recently recommended a partial to me in lieu of dentures. Years ago I had one made, but I never wore it, because it was very uncomfortable. A friend told me that he heard from his dentist, there is a soft partial now on the market. It isn't all metal, so it isn't so rigid. Can you tell me anything about these partials? ... Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • I purchased top dentures. I had them relined and I am unable to wear them because the reline is far too thick. Is there any way a dentist can grind off or drill off the thickness and then I could have them relined again? Maybe there is a dental lab that could do it then I would take them to a dentist and have them relined. The dentist that relined them moved away. I spent over a thousand dollars and have never been able to wear them instead I wear old ones that are in bad shape. ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Swelling in the glands when wearing dentures: I have been wearing dentures for two years(off and on). During the two years my throat and glands started swelling where I couldn't hardly swallow. The doctor said to wait 2 weeks, then put them back in. I did ...and within 15 minutes my glands swell back up. What causes this? What can I do to be able to wear my teeth? ... Visitor from Mississippi     (answer)

  • I live in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I went to the dentist for a normal check up. I had asked about dentures so they said to take impressions to make them. When the dentist was about to take out the moulds / impressions she said she needs to use oxygen to blow in to my mouth so that the impressions would come out easier. So she took the hose and as she passed the oxygen over my gums etc I got a pain as if something had shot from my mouth to my ears. Immediately the region from my ears to jaw became swollen. She called other dentists who work there to inspect but they could not diagnose the problem. Can you tell me what might have caused this. ... Visitor from Trinidad     (answer)

  • I am 43 and have no choice but to get dentures. My crwons are failing and teeth mostly fillings. I can't afford implants, though they would be ideal. Are there different dentures available? How do you stop the gagging? I'm terrified! Even with implants I would be without teeth while the dentures would be made for them. Can implants hold partials? ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • I am a very positive woman and have accepted the consequences involved with wearing dentures. However, after five months of which I have needed to use fixodent adhesive to keep my bottoms in place, there is STILL so much gum discomfort and soreness. I remove them at night, rinse my gums with warm, salt water, clean and keep the dentures looking good. But there never seems to be "comfort" in wearing them, because the gums always feel sore and sometimes even painful. Please let me know if there is something I can do to "harden" my gums; perhaps "cure" them so that I may enjoy wearing my dentures. ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I have an upper full plate. For the past few months I've been having problems with my tounge and all inside my mouth. Everytime I try to eat or drink any kind of carbinated drinks it burns badly. My tongue looks all cracked and it really hurts. Today my lips are burning. Can you tell me what's wrong or what to do? ... Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • Dry mouth due to dentures: Is it possible to develop dry mouth from new dentures? I have checked out medical possibilities for this condition and there are none. The dry mouth is very severe and I must constantly suck on sugar-free candies to relieve the condition. My previous dentures did not evoke this condition. ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Dentures and TMJ: I was diagnosed with TMJ about a year ago but have not been able to do anything about it because my insurance won't cover it. But this summer I will be going in to have all my teeth pulled and get dentures. Will getting dentures possibly help my TMJ? Can the dentist design them so that my teeth will hit correctly and cause the popping in my jaw to go away? ... Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Can you wear Dentures when you have an overbite? ... Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • I have worn an upper denture for about 9 years. I needed a new one. Had a new one made about 8 months ago and can not wear them at all. They feel too long or something. Anyway I am going to another dentist to get another upper denture, but I am having a problem with my gums from trying to wear the ones that did not fit. My gums keep moving from side to side and they are swollen. I use salt water. Is there anything I can do to get my gums back in shape before I go for new dentures? I am afraid I will get a bad fit. ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I have worn dentures for 45 years. I am 82 years old. I recently had new dentures made but am experiencing problems in getting them to fit. My old dentures fit very well. The old upper denture protruding slightly over the lower. The new dentures are even. I have pain with the new dentures. I tried the new upper denture with the old lower denture and the upper protruded over the lower. I did not have any pain with this combination. My dentist says there is no problem with the bite of the new dentures. Is there any way dentures can be made with a slight overbite? ... Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • When I got my dentures they suggested I get the "natural" look... not totally white. The problem is that over the years as they became more comfortable and more like part of me. They became very yellowish even though I use name brand denture tabs every night to clean them....
    1. Is there a way to eliminate the yellowish look?
    2. Can a toothpaste whitener be used?
    3. Can I add some clorox bleach when I clean them?
    4. Can I put those whitener strips on them?
    My dentures are really comfortable and need no adheasive... they just look really nasty and unclean. ... Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • I'm a veteran and get my dental work done for free. However I recently let one of their dentists grind on my upper plate right in the middle on the very top of the denture in front. She ground out an area about 1/8th an inch wide and about 3/16th of an inch down. It made the denture almost impossible to use without pain. The denture really wasn't bad at all till this was done. Can the area she ground away be put back, Kinda a patch job? ... Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • Non erupted molars: I am considering getting dentures as my teeth are very bad and have been for a long time. My question is if you have molars that never broke the gum line must these molars also be taken out with the rest of my teeth? ... Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Top Denture: When I first got my top denture about 7 years ago, it looked very natural but when I smile now, it looks phony and the teeth don't come down far enough from my lip to look good. I've never had them relined. Would relining them make my smile more natural looking? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Teeth extraction: I currently have a full upper dental plate. I've had a lower partial with six front teeth remaining. However I have had bad luck with the partial and no longer use it. I would like to have my remaining six teeth removed and be fitted for new upper and lower dentures. One problem - I'm on blood thinner, 8 mg per day of coumidun. Is it possible to have this done while on blood thinner? ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • I am 50 years old and have worn an upper denture for over 30 years. I have gone thru periods of a great deal of denture pain and going to a series of dentists to get the correct fit. I suspect some of the problems were due to material sensitivity. The last 10 years were relatively pain free until last spring when I went for a sore spot. When the dentist adjusted my denture it was like rocking the boat. I ended up going back many times for adjustments over two months. I finally said we need to do a reline. The Dentist way overbuilt the denture on the sides when he did the reline. I have beern going back for adjustments for six weeks on the average twice a week. I finally went to a new dentist to start a new denture. I suspect some of my problems with the reline are due to sensitivity to the material as my mouth feels dry and tends to feel numb and burning and is hypersensitive to any rough spots on the denture. I have multiple chemical sensitivity. Another problem I have had with dentures is my tongue has not been able to tolerate the shape of the palate area. I asked my dentist if he could duplicate the shape of the palate in my old dentures and he said no. Can this be done? Also, my old denture has porcelain teeth. I seem to have been hypersensitive to some of the plastics used in the teeth in the past. My dentist says he would never use porcelain teeth. I visited an oral surgeon today who said that no matter what a dentist does I won't be able to wear a new denture because I am so sensitive. I refuse to accept this. I have TMJ and a whiplash injury. Also, I have a reflex twitch in my upper jaw muscles. The oral surgeon says he would not recommend implants. He says I am in pretty good shape as far as the amount of ridge left. Any advice is appreciated as this problem is greatly affecting my life. ... Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • The right side of my face has been swollen off and on for 8 months. I've have seen my doctors several times, they referred me to an allergist thinking I was alleric to seafood but I was not, only dust mites and cock roaches. I do have sinus problems and felt I had an infection, but the doctors do not think so. They have requested xrays of my sinus, but have not received the results yet. Now I have been referred to a dermatolist and otolaryngoloy. I am writing you because I have had an upper denture for many years and only a few lower front teeth. Could the denture be causing the swelling on the right side of my face? ... Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • I had to get top dentures about 2 years ago. They didn't have any suction whatsoever, even with dental adhesives they would still fall down/out etc. I had gone back to this dentist several times for adjustments(?) but they still never fit but with all the adjustments he'd made, my upper teeth didn't even show. They've always hurt and given me sores and alot of misery. Finally this dentist said he'd do them over. Still they didn't show and I tried to give the dentist my picture to show him the problem and he said he didn't need to see it. He sent the denture back to the lab and instructed them to lengthen the front 6 teeth, this was done 3 times. The dentist told me that because of the size increase, I would now have quite an overbite. The dentist then informed me he was done and I didn't need to come back in again. I couldn't believe he just left it at that. This overbite I now have is horrible. This dentist took all the impressions etc. himself, that is why it's hard to understand how he could just leave me with such a mess, come on a big overbite to lengthen teeth? Is that normal procedure? What I don't understand is why couldn't he make the impression or whatever else he did, to make a "copy" of "MY" teeth. The denture still would not get any suction and it still constantly made me gag. You cannot imagine what daily life had become. Most of the time I don't wear the denture due to it not staying in, the pain and blisters it causes, and in turn the inability to eat "regular" food. Could you please advise me. I do not wish to "suffer" like this any longer, not to mention I very rarely leave the house because of this mess. Thank you, hope you can help. ... Visitor from NV     (answer)

  • I had 32 teeth (quite painlessly) extracted five months ago, and immediate dentures put in. I certainly recognize that it will be a process to achieve proper fit and function, but since the first day that I had them, my bite is such that the front top and bottom teeth contact each other. I have had four conditioning liners, (which bulge out over the top up to 1/3 of an inch, distorting my face significantly) and the alignment issue remains. My denturist insists that it is my fault, but the only way that they properly align is when I am lying down in her office, completely relaxing my jaw. Every time I suggest a problem with aligning them based on that procedure, I am informed of how much experience she has at doing this, which I respect. My problem is that I am unable to speak without the front teeth clicking together, (also causing a pronounced speech impediment) and am only able to chew with the front teeth, as the back teeth do not contact. This situation leads to the top and bottom dentures popping out when I eat, thus I must always eat alone. I am told that I have to relax my jaw to rectify this - yet still use my jaw. Am I in the right hands for this treatment and can a hard / permanent reline possibly rectify this alignment issue? ... Visitor from Saskatoon     (answer)

  • My first dentures were made with teeth much smaller than my own were. They also have them lopsided so to speak due to my bone structure. Is there something that can be done to get new ones that look great as well? ... Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • Lower dentures - Placement of teeth on denture What is most important? The bite or the placement of the teeth over the gum impression of the denture? ... Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • I have worn upper dentures for 45 years and over the years had alot of bone loss. About 8 years ago I had a filler put in my upper bone along with implants. It helped but I have lost vertical opening and more bone. I have all of my lower teeth except wisdom teeth. I wondered if there is anything new to fill out that bone and give me a more natural look. My cheeks look sunken in and my chin juts out. I also have in the last year noticed that the whole mouth area seems to have changed. ... Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • Lower Dentures over 4 implants: To date I have seen 2 Dentists and I have had a total of 6 dentures made and then ended up having the bar and appliances remade with new dentures now making for #7. I do expect some food to gather under the denture as it is not a perfect fit but not as much as I am getting now after the last go round. Can you make a denture to fit over these implants and somehow make them so that you do not get a quantity of food underneath these dentures and ending up taking them out to clean in public just you can contine to smile and be happy while you eat ? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Denture Gag: I have had a top plate for two years and have started gagging. I have actually gagged so much that I throw up. I am afraid to go in public because anytime I smell anything unpleasant I get sick. I also have to take my teeth out about every two hours and replace the adhesive. I have eight bottom natural teeth that are going to be removed soon and when I got my partial they said my mouth was to small so it never stayed in. I am very concerned with them floating, talking and eating. Are there any other options besides a bottom plate? ... Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • Porcelain versus Acrylic Denture Teeth: I recently had a temporary set of dentures made. I hope to wear them for about a year. Then I want to have a top-of-the-line dentures made. Several of my friends say porcelain is best while others recommend acrylic. Which is better in your eyes? I'm trying to get answers. Porcelain vs acrylic. And what about Swiss. I heard about this and don't know what it is. General material used in making the denture itself. Which is best? ... Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • Upper Plate problems: I have a full upper plate which doesn't really cause me too many problems. I do have a problem though breaking up food when I chew. My back teeth in the denture on both sides are fully flush with the gums part of my plate. Is that normal or were the teeth not properly placed in the gums? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Immediate Dentures - Mouth Pain: About three weeks ago I had my remaining teeth pulled and immediate dentures were made. My gums seem to be healing well but shards of tooth or bone are now cutting through the gums. I knew there might be one or two but I have pulled out at least 5 and there are several more coming through. I cannot wear the bottom dentures due to the pain from these pieces coming through. I am supposed to go for a 6 week checkup but I am wondering if I need to go in and have the doctor remove these leftover pieces sooner than that. Or is there any other option besides waiting for them to work themselves out? ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Allergic to Denture Material: I have upper dentures. They fit GREAT. However I feel I am allergic to them. I've had them for three years and the burning sensation has not gone away. I have researched BMS, and feel it is my denture that is the cause. No mouth sores just a burning sensation. My question tho is this: can a person get a full set of implants? Bottom line is when they are out no burn, when they are in it burns. I am ready to try anything such as implants but I have heard that you can't have ALL implants. What other options do I have? ... Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Avid Soda Pop Lover: I drink a lot of soda pop and starting to loose my teeth. Right now I am looking into the possibility of getting dentures but need to know if this would be the best approach for treatment. I am concerned about finances. ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Dentures at age 30? Would a dentist remove teeth for a patient who would rather have dentures? Almost every tooth is decaying and has some kind of hole in it. I am just tired of being in pain ALL the time, is this possible? I'm in my 30's. ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Painful Unusable Immediate Denture: I had an immediate denture and it hurts so bad I can not even put it in my mouth. This was 8 days ago and it hurts so bad to try to insert them that I some times cry. An immediate denture was made so I would not have to go without any teeth. Well, like I said, I can not even put them in. Do you think this will get better? Should I call the dentist or just wait and see if the pain goes away....I am so disappointed with these teeth. They are so uncomfortable. If anyone is reading this....try to keep you natural teeth. ... Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Teeth Under Dentures? My husband needs an upper denture and bridge on the bottom. Although his teeth are worn down, he has no missing teeth and no pain. In order to save costs, his dentist has suggested grinding down his upper teeth and placing dentures over them to help support the denture. It would be less costly than surgical extraction. He did not feel that root canals or crowning would be necessary. I would appreciate an opinion on leaving teeth under dentures. ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Temporary Denture required after Extraction? Is it always necessary to have a temporary denture made when top teeth are removed? I had lower ones and never had a temporary one and had no problems. I only have three of my own teeth left on top. I have crowns with six teeth that are connected. I have had root canals in all three and an APECO on one that is still acting up. I am 61 years young. I dread the thoughts of something on the roof of my mouth but I am tired of being in pain. I do not have thousands of dollars to spend but I am really sick about this. ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Waiting a Month? I am having my all of my top teeth removed in several days. How long will I have to wait before before the dentures come back? My dentist told me that my dentures will not be in until 30 days later. Is this the normal procedure ... to wait with no teeth for that long and then it is going to take the same amount of time when the bottom is removed? ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Wanting Dentures? I'm a 23 year old female wondering about an upper denture. I have very poor upper teeth. I have had a few extracted and they are moving around and loose. Old fillings are developing severe decay around them. My teeth are a bluish-grey shade. I am having dental pain and severe sensitivity. My dentist wants to do 11 crowns and root canals in my upper jaw (I only have 12 teeth up there!). The cost is approximately $30,000.00. I'm not willing to spend that much! He refuses to do an upper denture on me saying I'm too young. My insurance bites too! Help! Can I get an upper denture and save the heartache and financial stress for years to come? ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Implant Dentures: I went to a dentist to get upper and lower implant dentures made. With the second impression the dentist ripped one of my lower implants out. I only had two to begin with. He told me that I could still have great holding and proper dentures with only that one implant. I believed him. When the dentures were done the bottom had a hump on the gum. They don't fit and they are bulky. They changed the shape of my face and he got $3,900 ... and I have nothing. What can I do to get good dentures? ... Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Dentures Occlusion: Are your top and bottom teeth suppose to come together when you smile? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Are Dentures Comfortable? I am in the middle of a full mouth rehab nightmare and want all my teeth out! My dentist started by preparing my lower six teeth for veneers. They have hurt me from day one! They always felt high, hurt me to chew caused me headaches constant pain, and I can't sleep, eat or live with this. I went back to the dentist that mal-installed them and he grinded on the porcelain til they looked like crap. Then when he still couldn't fix them he grinded on my upper beautiful crowns til they had holes in them. He insists in his letter to peer review he never touched them - but I know my mouth and these crowns have been perfect for 10 years. After 10 visits to try and correct this mess, he told me to be patient and he would re-do them if necessary for free. That butcher isn't touchin me again. I went to the local dental school that told me I needed to have all my work removed and redone. Now cause my bite is off and there are holes in my upper caps I have temps on 22 teeth. I still have pain, I can't afford all this work and I want em out. Can you help me with this. Oh by the way, I have TMJ now and can hardly open my mouth. ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Gum Healing Time with New Dentures: I am having a serious problm with my gums healing on the bottom. I am a 64 year old widow who had no option but dentures. I have been stuggling with the gums healing for 4 months plus. How long should it take for someone my age with a difficult surgery to remove a plate/brace with an implant? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Adhesive Not Working: A year ago I got a full lower plate put in. My dentist said it would take some time to get used to. This I understand, but a year later and even though I use an adhesive on my lower plate they still pop up when I drink from a straw or yawn. Also I think there is too much gum on my lower plate which is not letting the adhesive make contact with my natural gum. Is this possiable and what can I do about this? ... Visitor from DE     (answer)

  • Receded Gum and Ridge: I have had dentures since I was 19 years old. I am now 48. My gums have shrunk down to the point my dentures are out of room to ride up any higher or lower without cutting into my nose or my lower area where my inner lip meets the gum. Are there any options to implant something to re-establish a ridge or something to support dentures, or am I destined to have no teeth in the very near future? ... Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • Upper Plate Gagging: I have a gag problem with my original dentures which seem heavy. I am told I can have better quality ones for more cost. They are called BPS (cast upper). I do not understand what the difference is. ... Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • My Dentures Don't Show Teeth: You can't see my teeth when I smile now. I look like I have no teeth. I just cry because I am so unhappy with the way I look. Is there any dentures that look real now? I would love to have implants but I know they are real expensive and I don't know if I have any bone to attach them to. Please if you think you can help I would be so happy and appreciative. .... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Continued infections and root canals - Denture Ready? I am considering getting a plate in either my upper or lower mouth or both (not partial - false teeth). I have had a root canal in almost every tooth in my mouth (10 teeth only on bottom). They keep abscessing out - over and over. I cannot continue to afford root canals and crowns (at least 1,300 for both of them). Where do you draw the line with this? Guessing over the last 10 years I alone have spent over 8,000 in my mouth not including what my insurance paid - which I have always had. I don't want plates but I cannot afford my teeth any more and I'm tired of the pain and infections. Now my dentist says many of these teeth may crack from all the work and chewing!! .... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Old Dentures causing Gum Tissue Loss: My Mom wears dentures and her gums seem to be disintegrating into nothing. She has to apply glue (denture adhesive) several times during the day. Pretty soon there will be nothing to glue the dentures to. Is there anything she can do about this? .... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Dentures and Bone Loss: I am 46 years old. I have had upper dentures since I was 12 and lower since I was 15. My problem is my lower gum seems to have gone away. Is there anything that can be done to help this? My lower dentures don't fit right and when I bite down it hurts my jaws and the back part of my lower mouth. .... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Denture with no roof: My neice was speaking about a dental procedure a coworker of hers' recently had done. Her denture was replaced with teeth attached with four screws and no roof to the denture. Is this proceedure familiar to you and if so how new is it, and how widely available is it? .... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Denture Breakage: I am 45 and have a full upper denture, my lower teeth are natural. I have gone through 4 dentures in about 4 years. I am cracking the base plate, and was told I have a very strong natural bite. I now have a metal plate in the palate area as well as wire mesh embedded in the area surrounding the frenum. I have been to 3 different dentists the last being a dental lab. I do sleep in them but when I received the 3rd one I tested the theory of grinding in my sleep by not sleeping in them. They lasted one week before a crack emerged. I have had the cracks repaired and a new one appears somewhere else. .... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Dentures now... Implants later?: I am having all my teeth removed in about a month. I need to know if after I have full dentures put in, would I still be able to have dental implants put in to stablize my teeth say like a year or 2 down the road? .... Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Waiting Period between extractions and permanent dentures: I am now a 50 year old woman. I had all of my upper teeth pulled a year ago. I was given a temporary denture right after the extractions. My problem is I am still wearing the temporary denture and now I have wrinkles above my upper lip. My question is: how long does it take to get permanent dentures after extractions? It has been over a year now. .... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Upper Gum Deterioration: I have had upper dentures since the age of 20. I am now 61. My gums were almost gone 15 years ago and I had surgery where they put something in the gums that hardened and became attached to the present gum. This is now almost gone and I am afraid that I will very soon not be able to chew or wear dentures. The surgeon who did the procedure told me that he could not do it again because it usually only lasted a couple of years and I was the exception. What am I going to do now and where do I go? I need someone who will take the time to honestly try to help me. .... Visitor from AR     (answer)

  • Offset Dentures: My dentures fit wrong. My top teeth do not line up with my bottom teeth. The top line up with the third and fourth from the center of the bottom ones. It makes my face and mouth look crooked. Could it be because I have an overbite? .... Visitor from AL     (answer)

  • Denture Malpractice? My bottom teeth were recently pulled because they were in pretty bad shape. I was told by the dentist that I should get a bottom denture and try to save my upper teeth because they weren't in that bad of shape. After having all of these pulled, a differet dentist told me she was wrong, that putting a bottom denture against my natural top teeth could be considered malpractice and that they scheduled me to have my upper teeth removed. Is this true and is getting them all out the best thing? .... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Denture Implants? I'm 22 years old and just had all of my top teeth removed. I cannot eat or talk, it is impossible. I know I will adjust, but I would like implants for the top. I have plenty of bone, many dentists wouldn't take my teeth out because of the amount of bone I have left. I asked my dentist, and he is trying so hard to stop me from getting implants. I don't understand, other than the cost, won't these benefit my situation? .... Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Tooth protrusion caused by dentures: I have had upper and lower dentures for about a month now. My question is why do my lips stick out so far when I have both tops and bottoms in? The lower denture really sticks out and it is ugly. Is it too thick or what? I can't talk with both of them in. .... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • New Dentures make Lips Bulge Out: I just got an upper denture two days ago. When the dentist put it in, I expressed to him that it looked like I have a mouthpiece inside my mouth because the area between my nose and my upper lip bulges out...I mean WAY OUT! The denture doesn't even touch my gums in front. He said it would look better in a week. What do I do? How long do I have to wait to have a whole new one made? I had 6 teeth pulled and got six stitches when I got the immediate denture so I know it needs to heal. But how long and should I just go to another dentist? I look completely different and am so embarrassed. I have never seen anybody look like this with dentures. .... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Dentures - Face caving in: I have top / bottom dentures since 1997. I have had my dentures realigned numerous times. In 2003-04 I got new dentures. My problem that my jawline is receding back with the top being alot worse than the bottom which in turn is making my face literally cave in right in the middle of my face. Need help! .... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Little Gum Tissue Left: I have dentures that need replacing. The original mold was broken so I ended up with not so good dentures. I need new ones but I have very little gum tissue left. Is there something than just dentures I'm going to need help for or should I have implants? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Impression for Dentures: Based on the changes of bone and jaws structures that are clearly explained in your articles, I would like to know if once all teeth were extracted, and after allowable healing time lapsed, should the dentist take a new impression? ... Visitor from NV     (answer)

  • Upper Denture Problem: My upper denture causes me to have a whistling sound when I say words like "church". Also I have difficulty eating because it seems the front part of the palate where the front teeth are is too low. Is my denture too thick or too big for my mouth? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Bottom Denture no gum: My bottom gum is nearly gone. I wear top and bottom dentures. I am 41 years old. Is there a procedure to rebuild the bottom gums? ... Visitor from South Africa     (answer)

  • When is best time to get dentures? I have type 2 diabetes. I had to have my teeth pulled (all of them). When is the best time to be fitted for dentures? Teeth pulled one month ago. The reason I had to have them pulled was they keep breaking off and also I had periodontal diasease. I would like to get the best fit! ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Can you make my dentures non-removable? I had my teeth pulled six months ago and had immediate dentures made to replacing them. I'm having a problem with the dentures. They are too loose. The dentist relined them but when I put the dentures in they make me look like I have snuff in my mouth. The dentist told me that I need to see a oral surgeon to get an alevoplasty on my upper and lower arches. So would dental implants help or is that more expensive? ...Visitor from KY     (answer)

  • Dentures and TMJ: Can someone who has had all their teeth extracted and then had dentures made but, never worn the dentures for many many years have TMJ symptoms due to stress on the joints? ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Removing Denture Palate: When you get the mini implants do you still need to have the roof of your mouth covered by the palate of the bridge? Can the acrylic part that covers your palate of your mouth be eliminated? ... Visitor from MT     (answer)

  • Gum Disease and Dentures: Where I have missing teeth on top there looks like there is no gum. Will I have trouble getting dentures? I have missing teeth on the bottom too. I have periodontal disease but never had the money to get teeth fixed, but now I do. I hope its not too late. I don't want to be toothless. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • New Dentures: Pain - Speech Problems: I had all my teeth surgically removed 2 months ago. I just had dentures made and inserted. The problem is that I have bubble looking places protruding on the outside of the lower gum. This will not allow the bottom plate to fit properly without pain, also, it causes the bottom plate to tilt outward just a little. What can be done about these problems? I am considering just not wearing the bottom plate, since it causes so much pain to insert them and I can't speak clearly at all with the lower denture in. ...Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • Fear of intimacy because of my denture: I am 32 years old, and I have a top denture. I am extremely self-conscious about having it. I am recently divorced, am lonely, and would like to start dating. The problem is that I'm terrified to date anyone, for fear of them kissing me and realizing that I have a top denture. It's so frightening to me, that I will not date anyone. Is there any way that someone can kiss me and not notice that I'm wearing the denture? What is your advice to someone in my situation? I feel so isolated and alone. It's literally keeping me from having a social life. I can't bear to have to tell someone that I have the denture. I'd rather stay alone than to have to tell my date about it. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Tight Dentures over Implants: My bottom denture was fitted over dental implants. I don't have any bone in rest of mouth. The dentures have been too tight and when I take them out, my gums throb terribly. One of the abutments digs into my bottom gum and I am in agony if I take the denture out. I don't know where to go or what to do because no dentist seems able to fix it. Is there a hopital where I could go or any solution to this problem? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Denture wax try in: My current dentures do not fit well after 5 years. I'm having a new set of dentures made. After the impression taken, I went for a wax try in visit two weeks ago. My denturist put adhesive in the upper wax denture. I did not like the size and shape so he had me come in for another wax try in. This time I told him not to use adhesive. The upper model would fall down whenever I tried to open my mouth to speak. My denturist said the wax model cannot be made to fit tightly but the final actual denture would fit properly. Does it sound right? I remember the wax models for my old dentures were perfectly fit and I was able to open my mouth, speak, bite and close my mouth freely without adhesive. ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Dentures cause headaches: I have had all my teeth pulled four weeks ago and an upper denture was put in the same day. I have been going back and forth to the dentist every week for adjustments. I am having bad headaches ever since I received the dentures. The dentist tells me I have to adjust. How long will I have the headaches? I have them everyday, all day long...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Intimacy: I have a severe dental phobia, which has resulted in very poor teeth. I have finally worked up courage to see a dentist who has recommended extractions and full dentures. I am comfortable with this. However, I have been worrying lately about intimacy. I am quite young woman (36), I enjoy a healthy intimate life with my husband and am concerned about how wearing dentures might affect this. My main areas of concern are during kissing, and during oral sex. I don't know if I am likely to experience difficulties, and can't find any answers, maybe because it's such a sensitive issue? It's also not a subject I feel comfortable talking to my dentist about. I wonder if you could give me some advice? ...Visitor from UK     (answer)

  • MY dentures: About 4 months ago I had all my teeth pulled out and dentures put in. They are way too big for my mouth and the top plate doesn't line up with my bottom plate. I can not eat anything with them in. The dentist I went to charged me $3,300 and the only thing he said to me on my last visit is "they are what they are." I don't know who to call or talk to. I want so bad to be able to wear them all the time. But I don't know who to talk to about the problem. I am so hoping that you can help me some how. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Dentures and Periodontal Disease: I have severe periodontal disease in my upper teeth with a lot of bone loss and I'm getting dentures next week. My question is, once I have my teeth pulled does that take care of the periodontal disease, or is it in my jaw bone? Is pulling the teeth enough to get rid of the disease or are additional treatments for the disease needed even though I'm getting dentures? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Periodontitis: I am 38 years old and have been suffering with peridontal problems for a while. My dentist recommended a full denture in the top and a partial in the bottom. He said I could have a partial in the top but would probably have to get a full denture in 5 years. He is worried about me getting used to the full denture and thinks that it might be better to do this in steps. I am worried about the cost and getting the fit correct as I am reading horror stories. I have been reading about implants - if I go to a full denture can I get implants down the road or would I be better trying for implants now as I know that I will have more bone loss later? ...Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • Problems: I am 24 and i just got my dentures. But I have one big problem. I am what they call a gagger. I have an open top plate, full top and bottom denture. Would implants take care of my problem or do you have any ideas. ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Lower Dentures: My lower dentures, even though being adjusted several times, now hurt when I eat at several locations. My dentist says he can't adjust any more. If I have implants for the lower dentures to attach to will I have the same problem of pain when I eat? ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Removing bottom bone: I have full upper plate, partial lower with 6 remaining teeth of my own. They are decayed and breaking and I need full lower plate. I was told many years ago I could not wear a lower denture without breaking and removing bones inside my mouth. They are fairly close together on the inner part. They said I would have nothing to fit a plate over. Is this still true today or have they come out with a type of lower plate I could wear? I could not handle the pain of chipping away all this bone. I have lost half a tooth my partial hooks on to. I also have breathing problems and have to be careful with any surgery. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Reline or Implant: My father is 76 years old. He has lost bone in the lower jaw, affecting his lower denture. It bothers him when he eats. A dentist recommends an implant but at his age and diabetic condition I believe it is not a good idea. Do you think that a reline would be a good solution so he does not suffer any more when he eats?...Visitor from NM     (answer)

  • Loose temporary from day 1: I had my 5 remaining upper front teeth pulled. The dentist put a temporary denture in same day. He noticed it was very loose and put poligrip on it and installed it. I've been reading online about them, and it shouldn't be this loose right from the get go. Do I need another denture made? ...Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Teeth Clenching: I have 15 teeth left. I have uncontrolled clenching from my wry neck disorder. I wanted dentures, but I have been informed that I have very little lower gum left and because of the severe clinching that my dentures would move a lot and that would be even worse for me. What is an alternative? ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Jaw popping: Can having your bite changed for new dentures cause the popping of your jaw to get worse? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Denture with no palate: Is there a snap on denture that does not cover the roof of my mouth with plastic? I have had dentures for years. I hate the uppers. ...Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • Buck Teeth: I got dentures when I was 25 years old and never had a problem with them. Now I am 55 had a new set made because the old set was so worn down. These dentists don't know how to make them properly. They hurt badly and keep making sores in my mouth and people say it looks like I have buck teeth. I kept going back to have them adjusted and they cannot get them adjusted right. I already paid $5000 for them, I don't want to spend any more money. What can I do? Is there any dentist out there that knows what the heck they are doing these days? Don't say get implants... I surely cannot afford them. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Pain: I got new dentures about 2 months ago. I have only been able to eat soup and very soft food that I essentially swallow. The dentures are painful and rock. I use an adhesive to try to minimize the rocking, but I am still unable to eat. I went back to the dentist and he told me for at least 4 months I can expect this pain. I am anemic now and my immune system has been compromised. I have been reading everything I can and the 4 months of pain doesn't seem reasonable. Is this normal? When I ask for an adjustment the dentist wants me to pinpoint the pain. I have so much pain it's hard to do. Is there any way the dentist can see or tell where the sore spots are? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Keep breaking: I have two pairof dentures. My daily ones keep breaking and repair is not helping. Will a relining solve the problem or do I need new dentures? I would like to use and have my spare ones for emergencies but they became very large. Can they be fitted for me again even though I haven't worn them since I got them? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Implant replacements? I have a friend that has not had her natural teeth for about a year. She has dentures. She can not eat well and is ashamed of the way she looks. Is there any way to have new teeth implants to replace the denture or is that only possible with replacing teeth right after they are extracted? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Receding gums: My mother is currently going through the process of getting dentures. All teeth have now been pulled and forms have been made. Now she is being told that there is going to be a problem getting the dentures to fit and look properly due to her gums receding (she's 77). The dentist told her that he can make the dentures but she would actually have to smile in order for her teeth to be seen. If she doesn't smile then it will look like she has no teeth. She's not in a financial position to pay for implants. Any suggestions as to what can be done? ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • No gum left: I have had dentures since I was in my 20's... I am now 75 years old and in excellent health. For some reason my bottom gum has receded quite a bit and I have a problem chewing at times. Can something be done about this problem? I doubt that I would be able to get a new set of dentures especially on the bottom. I believe it would be impossible to get a impression. Please advise. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Floppy: I just had my final fitting for my dentures yesterday. They were still in the wax. The bottom kept flopping around when the dentist asked me to count to 10. They told me the only way to keep them in place is fixadent. Is this true or does that mean they aren't going to fit right? I have talked to other people with dentures and they say say they don't use anything to hold them in... they just stay in place. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Healthy teeth ground down to gum line: I am 70 years old have healthy teeth but have ground them down almost to the gumline. The advice I received was going to cost 12,000 dollars. I want to take out all my teeth and get full dentures. With all the procedures that were suggested I still could not get any guarantee of how long they would last without chipping, etc. ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Sucking on false teeth: I have been wearing full upper dentures for nearly 2 years. I have recently developed a habit of sucking on the top denture. Could this be a symptom of dry mouth? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Metal Palate: I just had an upper denture made. It has a metal plate for the roof of the denture. It does not seem to fit. I have made several trips to the dentist. When I eat it rubs the back of my tongue and I am loosing my taste buds. It is getting to be very discouraging. My dentist said to begin with they were better than plastic because it wasn't as thick and I would be able to feel hot or cold. Is this process new? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Waiting time: I need to know how long I HAVE to wait to have new dentures made? I had 19 teeth pulled out nine days ago and had immediate denture put in. I have been back three times to the Dentist because of sore spots. They put in soft liners and made ajustments. But the teeth are still too big and the gums are massive. I still can't eat are speak right and was told that I just have to wait to have new denture made but they will not tell me how long that will be. So please if you can please tell me how long before I can have new ones made? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Don't fit: I have had dentures since I was twenty three years old. I am now twenty six. I got new dentures and they do not fit. My dentist has tried making a hard reline but nothing seems to work. The dentist said I may have to accept wearing denture cream. HELP! ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Grind down jaw bone? My 80 year old dad within the last couple of months lost yet another tooth and I think another broke off. At the time he was wearing partial dentures. Since he lost another tooth and another broke off he went back to the dentist and had what were remaining removed and requested implants or dentures. The dentist told him he couldn't do anything until he saw an oral surgeon and had his jaw ground down. My dad did not tell me specifically why a dentist would want this done first. Could you provide some reasons? And is it necessary to do this if there is nothing wrong with the jaw bone? ...Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia I am considering getting dentures. My dentist is not recommending them because of my trigeminal neuralgia. Do most people with TN have pain with dentures? It seems it would be less pain than having to go through dental work. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Gums too far gone: I'm 64 and have had my upper dentures for about a year and a half. My gums are so far gone already that my dentures now fall out when I talk. I find it almost too painful to eat. I have been losing a significant amount of weight. Given that my gums have receded so quickly, can anything be done? Can I even have any dental implants with things so bad? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I recently had several teeth removed and 2 snaps put on my lower teeth to hold in my dentures. The snaps are extreemly sharp and I must wear a sort of guard to keep from cutting my tongue to pieces. The Dentist said it was unusual and made the guard for me. I feel there is something wrong with the snaps. Should they be replaced or is this a natural occurance? I don't feel like I should have to have a guard or wear my lower teeth 24/7. My mouth wants to breath a little so to speak. Hopefully you can give me a satisfactory answer, since my Dentist says this is the only solution. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I am 24 and I have really bad teeth. I am thinking that there is not any or hardly any that can be saved. A lot of my teeth have fallen out already. I'm afraid if I have to get dentures at my age, my jaw bones will shrink down to nothing and my face will be destroyed by the time I am 40 or 50. Any advice? ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • What is the least expensive option if you have only crown stumps left and nothing to attach a bridge to without implants? Can you get some type of dentures? Do the crown stumps need to be extracted? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I need your help. I have to wear a denture that is completely off the gum. Is a High water permanent denture completely off gum that is attached to 6 implants? Is the appliance attached to the implants with screws or adhesive of some kind? Also is there a website describing this type of denture for a patient trying to make a decision whether to get this type of denture? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I lost my beautiful teeth because my sinus drained into my teeth and gums and I have to have it lanced all the time. It is very painful. Now I do not have enough gum line to hold dentures in the lower gum. The dentist said with my sinus draining into the bones it could not have the pegs. Has anyone else lost their teeth to this condition? Is there any thing else I can do? ...Visitor from KY     (answer)

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