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FAQ:  Ear Pain Symptom - Noise

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  • Tooth and Ear Pain? Three months ago I had a filling on a back bottom tooth. When the dentist did the filling, he said that he hit "something" and it would be sore, maybe sensitive. For 1 week, things were fine. Then I started having pain constantly. After a couple weeks, I went back but there were no problems. One month later, and still taking Motrin for the pain, I ended up with a swollen upper jaw and ear. Went to the dentist, he didn't find anything. Went to the doctor and had an outer ear infection. Took Cipro for 5 days and ended up with an absess in my ear. Continued the Cipro for 5 more days. Ear has cleared up but teeth and jaw are still sore. Could the deep filling have led to an infection? ... Visitor from WA    (answer)

  • Jaw - Ear Pain: I have TMJ and I wear a mouth guard at night. For 2-1/2 weeks now, it feels like my jaw is out of alignment. I'm getting sharp pain in jaw joint and pain in the ear. What next? Do I see my Dentist, a TMJ specialist or a Doctor? I have been taking aleve for inflammation, but it is not helping. ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Jaw and Ear Pain: I am 24 years old and for about 1 week my left jaw has been hurting. When I open and close my mouth and now my left ear is hurting. It feels like my mouth is trying to to stick and not want to open anymore. I am in alot of pain and would like to know what do I need to do for this. Should I see a dentist or see my doctor and what do you think it is? ...Visitor from AR     (answer)

  • Lower Left Jaw and Ear Pain, burning: I have recently started having pain in my lower left jaw. It feels like its in the bone. I also have ear pain and a stiff sore neck up into the back of my head on the left side. The ear pain and neck problems just started, but I've also experienced feeling numb or burning pains in my left shoulder. I don't have any hot/cold sensations when eating/drinking. My wisdom tooth was removed several years ago. Who can I see in Oklahoma? ...Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • Jaw / ear pain: A few months ago, I had root canals in two lower molars (one each on left and right side of my mouth) and they both resulted in increased pain. An endodontist re-treated each of them a few weeks ago. A full month later, both teeth continue to be ultra-sensitive to biting pressure, and even a toothbrush. If I sleep on my side, my entire jaw and ear will be painful the next day. Sometimes jaw and ear pain happen with no discernible triggers. I cannot chew anything harder than mashed potatoes, applesauce or occassionally over-cooked pasta. What are possible causes? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Ear ache, fluid: For the past year or so I have had chronic sinus problems on my left side - fluid in the left ear, congestion on the left side of my sinus, occasional ear ache. I also have had a sensitive tooth on the left side with near the gum line for a few years as well. At my exam 12 months ago I explained the tooth sensitivity to the dentist and he studied the x-ray and didn't see anything wrong. In the last 2 months or so, I have been experiencing a dull ache in my jaw under the general sensitive tooth area. I don't seem to have any swelling, no pain when I touch my jaw or tooth area. Would a root canal ease this pain or do you think it is TMJ that has similar symptoms. I am also concerned that since it has been so long, that I could have an even bigger problem than that. What can happen if there has been infection of something of that nature for that long in the tooth or jaw? ...Visitor from AK     (answer)

  • Ear Pain and TMJ: I have had TMJ for close to 16 years. I have been through treatment that was unsuccessful. What I am experiencing now is a concern. I have had the headaches and pain in my neck and sometimes my back for years. Now I have a recurring ear infection, or so it seems. The pain is inside the ear. It makes my ear feel full and hurt. I think it may be occurring after eating chewy foods. Is this possibly part of my TMJ? And if so, is there anything that can help it, other than just not eating chewy foods? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Ear Symptoms - Discomfort: December 2003 I got a roaring sound in my right ear, a few days later it turned into a loud ringing. I went to my family doctor who gave me nasal spray and decongestant and said if it didn't get better he would send me to an ENT. It didn't get better the ENT said it was Tinnitus and I would have to live with it-- sent me for an MRI which was normal. I went back to my family doctor and asked to try antibiotic. It worked, but as soon as it was gone my ear noise came back. In late March I had an abcess (bump) come up on my right upper side. I went to the dentist who found two infected teeth and performed two root canals. My ear noise went away. December 2004 it returned. I went to my dentist and he couldn't find anything. He put me on antibiotic and it went away. As soon as the antibiotic was gone it came back. I went to my family doctor. He put me on a bacterial antibiotic for 3 weeks and said I needed to go to an ENT. My dentist however wanted me to go to an Endodontist first. The endodontist found infection above my teeth roots but below my sinus with a digital x-ray. He performed root canal retreats on both teeth ($1400) and found drainage in one. He thought that would take care of it and put me on Clindamycin for 10 days. It didn't. I called him back he doubled the dosage for another 10 days. The noise seemed better while on the antibiotic but it never left. I have been to a different ENT. He says it is not dental related and wants me to have another MRI. Please advise. I am frustrated, and going crazy with this noise. ...Visitor from AR     (answer)

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