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FAQ:  Tooth Eruption

Pictures: Super Eruption

  • My daughter is 12 years old. About 2 months ago she lost her teeth that are next to her front ones. When will they grow back? ... Visitor from Pomona     (answer)

  • Erupted canine tooth: I've had an erupted canine tooth for years it sticks over a baby tooth that never came out. I want to finally deal with it. What are my options on how to treat? ... Visitor from Phoenix     (answer)

  • My son is 9 months old. He's got two top teeth and two bottom teeth. I noticed recently that on his upper right tooth it appears as if another tooth is growing in right behind it. I can see a white part, but it looks flat, not pointy? What can this be? Is it his side tooth growing in extremely crooked? Will it hurt as it erupts if it hits into his front tooth? Any reason to be concerned? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Front upper teeth: My child's two front teeth won't grow out. He is 6 years old. ... Visitor from Sweden     (answer)

  • Bottle Rot: My son was three years old when he had to get his top front teeth pulled out. Now he just turned 7 and they still have not regrown yet. Is that normal? How long does it take normally? ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • My 9 month old son has his first four teeth in, but recently I found a fifth -- behind the front bottom two close to where his tongue attaches to the bottom of his mouth. What should I expect when I take him in? Will the dentist want to pull it, or leave it alone? Do you have any advice?     (answer)

  • Super eruptions: I've had a super-erupted tooth since being young - which lends to a crooked smile. Can someone tell me the best method to correct the problem. And, is there a difference between cosmetic dentistry and regular dentistry? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • 11 year old son's undescended teeth: My 11 year old son has had a panoramic x-ray which appears to show 2 undescended teeth (one on top of the other) on both sides of the teeth which are adjacent to his two top front teeth. I thought that he had all the normal baby teeth, of which he has lost the front top and bottom rows but he lost them later than the average age. The dentist said he should have had the adult teeth come down by now (he hasn't seen the x-ray) and also has an overbite so he referred an orthodontist. My husband is strongly against him seeing an orthodontist, let alone have braces or anything. Does my son really need this intervention or will they come down eventually? What should I do? ... Visitor from Australia     (answer)

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