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  • Is removal of bicuspids normal? My son has a 9mm space between upper and lower teeth. At age 9 to 10 yrs he wore braces and head gear that helped reduce the flare. We moved before his "second phase" treatment started. The 2nd phase was to include full bottom braces and continued use of the head gear. Our Orthodontist hoped to reduce the overbite to around 3mm. Our current orthodontist removed his old braces for three months to allow some baby teeth to fall out. They did not recommend a retainer. His teeth are now exactly where they were before his 18 months of treatment. The current Ortho said that the only way to get anyplace near a 3% space would be to extract both upper bicuspids. Do you think removing teeth is a good idea in a pre-teen? ...Visitor from Minneapolis    (answer)

  • My 13 year old has had braces for two and a half years for an underbite. At our last visit his orthodontist mentioned his bottom jaw is starting to extend again. He wants to remove two of my son's bottom teeth (21 and 28). How will taking two teeth out affect him in adulthood when his jaw has finished growing and wisdom teeth have came in? Will this all be in vain? ...Visitor from Winchester    (answer)

  • I got two of my top premolar tooth removed as I wanted to have braces but if I want to cancel it can I have those teeth placed back to the same place? ....Visitor from Singapore     (answer)

  • Is pulling teeth better than expanders? I am about to get my teeth separated so I want to know whether to get my teeth pulled or to get an expander. I have heard that an expander hurts a lot so I am skeptical about it. Would you tell me whether expanders or teeth pulling is better? ....Visitor from Plano     (answer)

  • I'm 25 yrs old. I have had upper braces for about 2 months now. My lower braces will be fixed next month. However in my last visit to my orthodontist, he asked me to pull one upper tooth (number 5) because he said I have 40% overbiting and also to make some room. Knowing that I have all my teeth saved except for the four wisdom teeth. My question is, is it normal that I need to pull only one tooth instead of two? Doesn't the procedure need to be done symmetrically? I'm afraid that my all my upper teeth are going to shift to the right because of that. ....Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Can reconstruction with braces / implants or bridges be done after orthodontic extractions of bicuspids have been completed? ....Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Can I get implants without bone grafts? I am a 41 year old female in braces. My orthodontist had 2 upper premolars and 1 lower extracted. I was wondering if this can have any negative impact on my face? I had them done last month and my face thinned out within weeks. I don't like it and I am angry with the orthodontist. I only had a moderate overbite and crowding to start with. ....Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Orthodontist Wants a Tooth Pulled: I have braces and my top tooth number 11 never came in. Iniitially when I went to my orthodontist my main concern was the look of my top teeth. Another Dr. who used to work in the office did my consultation and recommended a dental implant which I never had done because everybody I called said they were no longer doing that procedure. So the other doctor "my main orthodontist" advised me she wanted me to have my bottom tooth number 21 extracted instead of the implant. I am very hesitant about having a tooth pulled when there is nothing wrong with it. What should I do? My orthodontic office is giving me a real hard time about not having it pulled . ....Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I am 21 years of age and will be getting braces soon. A few days ago I had my upper and lower wisdom teeth removed. The dentist says that I will also have to have my upper cuspid (left and right) teeth extracted because they are baby teeth. The teeth are very small but I wonder if the braces will close the gaps that will be there after they are removed....I mean the sizes of the gaps are significantly wide. Do they really have to be extracted? And also, I began to count my upper teeth....I will only have twelve. Should this be?? I would appreciate any input you have to give on this matter ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Too many extractions?:I had two orthodontists. My first one was actually a malpractice situation. One of my teeth at the top right hand-side was extracted and this caused my teeth to shift to the right side, making my middle line to be off centre. The second orthodontist extracted another tooth at the bottom side to ensure an aligned bite..but now I have a problem, my teeth is shifting to the other side. My question is there seems to be two options now, the first is to put implants at the gaps (but im not so comfortable with this choice). Secondly, extract the other two teeth from top and bottom at left hand side to make it symmetrical. Will this cause too much gap and can they be closed since my teeth are rather small? ... Visitor from Indonesia     (answer)

  • Teeth pulled for braces! I am a 26 year old female who had braces during middle school. My orthodontist pulled 4 teeth (2 on top, 2 on bottom) because of overcrowding. However, my smile has never been the same since and I do not like it. It is not symmetrical and not as wide as it used to be. I never had large teeth, in fact very small ones, so I have no idea why I had teeth pulled. Is there anything I can do to fix this and try to get a "normal" smile again? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Tooth extraction and braces: My daughter is an almost 13 year old girl with braces on for 1 year. 4 middle lower teeth are very crooked. One has turned 90 degrees. The Orthodontist wants to pull one middle lower tooth to make room. The jaw cannot be widened much more without adverse effects down the road for other lower teeth. How common is this and will it look odd to have 3 teeth in the bottom front? My daughter is very upset with this treatment and turn of events. We need reassurance. ... Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Extract 4 Teeth to Fix Overbite? I was just at the dentist with my daughter and she told me that I really have to consider pulling 4 teeth from my daughter because her overbite is bad. This way (she already has braces on) they could close up the space and correct the overbite better. I truly don't understand this and don't know who to turn to to find out if this doctor is looking out for the best interest of my daughter or trying to make additional money on her. Can you please give me some advice and let me know if you ever heard of this sort of treatment before. It would be two teeth from the top and two from the bottom. ...Visitor from NJ    (answer)

  • Failed Orthodontic Treatment - Overbite: I am 20 years old and I had braces for nearly 2 1/2 years. My teeth are big kinda like Julia Roberts and I thought that getting braces would fix my teeth perfectly. However, after the braces were removed I had a weird overbite. My upper nad lower teeth are angled outwards and sometime when I smile it looks "horse-like". My orthodontist suggests that I have to remove 8 teeth total to move my teeth back because the space has to be made between the incissors. Is there any other way to fix this problem? I dont want to remove so many teeth and I dont know what I should do, because I really want to fix my teeth. Please help! ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

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