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  • I didn't wear my retainers for about 3 weeks and when I put them on they fit really tight and when I bite in the front. I could feel them not fitting as well. If I keep wearing them will my teeth shift back? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Effectiveness of Invisalign: I am 45 years old. I have a severe overbite. My lower front teeth actually touch well into the gums behind my front teeth as the lower teeth have continued to erupt giving my lower jaw a kind of upward hook. I'm wearing Invisalign now to straighten my lower teeth but have not noticed much improvement in the height of my front lower teeth. In fact, when I close my back teeth, there is more of a "bite" into my soft tissue than there was before. Should I expect this problem to get worse and to be variable during the course of my Invisalign treatment or do I have a situation that I need to be more concerned about? ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Invisalign Retainers versus Permanent Retainers? I had braces for 4 years (plus 4 teeth removed) to correct an overjet. Braces came off a few months ago and I wear my Invisalign retainer at night (generally 6-10 hours depending). However, most nights the retainer doesn't fit well at first; it usually takes a good 15 minutes for the teeth to fit back into the retainers and sometimes my teeth are downright uncomfortable for a while. Is this normal? Frankly, I'd like to get permanent retainers. Is this possible for my upper teeth as well as lower? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Invisalign and bridgework: I have had bridgework and crowns done recently. I actually have lots of crowns. My teeth are spaced in the front and my dentist convinced me to do Invisalign. He said that it could be done with all the bridgework and crowns. I already have the first set of retainers and have paid for everything. I really should have researched it more before agreeing. I decided to read up on people's experience with Invisalign and I couldn't find any info related to my question. Should Invisalign be done over bridgework and crowns? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Invisalign Retainers seem to stretch: I completed Invisalign treatment last year and have worn the final retainers all night, every night (and at least three hours every day) for the entire year. A few weeks ago I started noticing a gap re-appearing in my front teeth. I ordered new retainers and when I put them on the other day they were VERY tight (almost couldn't get them on). My teeth have since been VERY sore. I'm glad I did it, though, because it tells me that my old retainer had stretched out. Should I expect to get new Invisalign retainers about once a year? Do I have an alternative? I'm frankly surprised they stretched so much. Is Invisalign aware of this? ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Will Invisalign fix failed ortho treatment? I got 5 top porcelain veneers and 1 crown (on the eye tooth) after years of not so great results from orthodontics. Though the crowned eye tooth improved in appearance significantly, it still is not as acute as my other eye tooth and it still appears crowded (pushed forward). Can I still pursue orthodontics, specifically invisalign to correct this? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • 1/2 Braces and 1/2 Invisalign? Is it possible to get Invisaline for the top set of the teeth and conventional braces for the bottom row? I ask this because I plan to get braces soon, and my top teeth are relatively straight, while my bottom row is on the crooked side. I wanted Invisaline on the top row so the braces wouldn't be as noticable, as I am a college student currently. ...Visitor from HI     (answer)

  • From almost the begining of my Invisalign treatment (about my 3rd aligner), almost every single one of my aligners has cracked. My orthodontist seemed to think this was not a major problem, but I cannot believe this to be true. I have finished my treatment and am wearing my last aligner until my retainer comes. In the beginning my ortho buzzed down my front button thinking this would fix the problem - it didn't help. My ortho also said to wear out the aligner for the full two weeks before moving on to the next even though it was cracked. Is this normal for aligners to crack throughout the entire treatment?? Overall I loved having Invisalign but I am just not sure about my doctor. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

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