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FAQ:  Jaw Alignment

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  • Jaw shifting: Since January my left Central and Lateral Maxillary Incisor were chipped. It wasn't soon after that I noticed my jaw shifting and my bite is more concentrated on the right hand side. This has affected ligaments in the left side of my neck. So my question is if I Fix my teeth now will the casting/molding of my teeth for the new implants be made to suit the new shift in my jaw or will it help fix the shift and give me strength back in the left side of my neck? .... Visitor from Levittown     (answer)

  • Both of my jaws are not properly aligned for the last couple of months. I am experiencing pain and noise from the joints. Should I make an appointent to see an ENT specialist or a dentist? .... Visitor from Bangladesh     (answer)

  • My jaw popped out of alignment and I can not get it back. I experience pain when chewing. Please advise the type of dentist to see. .... Visitor from Manahawkin     (answer)

  • My son is ten years old. Recently we visited a dentist and he found out that his upper jaw is not growing, such that his lower jaw overlaps the top, which is opposite of what should be. What stops jaw growth? Can it be rectified? What are the side effects if this is not rectified? .... Visitor from Kenya     (answer)

  • Shift: I have a shifted jaw. I don't know exactly when it happened. I don't have any pain nor any stress in jaw right now. I have visited dentists but they say in our country there is no treatment. So what is it am I gonna have this shifted thing for whole of my life? Right now my age is 18 and due to this shift my face looks little long. My front teeth do not come in contact. Even when I smile it looks really weird. Please will you guide me to the way out of this? .... Visitor from Naxal, Nepal     (answer)

  • I have a asymmetrical face and until recently have had issues eating food. I have been told I chew like a cow and wanted to know if my jaw can be fixed to add a more even look to my face .... Visitor from Ontario, Canada     (answer)

  • Uneven Growth: My twelve year old son's bottom jaw is not growing at the same rate as his upper jaw. Therefore, his chin is regressed somewhat. We have had x-rays done that also confirm this. Is this something that can be corrected with a dental appliance in both the upper and lower teeth? .... Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Wisdom teeth extracted: I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted 6 months ago. Before then, my top and bottom jaw were slightly misaligned, and I had a slight overbite. Now that my wisdom teeth are out, that position no longer feels comfortable. I haven't found where my teeth can sit together comfortably without hurting my jaw and head. The overbite makes my jaw feel like it is stretching, though without it, nothing but the 4 front teeth touch together. How can I find a natural position back? .... Visitor from Alberta Canada     (answer)

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