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FAQ:  Local Anesthetics

  • Anesthesia interferes with sleep? I recently had an apicoectomy performed and had quite a bit of local anesthesia. For the next 24 hours (at least) I was unable to fall asleep, or stay asleep, which is unlike me. Is there something in the anesthesia that is a stimulant and could cause this effect? ...Visitor from KS     (answer)

  • Reactions to local anesthetics: I am a 36 yr old healthy female who weighs 105lb and is 5'2. I have had alot of dental work in my life and have never been able to tolerate epi in the novocaine injections due to rapid heart rate, sob, and dizziness. I always tell them not to give epi to me. Recently I had 2 crowns done and as soon as he gave me the non-epi injection. I experienced the same reactions. I also had severe bruising to that cheek for over 2 weeks. I informed the dentist but he seemed to think it was anxiety. About 3 weeks later I went in for a filling and this time he only gave me 1/2 of the non-epi novocaine and I had the same reactions. They occur immediately after the injury. I still have exstensive dental work to be done and I am completely terrified. I know there are different types of locals that can be used but how do I know I won't react to those also? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Bad Reaction to local anesthetic (Novacaine): I recently had a bad reaction to novacaine when I went to the Dentist. I've also recently developed a bad allergy to wheat and gluten. Does novacaine contain either? I am worried about some kind of allergic syndrome developing. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Local anesthesia numbing (Novacain) not enough: Any time I have been to a dentist in the past, they had a serious problem getting me numb enough to complete the necessary work. Novacain seems to numb my cheeks but does not do enough to numb the nerve in the tooth. Additionally, during two oral surgeries, I woke up during the surgry in severe pain. Now I need several root canals done and have been looking into sedation dentistry. It seems they rely heavily on novacain, will it help me? Is there a better alternative that I should be looking for? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

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