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FAQ:  Non Invasive Periodontal Treatment

Gum Laser Therapy (LANAP)
A Favorite Pain Free Flossing Alternative

Drug Induced Overgrowth
Is Gum Disease Contagious?
Anatomy of Basic - Advanced Gum Disease
New Developments in Periodontics
Abnormal Gummy Smile Pictures
Periodontal Oral Lesion Removal
Scaling and Root Planing FAQ

Photo Gallery: Gum Infections
Periodontitis Surgery
Periodontal Disease Treatment Alternatives
Gum Tissue Harvesting (graft surgery)
Gum Grafting Procedure (recession treatment)
All New Teeth - One Appointment

  • PerioGuard causes loss of taste? I am male, 80 years old, in very good health. I was using PerioGard oral rinse and developed a total loss of taste. Colgate denies this is a side effect of PerioGard. I have been assured by my Doctor my taste would return but may take many months. I was told she knew of no medication to speed the return of taste. Surely there must be some medication to hasten the return. My Doctor did suggest I eat yogurt and hold it on my tongue before swallowing. I stopped using PerioGard 30 days ago and I do seem to have recovered some taste but salt taste is especially lacking. HELP!!! ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

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