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FAQ:  Partial Pain

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  • Partial Pain: I have only had my partials for 2 days and they have given my gums so much pain. I am unable to put them in. I can still feel the soreness from the partial. I have not felt pain like this before. Please help. These are steelplate partials ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Bad fitting partial: I had a partial put in over a year ago on my 4 front bottom teeth. They can't seem to get one to fit right. The dentist keeps saying its because of my bite. They have done reline, made new impressions and nothing is working. I can't eat with them. They are always floating. Now the dentist tells me I need a bridge at an additional cost of $2500, beyond insurance. Is there any specialist that only does partials? I have white sores in my mouth, pressure on my remaining teeth where the partial is cutting in and I am now on antibiotics. They say there is nothing else they can do. Please helpl!! Can't they get one to fit using my natural bite? ... Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • My husband just got a partial last week. It's on top, the 3 front teeth and a molar. It's only been a week and he is in so much pain he can't stand to wear it. I can understand that but the pain is still there even if he's not wearing the partial. He has been back to the dentist twice for adjustments and to check for infection. There is no sign of infection. Is this kind of pain normal? Trying to decide whether to shell out the money to take him to a different dentist. ... Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • Bone Chips and Partial Pain: I have a bone chip from an earlier extraction. It is causing pain when I wear my new partials. My dentist wants to leave it in and ajust my partials to compensate? Are there problems with that in the future? What's best? Does it require dental surgery? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Severe pain with valplast partial: I am missing 3-4 molars and both sides, upper and lower. I had a valplast partial made. When I first put them in, the pain on my gums was excruciating. The dentist adjusted it several times before I left the office. By that point, I was thinking the pain was from taking it in and out so many times. When I arrived home about 30 minutes later, I couldn't stand it and I took them out. It hurts terribly to put them in and I now have white sores in my mouth where they were too tight. If I put them in, I feel severe pain and can only last about 30 seconds before I have to remove them. Is this normal? Can they be adjusted to fit or do I have to start all over? The wax mold felt fine. ... Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Temporary partial bridge: I recently visited my dentist to have a temporary bridge installed. While waiting for the permanent bridge to arrive, I began to experience pain not only on my upper right rear where the temp bridge was done but the bottom right also. This has been happening for a month. I retrun to the dentist with my complaints, to no avail he had no answers. I continue to suffer in pain now with headaches. Teeth has become sensitive also. ... Visitor from KY    (answer)

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