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Topic: Sedative filling restorations

  • My colleague and I disagree on removing a sedative filling before placing a permanent filling. He feels all material should be removed to avoid breakage and I was taught to leave a small amount as not to disturb the tooth. ...Dentist from IN     (answer)
Topic: Hard foods on new filling

  • I am a dentist. I am having problems with a filling recently placed. I made an amalgam cavity mod protected with cement base but it is still causing pain with hard foods only. Symptoms or sensitivity do not occur with other foods. ...Dentist from Egypt     (answer)
Topic: Possible Allergic Reaction

  • I placed 2 temporary crowns (#8,#9) on Friday morning. They were resin temporary crowns and light cured. They were covered with a thin coat of Parkell's Durafinish and recured. Patient came in Saturday morning with a swollen lip and an "outline" in the labial tissue corresponding to the position of the temporary crowns. I did inject 3/4 of a cartridge of Carbocaine 3% without any postop problems. I am thinking the swelling is coming from the temp crowns and Durafinish and not the anesthetic. I recommended Benedryl, Tylenol PM and an antibiotic just to be sure. Patient is to return in 1 day but I am not sure where to go from here. I did reduce the labials of the temps including the Durafinish. ...Dentist from OH    (answer)
Topic: Dental Lasers

  • This may be a little unsual as I am actually a dentist practising in Melbourne. My dilemma is with lasers: I've been given the option of a Biolase Waterlase or the Hoya-Combio - basically I need an honest evaluation on both and which to buy. Hope someone can help! ...Dentist from Melbourne, Australia    (answer)
Topic: Plavix use and dental procedures

  • I am a general dentist and work in a military clinic. Yesterday, a patient reported to me that he was recently placed on Plavix by his physician. Do I need to be concerned about increased bleeding time for prophies or with oral surgery? Should the patient be taken off Plavix before dental procedures? ...Dentist from VA    (answer)
Topic: Laser Whitening

  • Are they really safe? What are the main risks in laser tooth whitening and do they cause more problems than other in-office whitening systems? ...Dentist from Tallinn, Estonia, Europe     (answer)
Topic: Apecoectomy

  • My assistant just underwent an apecoectomy. I've practiced dentisty for over 20 years and thought that the apex of the tooth was removed for and during this procedure. Her's was not as the endodontist simply removed the overfill of gutta percha. Did she have a true apecoectomy and won't she still have a problem that may reoccur since the root is remaining? ...Dentist from KY     (answer)
Topic: Implant Placement

  • I am beginning to place implants; do you have or know of a solution to avoid penetrating too deep when drilling? Something like a simple guiding device which would stop the drill at a desired length, usable with any manufacturer's drill bit. ...Dentist from Paris France     (answer)
Topic: Root Canal Problem

  • I performed an a re-root canal for a molar on the left side. I applied the usual root canaling techniques to clean it several times and tried re-filling it with different grades of inert fillings. But still when the inert filling touches the root base, the patient complains of pain (he has no allergy to the inert filling as he have had other successful canals). His symptoms started with funny sensation while chewing and pain in the same tooth which radiated around. I consulted with a neurologist, and ENT doctors to ascertain neuralagia or TMJ disorders, which I now confirm that are not present. Now the pain is localised only to the base of teeth and begins when pressure is applied on the teeth. When I dress the canal with antibiotic and no filling inside, the patient reports no pain at all. I feel the tip of the root of the molar and the adjacent last molar root have the same problem. All the other roots of both the teeth are fine. ...Dentist from Mumbai India     (answer)
Topic: Prosthodontics

  • I am taking the A.D.E.X. Where does the heavy chamfer/shoulder margin extend proximally on the PVC prep? ...Dentist from MO     (answer)
Topic: Cerec Cementation

  • I am using Cerec and I always used Variolink to cementation but Vira recomends Panávia. I think Panavia is easier to use but I am not sure if it is a good cement for use in Cerec. Can you give me some information? ...Dentist from Portugal     (answer)
Topic: Plavix Medications

  • My question is regarding a patient on Plavix. Of course, there was heavy bleeding during the prophy, but is it necessary that the patient go OFF the drug for JUST a prophy procedure? Or is it more of a case by case basis, and the patient should consult with the physician that prescribed the drug? ...Registered Dental Hygenist from NY     (answer)
Topic: Fixed / Removable pros Tx Plan

  • Older patient has 21, 22, 26, 27 remaining with 30 yr old fixed bridge in place, 1 cantilever off each end. #21 decayed out from under. I consider cutting off 20-21, ext root or endo and dome, cut off #28 cantilever and make RPD. Any other suggestions? Max is full denture. Implants not an option. ...Dentist from PA     (answer)
Topic: Broken RCT File

  • My Ni-Ti file got separated in the apical third of a curved canal while cleaning. Infection was clear and there was no pain before the separation of file. I tried to retrieve the file but it was no use. Will it cause any impact on the prognosis? ...Dentist from India     (answer)
Topic: Bone Quality

  • What can you do to improve the quality of bone when you have good dimensions of bone but when you drill the bone it is loose and your fixture can't be tightend up to 15N? ...Dentist from Iran     (answer)
Topic: Implant Prosthetic Option

  • I am restoring an implant on tooth #22 in a patient I am working on and there are no teeth the posterior of this particular tooth. My patient is not willing to get any additional implants, so I am wondering if I should use a locator to secure an overdenture attachment or if I should restore #22 as a single tooth and secure a partial on that tooth? I realize this is not ideal, but my patient is growing impatient and I have to come up with the "best" solution possible given the circumstances. ...Dentist from CA     (answer)

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