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FAQ:  Receding Gums

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Gum Recession - An Anatomy
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  • Which type of dentist to see first? I have receding gums, bone loss due to missing teeth, and may need root canals in same area. What do I take care of first? Who do I see? ... Visitor from Texas     (answer)

  • I've had receding gums for a long time due to bruxism. The recession has always been under control as I have an excellent oral hygiene and have no bone loss. My general dentist now suggests to perform a very unusual procedure consisting of covering the roots of the teeth that are visible (9) by sticking (gluing) a small piece of a synthetic material on each one. It seems to me that this could only make matters worse and cause even more damage. What is your opinion? ... Visitor from France     (answer)

  • If my gums are receding due to harsh brushing, and I have been advised to have grafting, what will happen to me if I don't have it done? They have receded slowly as I have been gentler to them. ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I am searching for a solution for my gum recession problem. At this point I need to have a gum graft procedure, I have lost a sustantial amount of gum tissue in 2 of my front, lower teeth. It looks like the gum tissue needs to be replaced or grafted in the front and back of these two teeth. Is this type of surgery available? ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I have receding gums on my bottom front teeth. My dentist says it's due to brushing too hard so I have been brushing better for a few months (I floss everyday and use mouthwash). I also have been eating healthier. My gums continue to recede. The gaps in between my teeth are getting bigger and bigger. I've been to 3 dentists / periodontists and they all say that there's slight recession but my gums are fine. They've even complimented me on my dental habits. But the gaps in between my teeth are getting bigger and my gums are now sore. What's wrong with them and what can I do to stop the recession that I haven't already tried? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Tooth Bonding: I have gum recession and spaces between my lower teeth. I want to have bonding done, but 3 different dentists have said no!!! Why can I not have this done? They do bonding between spaced teeth all the time. I am frustrated. ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Nicotine Gum: I used nicotine gum for over 9 months to stop smoking. Chewing 10 or more a day caused me to have loose teeth and receding gums. I am preparing to see a dentist. How bad this could be? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Receding Gums: I have been trying to find a dentist. It has taken months to find one. Then when I do, they seem to cancel on me. My gums are receding. I think my nerves are exposed and now when I push on my gums, some foul tasting substance comes out.. yucky. I know I need a dentist but can you tell me what is going on?... Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Mouthwash to fix receding Gums: For the past two years I have had pain when I brush my teeth. It seems that my gums are receding or moving down, exposing the roots of some of my teeth. I have gone to the dentist and he told me not to touch it but I need to brush. The dentist also told me to brush in a motion so as to move the gums and cover the roots. The exposure of the roots comes and goes but I really want to know if there is a mouth wash that can help make my gums go over and heal that exposure.... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Exposed Root Surfaces: I only use a soft toothbrush and I floss and use a proxy brush every day. Nevertheless, I have major gum erosion of my bottom teeth, which has resulted in exposed root surfaces. These areas are extremely sensitive and are also prone to decay. Is there any sort of gum surgery which could re-attach the gum to the tooth to cover up these root surfaces? If not, what is the solution? I have had a lifetime of significant decay and restoration and would dearly love to find a solution to this continuing problem. ... Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Gum Recession and Implants: I had 3 implants put in 3 years ago along with caps. The middle implant is not settling correctly after 2 treatments of bone additives. I recently had an infection. My dentist has now suggested removing the one implant and allowing the bone to heal and then possibly reinstalling it. From the onset, I loved the functionality of the implants but never liked the caps or gum line after the implants. I now can see all the stem of the implants, the gum does not cover it. This is upsetting since with a bridge, the gum meet the false tooth, with the implant there is a gap and now all I see is metal. Can you please advise what my next step should be. ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Receding Gums - Multiple Treatment Needs: My gums have receded, my teeth are yellow and I want the 4 rear molars removed because I can't really clean them and they pushing my teeth. I'm 42 and in no pain. If I have my teeth whitened, gums grafted and the molar removed, what should the order be? Is it possible to do it all at once without some risk? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Gum Recession at Implant Sites: My girlfriend had four front implants 4 years ago and she has noticed that her gums are receding back and the metal pegs are vissable. She had some gum removed from the rear and put over the front when the implants were fitted. She also smokes. What could be the possible reason for this and what treatment is needed? ... Visitor from Bournemouth Newfoundland     (answer)

  • Why are my gums receding? I am 37 and my gums seem to be receding from one of my front teeth. I used to wear braces when I was a kid. I have been cleaning my teeth twice a day and have been using mouth wash and all the good stuff. Not sure why this is happening. Is there treatment available? It's a cosmetic thing for me ... Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Can cosmetic dentristy be done on receding gums? ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • receding Gums and Diet: I've had ongoing trouble with receding gums throughout my mouth and was wondering if there is any link to diet, specifically soda or hard candy. ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Veneers for receding Gums? I have a gap between the front 2 teeth which is getting bigger due to my back teeth being pulled and gums receding. Am I eligibile to get veneers to close the gap? ... Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • Exposed roots and excessive brushing? I go to school for Dental Assisting and started a week ago. Yesterday I was learning about the cementoenamel junction. I looked at my mouth when I got home and realized the anatomic root of my mandibular incisors were exposed. I am really upset because I am 25 years old and have taken pride in practicing good oral hygiene. I have always recieved compliments on how nice my teeth are. I brush 2 -3 times a day and floss before bed. My gums have never been inflammed or sore. I have no idea why this is happening to me. Can you please give me an idea of why this happened and what's to come in the future? ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • 10 year old implants - Significant Gum Recession: I have had implants for approximately 10 years. I'm losing a lot of gum tissue from around the implants. Will the loss of gum tissue affect the implants? What will happen in the long run if I do not take any actions? ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Receding Gums: Veneers versus Crowns: I'm 26 years old and have some receding gumline over my two front teeth. I was interested in getting veneers but my dentist suggested crowns. She also mentioned that the crowns probably weren't going to cover my receded gums. I would like to know if I should pursue this or am I in for a dissappointment? ... Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Receding Gums: I am in my mid fifties and have worn upper dentures since the age of 28. I have tried to get new dentures four times since my initial set but the dentists make my teeth look like I have a serious overbite. They are not flattering nor do they enhance my appearance. I am still wearing this old, grinded down and yellow set.. but they look horrible. My gums have receded alot over the years. It looks like my mouth is sinking in. Is there anything I can do to get dentures after the gum has receded? My lower gums have receded so much that they are real skinny and I have only 2 natural teeth and 4 crowns left. What can be done for my upper and lower receding gums? ... Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Teeth Clenching and Receding Gums: After months of pain in one of my upper back teeth, a visit to a dentist found that I have receding gums, exposing multiple teeth and increasing sensitivity. Apparently, for me, this is caused by clenching my teeth at night, and it was recommended I get a night guard. Would this really help my gums to stop receding? Also, I do not have insurance and many people have told me to get a sports-type over the counter guard, rather than spend over $500 having one made. Would this be as effective? I want to make the right decision, because at 27 years old, I am too young to see my gums recede any further. ... Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • Gum loss due to toothbrush abrasion: During smoking in my college years my teeth turned yellow. I brushed my front teeth too hard with hard toothbrushes to try and remove the yellow stain. I can see the roots of a few front teeth due to gum loss. For the last several years I have used only soft toothbrushes with very little force. Is there a way for the gums to grow back? ... Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • I am young and have slight gum recession on only one tooth, but it has eroded far enough to cause sensitivity. This has only happened on one tooth and my thoughts are to begin brushing with a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I was wondering if there is anything that I should be doing? I believe that it occured from brushing to vigorously. What will happen to this tooth? Will the gum return back to it's normal position? ... Visitor from Winnipeg Canada     (answer)

  • Past Surgery Didn't Work: My dentist wanted me to have gum surgery for receding gums that I have on some of my teeth before she would put braces on me. I had the surgery about 7 years ago and then got my braces. I have had my braces off for over 2 years now and my gums still haven't filled in at all. I was wondering if I should have the surgery again or what other options there were? I had the gum grafting surgery where the graft was taken from the roof of my mouth and laid down on my gums so that they would shift down and into the areas needed. Receding gums run in my family so is there any hope for me? ... Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Seizure Management Medications: Can medication cause receding gums? I take an anti-seizure drug Topomax and now my gums are receding. Also this medicine is a nerve blocker and the nerves have died in 3 of my teeth for no reason. Can this medicine be the cause? My dentist said they have never seen this before. My teeth are always clean and they say at the dentist when I have them cleaned that there is no plaque, tartar or gingivitis. ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Smokeless Tobacco Gum Damage - Fix Receding Gums: I had a question about receding gum lines. I use to use dip (smokeless tobacco) for a couple years but have stopped a number of months ago. My gum line near the front of my mouth has receded quite a bit from using it. Will it heal normally, can dental work fix it, or is the damage permanent? ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • I am 21, and am experiencing gum recession on several teeth, on both sides of my mouth. Mostly on the top left, some of my teeth have reached the stage where the roots are showing and therefore are sensitive to hot and cold. My dentist says that my gums are just naturally receding and perhaps I am brushing too hard. It is common for gum recession to occur at such a young age??? ... Visitor from UK     (answer)

  • Receding Gums: I have been wearing dentures for more than 40 years. I'm 75 now and my bottom gum line is receding at a fast pace. Can this be rectified? ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Pain - Inflammation: I had an implant and crown placed on #8 front tooth about 8 months ago. I have suffered pain, inflammation and significant gum recession, mouth odor since. The abutment has been narrowed 2X which has helped some. My dentist recommends a bridge which I find unacceptable. Can you please comment as to what may be occuring and recommend treatment? ... Visitor from NH     (answer)

  • Teeth Shaving: My dental hygenist wants me to have two of my teeth shaved because I have 6mm pockets. She explained everything but now I'm wondering if I really need to have it done. And then they want to see me every four months, which of course my insurance won't cover. Are there other options? Can I just let it go? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • I noticed that the root of one of my front teeth seems exposed. When I talked to my mom she told me I had receding gums. I noticed that only my bottom gums are receding and sometimes bleed. Though I feel that this is because I brush my bottom teeth too hard, I'm still uneasy. What can I do to prevent my gums from further receding and is there any non-surgery treatment? Im a 19 year old college student who can't afford surgery. ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

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