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FAQ:  Crowded Teeth

  • 14 yr old daughter and overbite, crowding and spaces: My 14 year old daughter has an overbite, spacing of teeth on the top and mild crowding of the lower teeth. Her lower jaw seems slightly shorter than her top jaw. I've had her evaluated by 3 different orthodontists and received 3 different treatment plans. The first Dr. recommended pulling 1 bicuspid from each side of the top jaw and 1 from each side of lower jaw. Dr. #2 recommended pulling bottom front tooth only. Ortho #3 said NO extractions and that she had moderate TMJ and extractions would aggravate it. I'm confused as to which Orthodontist to go with. My daughter has a big smile and I'm a little concerned how extractions would affect it. We only have 3 orthos in our area to chose from. ...Visitor from OR     (answer)

  • I am 31 and have very crowded teeth. They appear to be varying lengths, and the front two are crossed. I do not want to wear braces - I'd rather have crooked teeth than wear them - and am wondering if veneers are an option for me. I'm also living in Bangalore, India, and while there are many good dentists here I am worried about finding someone scrupulous and well-trained in cosmetic dentistry. Are veneers an acceptable option for my very crowded teeth? ...Visitor from Bangalore India     (answer)

  • My 12 year old daughter's canine teeth have not erupted through the gums yet. A panoramic xray shows they are there but there is obvious crowding and very little room especially on her left side. My dentist is suggesting removal of at least one permanant first year molar to make room for these teeth. Just wanted your thought on this. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Remove teeth? My problem is about crowding. The teeth on each side of my two front teeth and my canine teeth are slightly dispositioned. I was just wondering if I will have to get any of those teeth removed. At first I didn't think so because I thought the teeth were very important to one's eating habits. But now I'm not so sure. ...Visitor from Canada     (answer)

  • Two daughters with crowded teeth: My two daughters have the same problem. Their lower teeth are too crowded for their jaw. The teeth in the front are overlapping slightly and are turned. The orthodontist said the teeth are crowded, and to make room by removing a front tooth and then straightening them out with braces. When the dentist received the request from the orthodontist, she was reluctant to remove the tooth saying she never heard of doing this (she is a relatively new dentist). My question is this: is removing a bottom front tooth and then using braces a reasonable and good solution to an overcrowding problem, or are there other better ways? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • I have crowded teeth and I am 39. I was wondering what are my options other then braces ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I began orthodontic treatment to correct crowded teeth and to widen my upper and lower jaw. Prior to this, my teeth enmeshed together perfectly and there was no problem with my bite.I first had upper and lower palate expanders for about 1 and a half years which widened my smile and created space and then braces were used to close the gaps. The problem is that now my lower jaw is too wide for the top jaw and my orthodontist says that my lower jaw has moved forward. He said that this is it's natural position and by opening up my bite it has allowed to move into this position.Now my teeth do not meet and I have a Class 3 Howe's Bite. My ortho says this is unusual in the Western population but commom amongst Japanese people but I am not Japanese. I am Turkish Italian and German ethnicity.How can my lower jaw be made smaller for the teeth to fit together again? I have had the braces for about 1 and a half years also so 3 years all together since I started treatment. ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

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