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Video: Tori - Exostosis Removal Surgery

  • Painful Tori: I have an exposed tori on the lower jaw reaching far back, near my throat. Swallowing or eating hurts and sends a pain in my My dentist said to wait and see if it heals over. Well, it's not. This all happened after I had my wisdom teeth pulled. What should I? It hurts. ... Visitor from Idaho     (answer)

  • Multiple tori: I have several mandibular tori and one on the roof of my mouth. Is it possible to also have bone growths in nasal cavities? ... Visitor from Columbus     (answer)

  • Mandibular Tori: Recently I had a tooth extracted and elected to have a bone graft in case I wanted to have an implant later. After I had the stitch removed and my teeth cleaned, I began noticing a "ridge" running from where the tooth was extracted to the very back of my jaw. It is only on the lower right side on the outside closest to my cheek. I went back to the Dentist who did the procedure and he stated it was fine, just an overgrowth of bone. My concern is it was not there before the procedure and from what I have read it's unusual for it to just be on one side. Could the bone graft be the reason I have this extra growth and should I be concerned with what is happening based on the info I have found. ... Visitor from Round Rock     (answer)

  • Elective mandibular tori removal: I went to my dentist last week to get an occlusal guard made for bruxism. I am 41 and my tori have never hurt me until last week. The left one grew a cone shaped bud that scratches my taste buds. Should I get it removed? My dentist said wait 5-10 years. It is causing me anxiety because I otherwise have great dental health and am afraid of pain/surgery/post surgery infection. I don't want someone to sugarcoat it. What is the surgery like for healthy woman age 41? My dentist said it is easier than tooth extraction. I have only had a few fillings and braces, nothing major. ... Visitor from Hillsboro     (answer)

  • Is it recommended that a patient be completely sedated when undergoing mantibular tori removal from inside lower jaw? ... Visitor from Honolulu     (answer)

  • I have had tori on the bottom of my mouth removed. It wasn't a difficult surgery. I have tori on the roof of my mouth. I, also, have bad breath. I'm wondering if the tori could be causing a lack of moisture in my mouth resulting in bad breath? ... Visitor from Carrollton     (answer)

  • I have pain in the Tori and Exostosis. I believe the bone is exposed. Is this natural and how do i get it to heal? ... Visitor from Levittown     (answer)

  • Side effects of Torus Manibularis: I have nasal congestion, red throat and tonsils, red spot on roof of mouth, boughts of coughing, nasal drainage,and a hoarse voice when I try to sing certain notes. I have had these symptoms for half a year. Could it be caused by a growing Torus Manibularis? ... Visitor from Prescott     (answer)

  • Tori growth as related to migraines: I am 67 years old. My tori is enlarged and is still growing. I have suffered with and been treated for migraines since about 15 years old. Is there any research that might suggest a relationship between the bones in the jaw and migraine? It seems a bit unusual that this bone structure is still growing at my age. I have even had maxillary nerve treatment by a dentist in up-state New York. ... Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • I have tori in the upper part of my front teeth and its changing the shape of my upper lip. I am so worried because my mouth is starting to protrude. Please help me find a medication to stop its growth. I need a specialist on this in Moreno Valley. I am taking Thyrax for my lifetime medication. ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Enlarged Jawbone: Inside my mouth, I seem to have a very large jawbone on the bottom that abnormally extends both inward and outward beyond the regular gumline. I am female and in my early 30's. I hadn't noticed this condition until my dentist pointed it out. I can't find a name for it. The dentist said the jawbone can be shaved down. Since I was a child, I have rested my tongue on the roof of my mouth, which a previous dentist tried to correct with a "rake." I am now having difficulty swallowing and wonder if this is related. Will the bone continue to grow? Is it a genetic condition, or could it signify other health problems? It is not particularly uncomfortable but it does stretch the gums thin. Help? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Can Tori be cancerous?: I evidently have a Tori on both sides of my mouth. It does not bug me, but recently when I changed dentists, they suspect that I have a potential cancer issue. They are waiting a month to watch to see if the two spots 'grow'. Can it grow this fast? Do you think this is the right way to go? They think this might just be scar tissue ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Mandibular Tori: I am 52 years of age and have had Mandibular Tori for as long as I can remember. I have just recently learned that these growths are not natural. They seem to be growing as food gets caught under them causing considerable pain and discomfort. What is the surgical procedure utilized to eliminate the Tori? ...Visitor from NV     (answer)

  • Bruxism/Mandibular Tori: I am 38 years old and have apparently been grinding my teeth for several years. The only symptoms I had were sensitive teeth. I have recently developed Mandibular Tori and have started grinding and clenching my teeth so hard that it wakes me several times a night. My dentist gave me a night guard and my physician gave me anti-anxiety medications. My teeth, jaws, neck and shoulders are tense and sore. I am worried because my mother has TMJ and Fibromyalgia and I do not want to get TMJ. Will the Tori stop growing now that I am wearing a night guard? Who should I see next - an orthodontist or a craniofacial specialist? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

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