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  • Gaps in veneers: I had veneers put on my front teeth. I then suffered trauma to my mouth that caused my two front teeth to gap and splay out slightly. Are braces or Invisalign options to correct gaps and realign veneered teeth? ... Visitor from Chicago     (answer)

  • Porcelain veneer recommendation: I have a start of decay in bottom front tooth, which has some chipping. My dentist wants to do porcelain veneers on the bottom two teeth instead of filling. Is this a good idea? Or can I just do the filling and will that last? ... Visitor from Duluth     (answer)

  • Front veneer turned into a root canal: I was scheduled to have veneers placed on my two front teeth. One of the teeth was chipped when I was young and had a big filling. The Dr. said that he was trying to decide whether I need veneers or crowns. In the middle of the procedure, he ended up doing a root canal; a procedure that was never considered before. He told me after the fact. He said that there was a big cavity that he couldn't see on the x rays and that the root ended up coming out as he was cleaning the cavity. Is this normal? Does it seem that the root canal was unavoidable? Was I suppossed to be warned of this possibility, and is it normal to request pay for procedures that I was never informed about? ... Visitor from Pismo Beach     (answer)

  • Veneers PRIOR to having reconstructive jaw surgery: I am a 27 year old female. I am about to receive a grant here in Toronto for cosmetic dentistry. For some reason, the grant does not cover jaw related surgery. I was a mouth breather as a child and have a deformity in my lower jaw. I am able to receive veneers or anything in this spectrum of dentistry with this grant, but I am wondering if they will affect me having jaw surgery. Should I go ahead with the cosmetics or wait? ... Visitor from Toronto     (answer)

  • Repeated veneer failure: I have four veneers and 2 caps on my front teeth. One veneer has fallen off twice (front tooth). Another has cracked and half fallen off the eye tooth. Should I replace these two veneers with crowns? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Veneers on bottom teeth: I am in the process of considering veneers for 4 of my top front teeth. I am 63 yrs old and they are discolored and have fillings. My question is: Dentists do not seem to put Veneers on bottom teeth, why? I have 4 bottom teeth that are worn down and instead of capping them I would like Veneers, but I never see anything about bottom veneers, so I assume they are not done. ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Lumineers: I had 6 lumineers done about 3 years ago. Now the one Lumineer on my front tooth is turning darker. What caused this? Can it be fixed? I have since changed dentists. Do I need to go back to the original dentist that put these on? After 3 years - should the original dentist still be financially responsible for the lumineers? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Irritated Gums - Bleeding: I had 8 teeth done in the front. 5 veneers and 3 crowns. It has been a year and a half and my gums never settled down. They remain red, irritated and bleed when brushing. I never had this issue before. The doctor recommended re-treatment of the crown lengthening, assuming it was a biologic width issue. A week after that procedure was done my gums have swelled up huge to the point that it looks like gummy bears were inserted above each of the teeth. The gums are red and bleeding after 3 weeks. The doctors now want to test for allergy to the cement or porcelain. I have gotten other opinions and nobody can figure out why the reaction. It is painful and uncomfortable to close my mouth. ... Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Veneers for sloping teeth: I had a gap in between my front teeth and a crossbite 10 years ago and I chose braces over thick veneers. The orthodontist I saw had this profile picture program and suggested my profile would be improved by removing 4 teeth. This was done in one state when I was in the military and then I had to move mid treatment and had the braces for 3 years almost before they were finally removed. It now looks like my front teeth are sloping too steeply so my smile looks like "old lady" collapsed and the gap is back. One cosmetic dentist sent me to an orthodontist who said I'd need braces again for a year to push out the top teeth and then to get 4-6 veneers on top. Does this sound right or can I just do 6 veneers? ... Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Gingivectomy, Veneers, and Black gums: After a few years of braces, I decided to have my gums shaped (top 8 teeth), and veneers put on my top front 4 teeth. Shortly after the temporary veneers were placed, I developed a black tatoo like line above those four teeth. It's been 6 days since the procedure. The dentist is telling me he hasn't seen anything like this and is unsure why my gums are black. I've never had any fillings in those teeth. I'm anxious about having the permanent veneers placed. Will the thick black line go away? Could I possibly be allergic to the bonding material? What are my options? ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Veneers Popping Off: I have six porcelein veneers on my upper front teeth. I've had them for about six years. The veneers are not wrap arounds and I've not experienced any tooth decay under them. My problem is they pop off quite often. Several dentists have told me the initial dentist removed a lot of my enamel so the adhesive doesn't work as effectively. I don't grind or bump them off. Is there a more effective adhesive that bonds to dentin more effectively? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Is there a limit of how many times you can do porcelain veneers? The first ones did not crack but were too bulky. The second set had one veneer that cracked but were more natural looking. I am going to a prosthodontist as I am now afraid of doing anything. What would you do? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I had 4 front full veneers installed because I hated the gap and my teeth were small. Since the procdure, I have had significant anxiety. They promised me the color would be the EXACT same and they would feel JUST as natural as my other teeth. They didn't tell me that porcelain is inherantly a different color than tooth enamel and 100% color matching is not possible. At this point, I don't know what to do. I am really scared that I will be unhappy for the rest of my life and this procedure was the wrong idea! ...Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • Bugs Bunny: My front two teeth are extremely noticable. I was just wondering if there is anyway I can make them smaller so they won't look like bugs bunny teeth? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I currently have veneers on eight of my top teeth. I am currently having problems with tmj and my question is: Can you put braces on over veneers or would they have to remove the veneers? My teeth are terrible underneath. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I want to find out how I can whiten my veneers on a more regular basis, or be able to keep them whiter. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I had 6 porcelain veneers installed on my top 6 front teeth 2 weeks ago. While the temporary was in place, 2 of the teeth started turning blue up by the gum. When the temporaries were replaced by the porcelain veneers my smile looked awesome. But after a couple of days the front incisor started to turn blue by the gum. My dentist ground it off and I now have a yellow temporary tooth until the porcelain veneer is ready from the lab. Now, 4 days later, it appears that two of the other 6 veneers look like they are also turning blue at the gum. My dentist said he does not understand why this is happening. Can you explain this to me? I have mitral valve prolapse and have to take antibiotics when my teeth are cleaned. I am fearful that this blue bacteria may have some detrimental affects on my heath. This prolonged dental issue is causing me to question why in the world I ever decided to have this done in the first place. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I need to have a lot of dental work done. My question is: What needs to be done on teeth first in order to have porcelain veneers? I recently had two root canals done and while they are not really painful, the process was very long. I left the dentist's chair with very bad back pain, stiffness, not to mention swollen and numb. I work two jobs attend school and I have two children and cannot really take that process too many more times. I probably need the veneers on the four bottom teeth. Is it really necessary to do a root canal? The teeth do not hurt, are not chipped, they are just slightly spaced and pushed in and needs the work done so they can be reshaped. Please help! ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Hi. I made a visit to the dentist because I chipped a tooth while drinking out of a bottle. I wanted to improve the way my smile looked so I asked for porcelain veneers. The dentist said that he could fix the 2 teeth next to the front ones to make my smile more even and beautiful. Of course it was cosmetic and very expensive. On the first visit I paid $14,000 dollars in full and he prepared my teeth. On the second visit I saw my crowns (the dentist decided to put crowns instead)... one of the teeth looked uneven in shape and I complained about it. I also asked If I was going to have biting problems like the ones I had with my temporary teeth. Since I had a vacation planned and I was not going to be in the country for a whole month, we bonded the crowns to my teeth. As soon as I got to my house I noticed that I had a glue line where the crowns were bonded (my teeth now seem to be dirty all the time), the shape of the crowns are not straight at all (no symmetry or balance). I still have biting problems (dentist sanded a bottom tooth to make the upper crown fit). Now I have a round tooth and a pointy one in the bottom. Also if you look at my teeth, the crowns are significantly thicker than my natural teeth (you can see them standing out). All this to make my smile pretty! I am not satisfied at all with my cosmetic dentistry job at all. Is it permanent? What can I do?. I feel stupid because I totally trusted my dentist. I want to get this fixed and I don't think I should pay anything else. ...Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • How easy or difficult is it to remove porcelain veneers and place new ones? ...Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • I fractured one of my front teeth several years ago and I bleach my teeth from time to time. It appears as though the fractured tooth is getting whiter than my other teeth. I am curious about having my front teeth veneered. I was told that some people having their front teeth crowned as opposed to veneering. Which one do you suggest? Also, pros and cons of each. ...Visitor from AL     (answer)

  • My daughter had two veneers done next to her two front teeth. The veneers turned greyish. IS there any way she can whiten them without having them removed? It is painful and expensive to remove them. She is getting married in May and would like something done before the wedding ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I just received 6 top-front veneers and the results are not as I hoped. They look really glossy at times and don't blend much. These veneers are porcelain so there permanenet? Since around .5 of my tooth was shaved off...IS there any way to pry the veneers off, polish the teeth, and make them look like my real enamel again? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • I am satisfied with the way my front teeth look (all eight), but within the last 8 years my two front superior teeth have lost enamel only in the back of the tooth. I do not eat lemon and I do not have heartburn problems. Three years ago I had my two front teeth filed down very little to make them even because one of them chipped a little bit. That solved the problem(temporarily). Now one front tooth has chipped a little bit again (I don't remember if it's the same one or the other one that chipped some years ago). My concern is that they will keep chipping due to the loss of enamel. I went to 3 dentists and got 3 different responses. The first dentist wanted to do bonding, the second dentist wanted to leave the teeth as they are(even though you can see they are getting thinner and transparent at the bottom edge) and wanted to sell me a night guard for over $600, and the third dentist which is the dentist I trust told me that I could get veneers behind my teeth to provide support and prevent future fractures. I just wanted to mention that I believe the teeth are becoming fragile because there is an obvious loss of enamel in the back of the teeth and not because of night grinding. Do you believe veneers behind the teeth are a good alternative. There is NO information about veneers placement behind teeth. And I want to keep my natural teeth unchanged if possible. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I am a senior and my teeth were worn down with lots of old fillings and crowns. The dentist said he could redo all 28 teeth with porcelain veneers. I agreed, now I'm on my 3rd temporaries as the first 2 hurt which he said I am just very sensitive, which I am not. I have lost faith in my dentist and he has offered my money back. Then he told me how difficult it would be for me to find another dentist to take over. He does this work in a special way and no one else would want to complete it. I am concerned that I am getting decay of my teeth under these temporaries. He said it would take 6 months. I have worn these 2-1/2 months. I also wonder if the first 2 temps pressed on my front teeth relocating them back further. It hurts when I eat nuts, and I cannot chew meat enough to swallow it. He said it is because the temps are acryllic, the permanents will not be that way. He also did the jaw relocator and now my jaw doesn't crack, but my neck hurts. The current temporaries are not hurting as far as the pressing goes. I wonder if since he has had so much problem getting the temps right, what will happen if the permanents are not right? What do you think of all this? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • When I was sixteen I had three of my front teeth broken (trauma), and temporarily fixed. 6 years later I had veneers put on the four of my front top teeth. I know have abscesses in all four front teeth, but the abscess is draining. The doctor said I will be needing root canals. This is very very very expensive. Is it common to need root canals after having veneers placed? Should I have been warned? Is it crucial to my health to go get it taken care of? I think I had an abscess in one tooth for the 6 years. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I am having trouble getting used to the feel of my porcelain veneers on my top teeth. Ten teeth were prepped which I call grinding down to a toothpick. The porcelain veneers feel bulky and as if this big huge thing is attached to the end of my teeth which I will never get rid of for the rest of my life. I had some crowns also. I feel the teeth are too big, large, and humongous. I also have sensitivity to cold, hot, sweet, and acid. When I am speaking I feel a slight pain. I feel some discomfort when I chew also. I don't think my smile has necessarily changed for the better. I am wondering why I felt I hated my original teeth so much and now I am going in to counseling to understand this part of me. I was always told that I had significant bone loss and my teeth were descending. I became very self-conscious and was ashamed of my looks and smile always thinking it made me look older or that people were laughing at me behind my back. I was always told that I was not a candidate for braces. Now I am remorseful and still not happy with the new teeth. Will I ever smile again? Will there be a day when I am not aware of the sensation of this bulky thing in my mouth? Will I get used to the new look? Will I always experience pain and sensitivity for the rest of my life? It has been three weeks since the permanent ones are on. I don't understand why I am so unhappy after I have investigated this and chose this option as opposed to total removal of teeth. Perhaps you can shed light and reassurance. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Three weeks ago I decided to have porcelain veneers on my 6 front upper teeth. I bleached both the top and bottom teeth for 1 week, which made my gums sensitive. Now after the 1 week I had my old bonding (about 15 years old) removed and temporary veneers put on until my permanant ones are ready. I am experiencing severe pain in my jaw around my gum line and my teeth are very sensitive. I am taking Excedrine migraine 2 pills 3-4 times daily to subside the pain. I told my doctor about the pain and he prescribed me etodolac which did not work so I went back to the excedrine. Is this normal to experience this much pain? I will be getting my permanant porcelain veneers in a couple of days and I am very apprehensive about having it done. Also after having my temporary on I am experiencing what my dentist called micro fillament leakage. (?) I was told this was not common but does happen, something leaks between the real tooth and the temporary material causing a gray/purplish tooth. I was also told that the sensitivity in my mouth was not very common but some people do get it. I hope you can help me out. ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • After some intense searching and very much thought, I decided to go forward with a big investment and had a total of 9 veneers placed on my top teeth. Along with some porcelain fillings replaced. After a couple of days I experienced swelling on my entire face and a day after that I developed a infection on my gums.My Dentist treated me for both things and decided I had a thrush and or Lichen Planus type of infection. This was treated for 2 wks. with Diflucan and an oralpill dissolved in my mouth. With healthy gums a month later I am taking tylenol every day, 3 to 4 times a day for severe pain all over my gums. like a toothache and or sensitivtiy. The dentist now says I should test for Lupus??? I never experienced any kind of pain ever before in my life. I have always had good teeth and healthy gums. Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I am having porcelain veneers put on my front teeth. I would also like to whiten my bottom teeth. Which should I do first - whiten all of my teeth and then have my procelain veneers matched to my new white teeth, or have the veneers on first and then whiten? LeeLee in Toronto, Ontario     (answer)

  • My question is about porcelain veneers and bleaching. I am pretty new in the area and I am having an incredibly hard time finding a dentist who will offer a reasonable price on those procedures. So I guess my question is, how much is charged for those procedures and are there payment plans available? ... Allyson in Florida     (answer)

  • Is it possible to have veneers put on teeth that have the roots exposed from gum surgery? I heard that it would not stick to the root area. I am beginning to think my only option for a nice smile would be dentures. I would think that in this day in age, there must be something out there to help people like me. I have a tooth missing from a root canal gone wrong, and they said I can't have a bridge because the teeth next to it aren't strong enough to hold the bridge, and not enough bone left for an implant. Isn't there anyway to have some bone replaced or use some kind of epoxy or something. I feel so doomed to never open my mouth again. I would appreciate any information you may have. ....Mary Lou in Ohio     (answer)

  • I have some otherwise sound veneers that are quite stained by coffee, tea and plain old time. Is there a product I can buy to whiten them? Could a dentist whiten them or must I bite the bullet and get them replaced? ...Tara in Texas     (answer)

  • I have always had good strong teeth - all mine, maybe 4 cavities; however, yellow. Several yrs ago I had porcelain veneers put over my top teeth (2 front and two on each side) for a total of 6 teeth at $3,600. At that time I didn't want them too white; I wanted them to look natural. Now 7 yrs later they look yellow compared to everyone elses' pearly whites. I understand these whitening methods, including the ones in the dentist's office, do not work on veneers. Are there any other alternatives other than getting new veneers? ...Andrea     (answer)

  • Bulky buck teeth veneers: I had my 2 front teeth replaced with porcelain veneers. They stick out like buck teeth, set too forward, bulky, too wide, flare out at bottom. I went back and had the dentist grind them down some and they are still too big. If they are ground down too much on the surface, will they fall off or not last as long? I paid $1295. per tooth and hate them. The temporary teeth were much nicer and natural. He is not a perfectionist obviously. I don't want to go back to him. Will it cost a lot to have them ground down, re-shaped and polised? They are too opaque also and dull looking. I feel like I really got taken. ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I've had veneers on my six top front teeth for about 13 years, and want to replace them with new, whiter ones. I've since moved to a different state, and my current dentist says a second set of veneers may not stay on due to him having to remove more tooth structure to install them. He recommends replacing the veneers with crowns. I don't want to lose so much of my tooth structure to replace the veneers with crowns. It is true that veneers can only be properly installed on teeth just once? ... Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • I had my front teeth re-bonded about 2 years ago. Since then, they have become stained from coffee. I have a set of bleaching trays, but they only improve my natural teeth. I've been thinking about veneers. How do they react to stains and bleaching? ...Amanda    (answer)

  • Irritation, swelling and small bumps after veneers: I had six front porcelain veneers put in my upper front teeth. I have very much discomfort, irritation, swelling and seems like small bumps inside the upper lip. It is driving me crazy and I want to have them pulled out because of so much discomfort and swelling of inside of my upper lip. Could it be a allergic reaction to the cement? I don't know what to do and where to go. My dentist said it is not the veneers since they are glass and no one has allergies to glass, however it may be the cement. Please give me some advice as to what I can do. ...Visitor from CA    (answer)

  • I am a recovering bulimic. My teeth are not in bad shape, although I assume they'd be in better shape had I not developed this habit. I am interested in veneers because my teeth are small and could be whiter. If I get veneers, what if I get a cavity underneath one of them? Can i eat apples still and chew gum? ...Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • Food stuck in teeth: I recently had two porcelain veneers placed on my two front teeth, one of which I broke years ago. They look good, but food gets stuck between the two veneered teeth, as well as between the veneered teeth and the ones next to it, so food gets stuck between my four front teeth just about whenever I eat. Will this get better with time as the edges get smoother? Is there anything I can do about this? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Can you put porcelain veneers over crowns? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Veneer process without Temps: I decided to get Veneers on 10 of my upper teeth because of staining due to old bonding. I thought this would be the best route for me to take since I have had so much bonding done on my front teeth. I researched and visited a couple of Cosmetic dentists in my area and picked one I thought was the best. I really like my cosmetic dentist and feel I made a good choice when picking him but I am confused about his procedure. When completing all my research about the Veneer process I never heard of getting your prep work completed and the doctor not putting temps on your teeth. I went to get my prep work done and the doc said he does not put temps on unless he has to take off more tooth than expected. He stated that he does not remove that much tooth and therefore temps are not needed. Well anyway I took one look at my teeth after they were prepped and wanted to cry! I could not believe that any cosmetic dentist would allow a patient to go around looking like this for three weeks. He said that he thought the teeth looked better then when I came in. I disagree it looks like I have baby teeth in my mouth and also they are all different shades. I used the BriteSmile system on my lower teeth before this whole process and now my bottom teeth are white and big and my top teeth are different colors and small. Did you ever hear of this sort of process? I insisted that I receive temps because I was not walking around like this for three weeks. I am getting my temps today but I don't think that they are going to be temps that are going to mimmick my real veneers. First of all the dentist does not put them on his assisant does and she is the one that makes them too. Does this sound right? I thought I picked one of the best in my area. Its not that I don't like or trust him, I guess I am just confused on his procedures and thought I would look somewhere for some advice. Please Help!!! ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Wrong Shade of Veneers: I asked my dentist for white veneers. He disagreed ... saying that they would look fake and put only slightly lightened veneers on my teeth. The new teeth whiteners have whitened my teeth lighter than the veneers. The dentist refused to give me a white smile and now I regret paying all the money for the veneers when I had the possibility of having beautfiul white teeth. Does anything lighten the veneers in the slightest? I am so upset with the money I have spent. They are 4 years old and I can't afford to re-do the veneers. The dentist doesn't believe in white teeth and thought white teeth would look fake. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Sensitivity and Gum Pain after Veneers: I recently decided to get veneers on my front 6 upper teeth. About 10 days ago I had the first visit, where they ground down my teeth and put on the temporaries. After about 2 days, I noticed both sensitivity and general soreness in my upper teeth and gum region. I could feel the soreness occasionally in my bottom jaw also. The sensitivity has gotten much better, but the nagging soreness isn't going away. I have to take 2 ibuprofen every 10 hours or so just to bear the pain. Is this normal for the pain to last this long? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I am so very disappointed in my porcelain veneers. My disappointment is not how they look but how they are holding up. It has only been four years and I am already seeing a darkness between my front six veneers. I believe it is my natural tooth coloring starting to show through. I did have a lot of tooth reduction done by a previous dentist so they are quite dark underneath. I did bring this to my doctors attention and he suggested he could put some bonding material on there to cover them. Have you ever heard of anyone needing their veneers replaced so soon?. I definitely can't afford to have veneers done every four years and besides how many times can veneers be replaced safely? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Veneers and Root Canals: My teeth were pretty crooked and crowded so I had porcelain veneers put on 16 teeth (8 upper/8 lower). Since getting the veneers I've had 4 root canals done on 4 of the 16 teeth and still need 2 additional root canals done. Prior to the veneers I had no cavities or any other dental problems. I am very concerned that something went wrong during the prep that has caused me to need so many root canals. Could my Dentist have removed too much of my teeth resulting in the need for these root canals? What make matters worst is I've had to pay (out-of-pocket) each time I needed the root canals. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Damaged Veneers: I had veneers put on 5 of my front teeth. First, one of the veneers is slightly darker than the others. Should I have it replaced or am I risking the same thing happening again? Also they feel like sand paper where they were filed to look more natural. Can they be filed to feel smooth without damaging the veneer? I go back in a few days to decide what to do with the darker veneer. ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Ameliogenesis Imperfecta I have ameliogenesis imperfecta and last year had 10 porcelain veneers put on my top teeth. They are a beautiful shape, but the colour is gross. The doctor said that the veneers are a window to the teeth....but if the teeth underneath are yellow then why accent that with the veneers? I am going back this month to get 4 top ones which cracked replaced and my bottom 6 teeth done, but I don't want them done unless they will be white. He says they used the whiteness everything ....but can't you bleach the teeth underneath first? I can't live with this colour, in the age of white teeth! What can I do? ...Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • Veneers on a Root Canal Tooth I just had a root canal done on one of my upper front teeth. I know that normally a crown would be placed over the tooth following a root canal. However, the tooth right next to the one with the was broken many years ago and I want to get veneers put on the front teeth. Can veneers be put on the tooth which had the root canal instead of a crown? I am concerned mostly for aesthetic reasons since these are my front teeth. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Replace a Crown with a Veneer? I had this dental crown done 5 years ago. However, my teeth have grown to be more crowded over time, rendering the crown too big to fit into the space and is now causing discomfort. Is it possible to remove the crown and replace it with a veneer? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I wish I had never done veneers: I have 6 on top and 4 on bottom, and a mouthguard to wear at night, but find my bottom teeth grinding on it and sometimes hitting during the day. Should I get a mouthguard for the bottom too? I would also like to know the likelihood of gum recession and cavities. What should I be using to help prevent this? I have an electric toothbrush and use Rembrandt and Breath-RX. I was told they should last over 20 years, is that true? I'm an emotional mess because of this, and if I had all the information, would NEVER have done this. Please tell me what I can do to keep them and what the indications are that they need replacing? Will they change color, fall out? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Veneers falling off 5 times: About a year ago I had two veneers placed on my front teeth to close a space. They have come off 5 times during this year. Part of my job is public speaking. I have had to cancel 3 public speaking events this year due to this problem. I am sorry I ever had the veneers done. I am afraid to eat, smile or schedule future public speaking events. The dentist feels bad and has even redone them once. I have been going to this dentist for about 10 years and now I have lost all faith and confidence in him. What can I do? How long are veneers suppose to last and what would cause them to come off? ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Veneers cause Gum Pain: After having porcelain veneers put on my upper front smile teeth, my gums are swollen above my front tooth and the tooth next to it. I had the veneers put in 2 months ago and yet my gums are still swollen. Can the swollen gums eventually recede and create more problems? Also when I floss they bleed very easily in the swollen areas. ...Visitor from OR     (answer)

  • Veneers - Gum Recession: I have had porcelain veneers for about 5 years now. My teeth were dead and the roots removed, hence veneers put on to hide the blackness of the teeth as they died. The problem is I can now start to see the discoloration through my veneers. Also my gum line seems to have risen on the veneered teeth, which is off-putting. Can the gum line be restored at all? And will new veneers hide the discoloration beneath? ...Visitor from Sheffield England UK     (answer)

  • Veneers cause TMJ Pain?: I had veneers put on my front six teeth approximately 5 weeks ago. The procedure left my mouth sore for a few weeks and very sensitive. My dentist said that I would be fine within a few weeks time, and he prescribed me Motrin 800mg. After a few weeks, I began to experience pain in the right side of my face which lead up to UNBEARABLE pain. The muscles in my face are cramping uncontrollably from my jaw to the ear, down my neck and it's crippling. The doctor said my bite is fine, but the cramping is reoccuring and awful (I've had to miss work and school due to it.) ...Visitor from South Florida     (answer)

  • Veneers vs Bonding - Pros and Cons: My teeth are not bad looking, but all my front teeth are a little chipped, so I have been reading about veneers and bonding to try to find out if either of these procedures might be something I could have done. I am just wondering, do venners look more natural than bonding or what exactly is the difference between the two and which is better? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Horrible Veneers: I had 6 veneers put on my top teeth 2 months ago which I greatly regret. My dentist said veneers would help my teeth appear to be straight. My front tooth is still protruding and since he ground my teeth down so low he had to do a root canal. He then put an all porcelain crown on my front tooth so he could bring the tooth back to look more even. The crown is more translucent and does not match the rest of my teeth. It also is still protruding and it hurts to bite in anything hard with it. Can you tell me why that would be and what I can do about it? ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Veneers - Gum Shaping: What could be the cause of severe interproximal gum inflammation between teeth #8-9, two days after placing veneers on #7-10? E-surg gingivectomy was performed and the tissue grew back even worse within 1 day. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Veneers look like Dentures: I am 28 and got veneers for my front four teeth. I had a gap in my front teeth. Now I hate my veneers! They are too white, too wide and look like dentures! Please tell me what to do? Can I replace them with better veneers? Can I replace them with caps on my original teeth? I actually want my gap back. Please tell me this is possible to get them back, even if its with veneers or a cap. I don't care if I have to take out a loan, it would be worth it. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Temporary teeth versus Veneers: I am an entertainer. My bottom teeth are very crowded. I went to a dentist for veneers. He said that because of the crowding he would not recommend just filing them across or cutting them because then the veneers would not have enough tooth mass. I would possibly have to undergo a root canal (on a couple of the teeth) because the veneers would fall off within a couple years if I didn't. Because my teeth are super healthy I would hate to have to go through all of this. Is there something similar to a flipper that I could just snap in when I am performing and for photo shoots and when I am eating I could just take them out? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • New Veneer Pain and Discomfort: I have recently placed 4 porcelain veneers on my front teeth and they feel very uncomfortable. It has been 3 weeks now and yet I am not used to them. I feel they are thick and also there are tiny spaces between each. They feel very funny when the air pass through them. Shouldn't all the spaces be closed with veneers? And how long does it take before I get used to them? I also feel pressure on my teeth and I feel discomfort and pain at the end of the day. What's wrong? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Veneers Keep Falling Off: I recently had 10 veneers put on the front of my teeth. They aren't jackets that surround the whole tooth, but just fronts. My dentist told me that many people do it this way because it's cheaper than full veneers, and will last for 5-10 years. However, although they look nice, they keep falling off. My dentist has re-applied them several times, and now I am uncomfortable with eating anything hard. I don't have the money right now to redo them with full veneers. Is there any type of glue or bonding cement you can recommend to hold them in place? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Veneers cause food and chewing gum to get stuck: I've been considering veneers but have a few concerns. A friend of mine has 10 veneers on the top teeth. She consistently gets food stuck in the crevices between her teeth (not in the front but always on the side). The food washes away easily when she rinses but it is still a hassle and embarrassing especially when she is eating out and carrying on a conversation with others. Also, gum that she chews gets stuck in the back between the veneer and the natural molar. Is this to be expected for those that get veneers? Can it be prevented? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Square looking Veneers: I had 5 Porcelain veneers and a crown placed on my front upper teeth about 10 months ago. While I am generally pleased with the outcome of the teeth, I feel the front two teeth are a bit too square in their shape. My sister,who is a 3rd year dental student, pointed out that the bottom edges of the two teeth are quite square, giving as she said a "more masculine smile." Is it possible to have a dentist simply slightly round off the bottom edges of the two teeth with an instrument, or would that damage the veneer or my tooth?" ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Veneers Implants and Discoloring: About 7 years ago I had 2 implants put on my lateral incisors and 4 porcelein veneers put on the surrounding teeth (central incisors and cuspids) to match. For a few years they were beatiful and matched perfectly. But recently I have noticed that the veneers now appear to be darker than the two implants. I understand that the porcelein does not stain and so I tried to whiten the back of my veneered teeth (thinking that the translucence of the veneers my be allowing stained rears of the to show through, but that has had no effect. I'm hoping I don't have to get them replaced. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Temporary Veneers: I have my 4 upper teeth prepped for veneers and temps put it 3.5 weeks ago. The permament veneers are to be placed in 3 days. The problem is the temps are so big, they have damaged my lower teeth. What can be done about this and will my permanent veneers damage my lower teeth even further later? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Which Veneer Product is Best? I am thinking about having my teeth done with veneers but not sure which veneer product to choose from. I've done a bit of research on the Internet. It seems that the best systems available at the moment include Empress Esthetics and Procera. I would like to have a professional view on them, in terms of esthetics (natural appearance, translucent) and durability. Price is not a concern for me. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Veneers Turning Bluish: I had veneers put on my two front teeth about 2 months ago. About a month later one of them started turning bluish/gray at the gum line (it happens on the actual tooth and not on the gum). The dentist said he had never saw that before and removed the tooth, ordered a new one, and installed it when it came in. Well, now the other one has started turning bluish/gray so it will have to be replaced. I asked my dentist and he says he has no idea why this is happening and he has never seen this before. I was wondering if you had an answer or a theory as to why this is happening to me. I cannot keep changing teeth every month. HELP! ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Polishing Stained Porcelain Veneers: Is there any new method "out there" in dentistry being researched that can whiten or brighten porcelain veneers which have become stained over time? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • New Veneers Cause Pain: I had veneers put on 2 weeks ago. A total of 5 veneers on my top teeth. I am taking tylenol 4 times a day for pain. Like a toothache and or sensitivity. My dentist told me that this will go away in 3 months. Should I have this kind of pain? Plus my gums are starting to look red. I also have gum desease so the veneers are covering roots. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Yellow stains at edges: I have had veneers for 13 years. On several of them at the top by the gumline have become discolored and now you can see a yellow line with other colors that give the appearance I have something stuck in my teeth. Is there a fix for this other than complete removal and replacement? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Time to re-do my veneers: It has been about 12 years since I had my first set of veeners (6 upper front) put on. I have been very happy with them, and have never had any problems. When I moved I found a new dentist that I have been satisfied with, however he seems to be crown-happy. I have 4 back teeth that he has put crowns on. Althuogh I am not having any problems with my veneers, my current dentist said that I need to start thinking about replacing them because they are starting to chip away near the gum line. He suggested crowns. What is the general practice for fixing veneers that have started to break down? And if there is an intermediary fix, such as bonding in the weak areas? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Signs for upgrading veneers: I keep seeing the phrase "your veneers can last up to 15 years" but my question is, what usually happens at that 15 years? Do they normally chip? Come unbonded? I'm on my 8th year now with four front porcelain veneers and they're beginning to show small spaces and thin, black lines (bond line due to receding gums?) near the gum line, accompanied with slight, not discomfort, but a slight "twinge" from time to time. Are these signs of veneers in their twilight and in need of upgrade? Or does something more drastic happen? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Gum Repair? - Growing back gum tissue with veneers: I have veneers on most of my front teeth. I am concerned because my gum tissue has receded a little bit along my gum line. This happened because I made the mistake using drugs a few times since I have put the veneers on (I am clean and sober now). Also, I eat lots of sugar! Anyhow, my dentist gave me a liquid to use, to prevent further damage to my gum line. I was also told that if I massage my gums, I may be able to stimulate the tissue to regrow. Is this true? I don't want my gum line to recede anymore. I don't want the margin of my veneers to show! Do you have any suggestions to repair my gums? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Veneers too white - too square: I had just had veeners done 6 upper and 6 lower. They are too square and too white. My new veneers look like dentures. Can they be reshaped? And can I get them to be less white? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • 20 Year Old Veneers: My porcelain veneers are roughly 20 years old. Now that their appearance is darker and my gums have receded a bit, I would like to replace them. A total of 6 across the top. When I query dentists about arranging for this, they attempt to dissuade me: 'there may not be sufficient enamel to support a second bonding and the veneers will be quite susceptible to failure.' Is there any technology on the immediate horizon that will allow for a bonding success rate that is comparable to my first set of veneers? ...Visitor from NM     (answer)

  • Veneers too thick: I had veneers put on 6 upper teeth 4 years ago. They look okay, but could be better; they are slightly thicker, opaque, and more bulky than I would have liked, and I think this gives away that they are veneers. Is it possible to polish them down a bit and make them thinner or 2) does replacing them with thinner veneers compromise on the strength of the veneer? I don't want them to crack or chip off either, and I wonder if this is a risk if I go thinner. ...Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Veneers OK with thin tooth enamel? I am 56 years of age. My teeth are in good shape and straight with only a small front gap (diastema) which doesn't worry me particularly. However the enamel is getting very thin and I have permanent staining as stains have got into the dentin. My teeth look old because of this. I am considering veneers. I would like to know if porcelain or Empress veneers are best for me. I have dismissed composite bonding as a solution as I believe wear and staining will come back. ...Visitor from London England UK     (answer)

  • Da Vinci Veneers for Calcification Spots on Teeth? I'm an actor, currently working on film. Lately I've been thinking about getting the DaVinci veneers. My question: Is there any way to do veneers to look just like the smile I have now. My main reason for getting them would be to get rid of the few calcification stains I have from my braces; not for tooth shape or alignment. Do people often just get the front four, and for the reason I explained? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • New Veneers don't feel Real: I had veneers put on my front 6 teeth, they are DaVinci! I liked the way they looked before they were set, but that was only a few seconds. I am so upset now, I can't even explain. My teeth feel and appear too thick and long for my mouth. It has been 9 months now. I am still having speech problems and you can see the thickness in photos. It's affecting my social skills and self confidence.I wrote my Doctor, and he wants me to go to a gum specialist to check my salivary production. This was never a problem before. Worst decision of my life. Is there any hope??? Can this be fixed so that they feel natural and are the size of my natural teeth? ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Veneers causing Root Canals? I am 57 years old and recently spent $20,000 on veneers on my upper and lower teeth. A few months later I needed a root canal on #13. This was not a tooth that had a veneer. I now need another root canal on #14. Also not a veneer. Now I feel pain in my right canine which does have a veneer. I have a bad feeling I will need a root canal on this tooth now. What is causing me to need all these root canals? Do the laminates have anything to do with it? What is involved in getting a root canal on my canine laminate? I am starting to panic. Are all my teeth going to need root canals after I just spent all that money on laminates? ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Big mistake about getting Veneers: I really hope you can help me. I am severely depressed. I made a big mistake about getting Veneers done on my top teeth. They have already been prepped. Is there anything else I can do instead? I am still wearing temps. I have been in temps for several months now and I realized veneers are not for me. I have heard about bonding the teeth. Is this possible? I was prepped for wrap around Veneers. ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Too many veneers? I'm in my late 20s and recently had 6 veneers placed on my top front teeth to cover up spaces. The veneers look great and are holding up well, with no pain problems, but they doen't seem to fit my mouth. I don't like the way mouth looks when it's closed. My mouth looks too wide, my upper lip sticks out too much, and what's worse is that I have really noticeable laugh lines. I feel like I have a beak. Would it be possible to just remove the outer 2 veneers and have them reshaped (or have thin lumineers or bonding placed) just so the shape of my mouth will look normal again? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Re-doing veneers: I had 6 DaVinci veneers a year ago, still feel discomfort, not satisfied with the look. Veneers feel and look opaque in relation to my natural teeth. The canines protrude in relation to the bicuspids. Also the color was not matched right. The value appears off. I think my Cosmetic Dentist decided on B-1 based on tooth color (24 Yrs, medium skin). The veneers look too transluscent and shiney compared to natural teeth. I have problems with speech especially where the veneer and gingival meet. The veneers protrude further, causing my upper lip to catch. Can I get SUGGESTIONS for when I redo them? Color, density? I want natural looking color and shine, and avoid speach issues. I was never offered a waxup. ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Bad porcelain veneer results: Hi, my question is: Is it normal for porcelain veneers (6) top to come back from the dental lab wrong two times? The veneers coming back to my dentist do not look anything like the mold or the temporaries that the dentist made. No match at all. Twice, they had to be sent back and the second time, the dentist had to put emphasis on the length and width of each tooth. My gums were all recontoured and the veneers look nothing of what the dentist did with the mold. What do I do if they come back a third time wrong? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Veneers cause root canals, pain and loss of straight teeth? I had porcelain veneers on four teeth at the front about a year ago. Since then, my teeth never felt right. I asked the dentist about this and he told me they will be sensitive. Then I had an infection and had to have root canal done on one of the veneers. Then the same thing happened again on the other veneer which caused alot of swelling and was extremely painful. Now I have to have root canal done again and my veneer has moved. My teeth are no longer straight. Is this a common occurance when having veneers? Did the veneers cause my infections? I have never had anything wrong with my teeth before, just had gaps that I didn't like, please help. ...Visitor from Chesterfield United Kingdom UK     (answer)

  • Veneers popped off: I have Veneers on my 2 front teeth that were placed approximately 3 years ago. Recently one of them popped off. Underneath on the front surface of the tooth there is decay. I went to the dentist and she said they both have decay underneath them (based on x-ray) and she will not rebond the one that came off. She is instead saying that I NEED to get porcelain crowns. My question is 2 part, first should both veneers have decay under them after only 3 years? My last dental appointment (prior to this) was about 11 months ago and the dentist I saw didnt mention seeing any problems with the veneered teeth. Secondly, why can't the decay be removed and then the veneer replaced? ...Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • Veneer problem on front left tooth: When I was 10 a kid punched me in the face and I fell to the ground. When I fell, half of my left front tooth chipped off. I had my dentist rebond the half that chipped. Years later I got an absess on the tooth and had to have a root canal. The tooth's nerve had been dead since the incident when I was 10. I then got veneers placed on my four front teeth. Now at age 17, my 3 veneers are fine, however my front left tooth's veneer fell off yesterday. I got it rebonded the same day, but the bonding agent seems to be weakening. Anything I can do to help it last 6 weeks at this summer program I'm going to? ...Visitor from Beverly Hills     (answer)

  • Falls off 4 times in 4 months: I got 6 porcelain veneers about 4 months ago and I have gone back 3 times to have the eye teeth veneer glued back on. I just had another one fall off after biting into a cookie. I don't know what to do. Is it the glue or am I unable to bite into anything of substance or what? Also I am wondering should I just have them bonded instead and forget the veneers on the eye teeth? Please help am very upset for the 4th time this year!!! ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I recently received a veneer and a crown on my 2 front teeth. I went to the lab to get the correct color. I thought I was happy and now in fluorescent light they look yellower. I called the dentist and she refused to get on the phone to answer my question of why I did not get to see them with the pre-cement in. Her hygenist said that I had to come in so she could talk to me. I am overseas. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Aging teeth: I am a 47 year old female with healthy teeth and gums. 2 years ago I had to have a large back molar extracted due to an old silver filling that split it in half. I then went to a specialist to get an implant. He suggested I should also get veneers because my teeth had worn down due to age. He also suggested I get a procedure to create a "gull wing curve" to make my smile profile more attractive. I still haven't gone back even to get the implant because now I feel very self-conscious. Dentists used to tell me I had beautiful teeth. Does age do this to everyone's teeth? Will the veneers and reshaping technique help create a more youthful look. I want my pretty teeth back!.. ...Visitor from NYC     (answer)

  • Failed Procedures: I had 6 veneers put on my top teeth and they look fantastic! About 6 months later, my front tooth began to hurt, went to dentist and he did a root canal. It failed, so he sent me to endodontist, whom did another root canal and that failed too. Then I went back for oral surgery and he said that the tooth is cracked in the gum. He shaved down as much as he could and said that there is a chance it might not help. Well...it seemed OK for about 4 weeks and now the pain has come back. I went back and he said I need the tooth pulled. I am incredibly upset about it. I am afraid that the dental implant will affect the other teeth. I don't know what to do. Money does not grow on trees! ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Bulky Big Lumineers: One of my front teeth was broken off in a childhood accident. The bonding came off multiple times in the last 2 years so a dentist recommended Lumineers after a consult. I talked about my dislike of my large "buck" like teeth and she said it would correct that too. I had the four front teeth done. I HATE them. They are even larger, very bulky and protrude even more! She has ground them down 3 times and now they are worse in different ways. She's now recommending "chairside veneers". Is this wise? Or we can redo the Lumineers? She said she'd reduce the teeth further to compensate? Is this Safe? Will they fall off? She never did any temps or gave me any idea what they might look like? ...Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • Lumineers: My daughter has front teeth that are too long. She hates them and really wants to get Lumineers to correct the problem. However since she's only 16 I can't seem to fine a dentist anywhere who is willing to do the procedure. Since Lumineers are non-evasive, what is the problem with doing them on a teen? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Prep on sides of tooth? I recently had my teeth prepped for veneers. My concern is that they were prepped on the front and the sides. I am worried that if I need to ever have them redone that there won't be enough tooth left. I am also concerned that if one should fall off that I will look ridiculous with only a "peg" of a tooth left underneath. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Combine with crowns? I have a crown on one of my front teeth. I was thinking about getting 6 veneers on my top teeth. Is that possible even though I have a crown already? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • How many replacements? My daughter (young adult) has a dark bruised-looking front tooth. The dentist says she had some trauma to the gum, perhaps years ago, and killed some nerves which are just now showing. She thinks enough of the nerves are good that no further treatment is needed. The tooth has a bruised look. The dentist is concerned that too much tooth needs to be removed to put enough porcelain to actually cover up the darkness and does not recommend a veneer. Browsing the internet about problems with veneers is scary, and my daughter is only 22, so faces many years of veneer replacement. Is there a limit to how many times a veneer can be replaced? Will the tooth material removal weaken the tooth? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Wrong color and size: I recently had a veneer put on one front tooth. I have a cap on the other front tooth. When I received my new veneer, the color is slightly off (a little grey), slightly longer and larger. It just doesn't match. When I got my cap, I was so excited (about 10 years ago) since it matched my other teeth color perfectly! Since this veneer was just put on a week ago, can they be taken off easily and not damage the original tooth? Or am I stuck? ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • My daughter (young adult) has a dark bruised-looking front tooth. The dentist says she had some trauma to the gum, perhaps years ago, and killed some nerves which are just now showing. She thinks enough of the nerves are good that no further treatment is needed. The tooth has a bruised look. The dentist is concerned that too much tooth needs to be removed to put enough porcelain to actually cover up the darkness and does NOT recommend a veneer. Browsing the internet about problems with veneers is scary, and my daughter is only 22, and so faces many years of veneer replacement. Is there a limit to how many times a veneer can be replaced? Will the tooth material removal weaken the tooth? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Replace porcelain with composite: I currently have a porcelain veneer and I am looking more to composite resin to replace it. Is it possible to change to composite when I have had porcelain? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Red gums: I had a complete restoration of my smile about 18 months ago. Everthing was fine until earlier this year I noticed my gums were becoming red around the veneers. I returned to the dentist and he diagnosed it as thrush and put me on medication for 2 weeks. When I returned he decided it was not thrush and that he could try a laser treatment to see if it would help. There was no improvement and he has no further diagnosis to offer me. He said I am being too picky. I do have Lupus and was evaluated by my Lupus doctor. He did not feel it was related to my lupus and deferred to the dentist. I am extemely dissatisfied after having spent $30,000 for a perfect smile and am left with red swollen gums. ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Ugly spaces: I had 6 veneers placed over my top front teeth about 5 years ago. I now notice that the natural tooth is visible between the teeth. It looks as though I need to floss very badly. I was wondering if a dentist would be able to sand this down. If not, would I be able to get new veneers? ... Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Pain: I had the top front five teeth veneered. One of the front two teeth had to have a post installed first as it had a root canal. Since the cementing 18 days ago, I have had lots of senstivity with all five veneers and pain and cold sensitivity on the root canal tooth. At times it seems that all the top teeth and sometimes the bottom are sensitve. It is less about the gums than the teeth - although the gums are sensitive too. It is difficult for me to bite on anthing from a chip to a vegetable. When I floss the sensitivity seems to emanate mostly at the bottom corners of the teeth. Also my top teeth and bottom teeth seem to bump and get caught on each other at times - is this the bite? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I had the top front five teeth veneered. One of the front two teeth had to have a post installed first as it had a root canal. Since the cementing 18 days ago, I have had lots of senstivity with all five veneers and pain and cold sensitivity on the root canal tooth. At times it seems that all the top teeth and sometimes the bottom are sensitve. It is less about the gums than the teeth - although the gums are sensitive too. It is difficult for me to bite on anthing from a chip to a vegetable. When I floss the sensitivity seems to emanate mostly at the bottom corners of the teeth. Also my top teeth and bottom teeth seem to bump and get caught on each other at times - is this the bite? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I had two porcelain crowns (front teeth) and four porcelain veneers placed on my upper teeth a year ago. In the past month my left canine has popped off 3 times while eating. I don't eat anything really hard. The first time was cereal, second was chips, third was BLT. These should last me 10-15 years right? Why does it keep popping off? I don't want to have to eat soft squishy foods the rest of my life. What should I do? ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Feel funny - not very white: I just got my permanent veneers put on and I do not like them. I liked the temps, but when I visited with the lab, he told me they could get them even whiter, they did not. They are also a lot shorter, it feels as if I am biting top directly on the bottom, it doesn't look like that but it feels like a scraping affect. Can these veneers be taken off and new ones put on? I do not want to damage my permanent teeth. ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • My veneers were put on poorly and have chipped away and become stained. Can they be removed entirely without putting new ones on again? ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

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