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FAQ:  Gingivitis

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    I have severe gingivitis with loose lower front teeth. Past dental x-rays show that I have no or very little bone in my gums. I do not want dentures and my upper front teeth have shifted severely and is very noticeable.

    One of the upper front teeth have protruded so far in front of the other teeth and I try not to smile showing my teeth. Since I have no bone in the gums could I be a candidate for dental implants? What caused my teeth to shift so far? Other than dentures what can I do? Visitor from OH

    Implants are probably your best bet. Only an oral surgeon can tell you whether or not you have enough bone for the procedure. Don't delay it because your jaw bones will keep shrinking. Your dentist should be giving you all possible options, but it sounds like you have limited opportunities with what you describe, at this point.

    Editorial Staff

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