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FAQ:  Gingivitis

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    I haven't been to the dentist for about 10 some years, I believe I do have severe gingivitis. I am horriblily terrified of going but as each day passes, I start to not like my teeth at the state that they are in. With severe gingivitis, would I have to have All of my teeth taken out and use false teeth for the rest of my life?

    The whole idea of going to a dentist has kinda lingered in the back of my mind for years now. What is my best bet, taking inconsideration that I most likly have severe gingivitis? What boggles my mind is that I'm only 18. ...Visitor from CA

    Your question about gingivitis and fear about coming to the dentist is very common and not something to be embarrassed about. You should schedule an appointment to have a general exam and full mouth x-rays to evaluate you present condition. This will be a painless visit and should answer many questions you have.

    You should not jump to conclusions about loosing any teeth (especially at your young age) until you have had a complete dental exam. Many dentists now offer sedation dentistry to address your fears and concerns about pain. You may be a good candidate for this.

    Editorial Staff

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