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FAQ:  Gingivitis

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    Acute necrotizing ginigvitis and dentures: I was diagnosed with ANUG at 19, I am 36 now.

    I had a gum graft over a lower front tooth and have had more recession over the years. I was seeing a dentist on a regular basis, had deep cleanings, a few cavities filled and then was on a schedule of 4 yearly cleanings until the disease was under control.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to continue with the care for quite some time and had huge plaque build up. I recently had an appt with a dentist and had a full mouth debridement, I am also on an antibiotic and peridex.

    I saw the periodontist and he told me dentures are the way to go. I asked if bone grafting would be a possibility, he said anything other than dentures is "patchwork". Is this true? ...Visitor from Canada

    Most dentists who are deeply involved in reconstructive dentistry would recommend dental implants, which preserve bone density and quanity, along with selective bone grafts where needed (assuming all instances of disease are removed).

    The implants can be used for retaining a permanent bridge that replaces nearly ALL of the teeth.... or for using an implant retained denture that enables you to "snap in" your teeth... which is a great alternative to a bridge.

    Unsupported dentures CAUSE bone loss, as do partials.

    Get a consult with a Prosthodontist with 15+ years experience. I suspect you will be surprised at what possibilities exist for you in replacing your teeth with something that can wear like iron, look great and feel great.

    Editorial Staff

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