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FAQ:  Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery FAQ Ask The Prosthodontist Chris McFarland Question:
Tumor: I had a tumour removed from my upper jaw, right hand side, so my jaw was removed along with 5 teeth.

I am now having problems opening my mouth. I've been told to stretch, but it won't open more than the thickness of 11 tongue depressors. Please. can you help? ... Visitor from UK

There are several possible causes for your situation.

The most likely is scar tissue and unfortunately this will just take time.

If you healed poorly, you could go back and get a surgical revision of the incision to remove any excess tissue.

The other possibility would be a joint issue from being stretched open and this too has no quick fix. Just hope this issue takes care of itself considering what you went through.

Christopher McFarland, DMD
Atlanta Prosthodontist - Periodontist
2530 Lawrenceville Highway
Decatur - Duluth - Atlanta, GA
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