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FAQ:  Jaw Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery: I'm 18 years old and have a class 3 underbite. I also have a severe cross bite.

I only have 4 spots where my teeth connect and its just by hairs. I'm not a fan of braces, and my teeth are very straight, its just my jaw that's not aligned right.

If I get jaw surgery, are the braces required? Is there any way I can go without the braces? ... Visitor from OH

Orthognathic surgery ONLY corrects the jawbone disparities. The overbite and crossbite along with corresponding jaw sizing would be the goals of oral surgery.

A patient can't expect an oral surgeon to be trained and equipped to treat orthodontic issues. Alignment, realignment and minor tooth movements are addressed AFTER the jaw surgery has completed the healing process.

Avoiding the use of recommended braces could potentially negatively impact all that was gained during surgery. Considering the cost for orthognathic surgery, the decision to avoid ortho treatments doesn't seem sensible.

It is the timely combination of orthognathic surgery AND braces that can correct nearly any degree of unusual bite issues that produces the cosmetic and functional results that ALL patients want.

A great looking smile that "works" as well as it looks and feels.

Editorial Staff

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