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FAQ:  Jaw Surgery

I'm totally unhappy with my jaw surgery, NOBODY can tell I had surgery. The only thing I see is a slight difference in gummy smile.

I was told my lips would finally come together naturally at rest after the procedure but instead they hang open in same fish face look I had before. I was told my upper teeth that stick out too far from being flared/bowed out due to narrow jaw would also go back a tad but I don't see that either.

I don't see 99% of what he said would change and nobody can tell I had surgery. Who would spend so much money to have nobody see any improvement? I want know if someone can revise it. Maybe the jaw needed go back also not just up. ... Visitor from NY

Orthognathic surgery is typically followed up with traditional orthodontics. Oral surgeons don't "fix" flared teeth or alignment issues.... orthodontists do.

Get some consults with orthodontists who have treated patients who have completed jaw surgery. It is likely that you will be able to achieve the alignment and cosmetic goals you are seeking.

Editorial Staff

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