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FAQ:  Novocaine

Novacain numbing not enough: Any time I have been to a dentist in the past, they had a serious problem getting me numb enough to complete the necessary work.

Novacain seems to numb my cheeks but does not do enough to numb the nerve in the tooth. Additionally, during two oral surgeries, I woke up during the surgey in severe pain.

Now I need several root canals done and have been looking into sedation dentistry. It seems they rely heavily on novacain, will it help me?

Is there a better alternative that I should be looking for? ...Visitor from CA

There are new local anesthetics that will get you pain free nearly all of the time as long as the doctor is skilled with the location of your nerves. Sedation helps you to be more relaxed so the anesthetics are more effective.

Some patients are so jumpy due to past experiences that even though the anesthetics are working, every little movement makes the patient jump. These patients need sedation.

Some patients just need a highly skllled dentist that can get them completely anesthetized. The patient gains confidence and is comfortably still. No sedation necessary.

Editorial Staff

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