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FAQ:  Partial Pain

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Denture Partials Pain Ask The Dentist  Christopher MacFarland Question:
My husband just got a partial last week. It's on top, the 3 front teeth and a molar.

It's only been a week and he is in so much pain he can't stand to wear it. I can understand that but the pain is still there even if he's not wearing the partial.

He has been back to the dentist twice for adjustments and to check for infection. There is no sign of infection. Is this kind of pain normal?

Trying to decide whether to shell out the money to take him to a different dentist. ... Visitor from OK

Sorry to hear your husband is having some problems. There are only a couple things that can be going on.

One is the teeth, the other is the tissue the partial rests on. If his teeth still hurt after the partial is removed, the partial may be pushing on the teeth which can make them sore.

This can be adjusted usually without that much of a problem. If the partial has a metal framework, the fit of the frame should have been determined before it was finished.

If the partial is made only of plastic, then most likely the problem is the fit against the tissue. Again, this should easily be adjusted but if the design was not carefully thought out, the alteration may weaken the partial.

Stay with the origional dentist. Make sure you give the dentist specifics. Don't just say it hurts, tell him where, how long you can wear it before the pain begins, etc. Your husband will also help the dentist if he wears the partial at least 24 hours before the appointment so that sore areas are obvious.

Christopher McFarland, DMD
Atlanta Prosthodontist - Periodontist
2530 Lawrenceville Highway
Decatur - Duluth - Atlanta, GA
(770) 492-0256

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