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FAQ:  Partial Pain

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Bad fitting partial: I had a partial put in over a year ago on my 4 front bottom teeth. They can't seem to get one to fit right.

The dentist keeps saying its because of my bite. They have done reline, made new impressions and nothing is working. I can't eat with them. They are always floating. Now the dentist tells me I need a bridge at an additional cost of $2500, beyond insurance.

Is there any specialist that only does partials? I have white sores in my mouth, pressure on my remaining teeth where the partial is cutting in and I am now on antibiotics.

They say there is nothing else they can do. Please helpl!! Can't they get one to fit using my natural bite? ... Visitor from IL

It seems that whatever bite issues the dentist claims to exist weren't successfully addressed when the partial was designed.

It may also be a possibility that a partial isn't the "best choice" treatment in terms of what your current bite and bone quality issues are.

The absolute best resource for determining what would be a ideal treatment choice is a Prosthodontist. Dentures, partials, bridgework are their specialty as is their ability to assess and treat any bite dynamics that can affect treatment outcomes.

Editorial Staff

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