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Video: Tori - Exostosis Removal Surgery

Elective mandibular tori removal: I went to my dentist last week to get an occlusal guard made for bruxism. I am 41 and my tori have never hurt me until last week. The left one grew a cone shaped bud that scratches my taste buds.

Should I get it removed? My dentist said wait 5-10 years. It is causing me anxiety because I otherwise have great dental health and am afraid of pain/surgery/post surgery infection. I don't want someone to sugarcoat it.

What is the surgery like for healthy woman age 41? My dentist said it is easier than tooth extraction. I have only had a few fillings and braces, nothing major. ... Visitor from Hillsboro

Tori are "caused" by an unbalanced bite or bite disorder. The clenching causes the growth of spongy bone. The dynamics of a patient's bite characteristics are best diagnosed with a Tekscan instrument (see link below).

It sounds like your dentist doesn't know how to normalize your bite and suggests, rather, treatment for the symptoms instead of the condition.

It may be smart for you to get a consult with a Prosthodontist with at least 15 years experience. Your Tori appear to be increasing. Prosthodontists are the "masters" of the adult bite.

The best resource for removing Tori is a Periodontist or Prosthodontist. The spongy bone material can usually be removed during one appointment.

Here are some worthwhile videos to watch:

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