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Mandibular Tori: Recently I had a tooth extracted and elected to have a bone graft in case I wanted to have an implant later. After I had the stitch removed and my teeth cleaned, I began noticing a "ridge" running from where the tooth was extracted to the very back of my jaw.

It is only on the lower right side on the outside closest to my cheek. I went back to the Dentist who did the procedure and he stated it was fine, just an overgrowth of bone. My concern is it was not there before the procedure and from what I have read it's unusual for it to just be on one side.

Could the bone graft be the reason I have this extra growth and should I be concerned with what is happening based on the info I have found. ... Visitor from Round Rock

Tori are typically "caused" by an imbalanced bite. It is apparent that the extracted tooth impacted your bite substantially. The comments made by your dentist don't make much sense.

Get a consult with a Prosthodontist with at least 15 years of experience. Prosthodontists are the masters of the adult bite. If what you have is indeed a classic Tori condition, it can easily be treated and eliminated with the "right" expert care.

Editorial Staff

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