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FAQ:  Tori

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Painful Tori: I have an exposed tori on the lower jaw reaching far back, near my throat.

Swallowing or eating hurts and sends a pain in my My dentist said to wait and see if it heals over.

Well, it's not. This all happened after I had my wisdom teeth pulled. What should I? It hurts. ... Visitor from Idaho

It is unfortunate these things are happening and your dentist "appears" to not understand why it is happening.

More often than not.... the comment by a dentist of "let's wait and see" essentially means he/she doesn't fully understand why things are happening at the moment.

The presence of Tori is due to other events that cause your jaws to respond in a way that Tori "develops." This type of tissue does not "disappear" once formed.

The fact you had your Wisdom teeth removed suggests an immediate "cause and effect" relationship... which should have been at least "noticed" by your dentist.

There are some unusual bite dynamics that are the cause of your symptoms. For bite analysis, consult with a Prosthodontist, if you can, or at least an accomplished dentist who has accumulated experience in treating Tori conditions.

Tori can and should be removed to promote normal dental health. Periodontists typically have the technologies and treatment experience for eliminating Tori from your jaw. Keep in mind however that the "cause" also has to be effectively eliminated.... otherwise the Tori will likely reappear.

Editorial Staff

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