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FAQ:  Tori

Video: Tori - Exostosis Removal Surgery

I have pain in the Tori and Exostosis. I believe the bone is exposed.

Is this natural and how do i get it to heal? ... Visitor from Levittown

Tori is NOT natural, although many people have different variations of it either on the floor or roof of the oral cavity....and sometimes along the sides of the bony ridge that our teeth are anchored into.

Tori is essentially a soft, porous bone tissue that develops due to unusual biting pressures.

While biting and chewing is "good" for the bone stimulation that keeps our teeth and bony ridge healthy... in the case of having Tori... it can become a nuisance... especially if bacteria accumulates within the tissue.

The routine "source" for treatment is a Periodontist. These tissue accumulations are easily removed, usually within one treatment session.

It is critical, though, to determine what bite adjustments are necessary to rebalance the bite.... otherwise.... the Tori accumulation will simply continue.

A consult with a Prosthodontist may be necessary for an expert bite analysis.

Editorial Staff

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