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FAQ:  Transparent Teeth

Transparent Tooth After Bonding Still Transparent: One of my front teeth had been becoming more transparent than the others. I could see my tongue thru my tooth and I've cried many times.

I wanted opaque teeth. I went to my new dentist (he replaced my old dentist) and he suggested bonding. I had the bonding done and he reshaped my teeth.

Now my transparent tooth is still transparent and round with a new space that was NEVER there, while my other front tooth has its original shape (square). Can I have my original shape back and the space fixed without veneers? Can I get braces to push my teeth back together? ...Visitor from CT

I of course can not see your teeth and can give you some general things to think about.

It is possible to use a bonding material that is opaque in nature. There are different companies that make composite and some of them have shades you can not see through.

Shapes of teeth can be changed with bonding and you should be able to match the shape of the teeth.....square to square or round to round....

Hope this helps..... remember teeth are important but you need to keep it in the proper thought. With a dentist who is experienced in cosmetic bonding there should not be a problem.

Editorial Staff

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