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FAQ:  Transparent Teeth

Enamel Loss: Lately, I have noticed that my bottom row of teeth and the top six teeth have clear spots on the tips, causing the rest of my teeth to give off a yellow look.

Is this normal to lose a bit of enmael over time? I'm only 20, but I eat a lot of fruit / acid foods.

It makes me very insecure and I was jsut wondering if there was anything I could do besides get teeth caps or veneers. ...Visitor from Nova Scotia

It sounds like you are referring to a transparency issue.... which is likely directly related to your food preferences.

If you have watched enough of the videos on our website you would be aware by now that this condition cannot be reversed. Veneers and crowns are the most popular treatments for getting an "enamel replacement" for affected teeth.

You might look into the possibility of getting professional grade remineralization products for your teeth.... from a dentist or periodontist. These products can help in optimizing your oral health and ph. We have videos of these products also.

Here is a link to a collection of teeth whitening videos, some of which discuss the transparent teeth effect:


Editorial Staff

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