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Periodontal Removal of Bad Implants

Dynamics of Implant Devices Going Bad

The assessment of existing hard and soft tissues requires careful analysis when preparing any given area of an upper or lower jaw for implant tooth replacements.

A natural balance, almost mathematical in precision, must exist between several factors that can include current status of bone health, tissue health, history of infection, status of adjacent teeth, degrees of resorption of soft and hard tissues, bone height and width, status of sinus cavity floor, occlusal bite plan and a patient's history of being a bruxer, clencher.

Specialized implants exist for a variety of tissue health conditions that promote the highest degree of optimization for any given tissue area. Short implants, long implants, tapered implants, barrel type, etc. Abutment devices also add more degrees of customization.

In this video, short, low profile implants failed in the rear-most (posterior) areas of the jaw. The cause for failure was partly due to faulty occlusal forces on the opposite side of the jaw and a "top heavy" relationship between the restoration (the tooth above the gum line) and the actual height of the implant device.

Luckily, the patient was smart to have the implant "issue" looked at immediately rather than waiting. Implant patients should always be vigilent about unusual events or oral sensations that involve implant devices. Waiting too long can cause an implant to become destructive.

See how specialized instruments are used to extract the faulty implant devices.

Video material provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS of Long Island NY

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